White Hot Wednesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

Ahh.. the wondrous GQ photoshoot. Mesmerizing.

Titillating even.


53 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin

  1. Hot like this summer day! You inspired me to post another hot pic from that photoshoot on my own fansite 🙂 The pics from this photoshoot are perfect to make fan girls experience that awesome feeling of titillation 😉

  2. It’s a very good thing I was still lying down when I opened this, because those glasses make me weak in the knees! His thumb!….GUH!…pure p0rN! Is there a dry panty among us? I would have made the most obscene noises during this shoot if I were her. I just made one now…*moan* I am at a loss for words this morning. I’ve seen this pic before and every time it’s the same response…unf!…*shudder* I think I may need to stay in bed a little while longer. I should probably stop looking at his open mouth, magnificent nose, dreamy eyelashes…and again…THOSE FRICKING SEXY GLASSES!
    Kim, I think you are trying to kill me!

    • I’m really NOT trying to kill you!! It’s bad for business!!

      I really don’t know how she kept her tongue in her mouth. Truthsies.

  3. wow! we need a new photo shoot to be done this year. Its been too long. although this one has left us with so many goodies. Thanks for sharing

  4. I don’t like these glasses on Alex (I loove all the others though) but the way he looks at her straight in the eyes… OMG!! She survived only thanks to her eyes shut! To me, that look is a full power panty destroyer. The thumb (I agree with you Lurxgirl!!) is not innocent at all…
    That said, I can think with my brain now, well I’ll try! I could like these glasses with a less sophisticated hair cut.
    I like my Alex more natural *–*
    Unf anyway…
    Sigh once again…
    Destroyed panties as always…
    Are you owning a panties factory, Kim? Just wondering…

    • Hmm… No panty factory ownership, but you make a good point. I may have to look at investing…..

  5. Wow!!! Our panties are weeeeeet and melt!! I saw this pic and I thought : intellectual, academic even nerd Alex is above of all frk titillated HORNY …..and then I read your comments and OMG!!! I didn’t pay attention to that LONG, LONG thumb……I woul have sucked it, and sucked it and even a liitle bit nibbled it….even with eyes closed…….OMG! Alex gives us paranormal, titillating sexual experiences, right? ……Kim, you would be millionaire having a panties factory!!!

  6. Titillating indeed!! *giggles* I love it that his eyelashes look longer than hers.

    Also a panty factory, what an idea!! If you’re looking for a business partner, I’m in!

    Thanks for this nerdish Alex 🙂 !

    • OMG Alex playing dress up is a DREAM!!! I know, I know…we mostly want him nekkid but at the same time, he’s such an incredible specimen of a man that having him play dress up is mind numbingly (and panty destroyingly) exciting!!

  7. First of all..Lucky B*tch!!

    Second of all…*THUD*

    Third of all (I know that doesn’t make sense but I’m not thinking clearly right now)…that finger (or maybe it’s a thumb…IMO…IT.DOES.NOT.MATTER)…is KILLING.ME.AND.MY.PANTIES!!!

  8. No shit Lucky B*tch!! Could you imagine him standing that close to you for any reason?! How could you act professional??
    No lurxgirl, not a dry pantie among us!

    • I could be professional. If my profession was grinning and babbling like a fool. Veeerry professional

      • That would be a great profession to have–the only thing you’d need to get ready in the morning is a picture of Alex. Everything else is optional (clothing, breakfast, coffee . . .). AOL–the new catnip.

  9. What a great pic! What a great caption! What a perfect combo! This is like the Reeses’s peanutbutter cups of pic posts. 😉

  10. Yes, it’s a mesmerizing photo with titillating results in us. And i agree that we should give up the panties and go commando for commander!

  11. I couldn’t go to sleep tonight with the doubt and I searched the pic…….and ladies it is HIS LONG THUMB.!!!!!! OMG! long legs, long eyelashes, long thumbs, does he has long?….LOL, 200% positive!!!! AAAALEX!…you make me so happy, mua!

  12. Why can I not stop looking at that thumb? Is it symbolic of other parts? Long fingers, long toes, long nose, long ….. Oh, now it’s time to change the panties!

    • More than symbolic, he is proportionally…….LONG! That’s why he is so perfect….And about panties, for me it’s a lost battle….

  13. My “Tits” are {RE}” lating “to my “Panties in a most interesting way!!!!. Alex in glasses put girls on their Arses. At least with me . One of my very favorite fantasies”PROFESSOR PERFECT FOR PERVING” Since my Americam Panties are now worthless I am off to put on a nice ??? pair of English Frilly Knickers. “WHITE LACE OR BLACK SATIN PROFESSOR “”
    Baby you are Lust on Legs!! S&T

  14. I am um.. Oh my.. Um.. *thud, slowly gets up again* Alex in Glasses *Thud*

    P.S. and everyone wonder why were tour these sites while sitting on a couch or in a bed, it’s safer, on a computer chair.. How does one explain the extra bruises from hitting the floor* Couch = good. Computer = Bad!! 😉

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