“We got his six” – NEW POLL #AlexOLoughlin favorite rear view #H50

Last week’s poll featured beautiful shots created by the directors with set up, filters, filming, etc. 

This week’s poll needs none of that to capture it’s beauty but I certainly don’t complain when it happens.

Below are some of my favorite screencaps of ‘dat ass’ in it’s many roles.  Who knew it was so talented??

Click pic for full size.  Choose your top 3 rear views.

Anyone besides me excited to see what S4 will bring???

72 thoughts on ““We got his six” – NEW POLL #AlexOLoughlin favorite rear view #H50

  1. So much Preteeeeeeeee @ss and so many choices and such Hard decisions to make . My fav – 10, 11, 12,13, 15 and 2 .

  2. Oh ESS, Yass, Yass, Yassss!! Thank you for the chance to salivate over #15 once more. It was a hard choice between that and #1 but I made it through. That boy’s ass just won’t quit.

  3. So much pretty. But really, ESS, how could you forget the one from 2.03 on the shooting range? Him on his belly and then on his knees. How could you? 🙂

      • Yes, you’re correct. Sam, I’m trying to do only S3 highlights for the polls and it’s tough narrowing the field down! lol. 2.03 will be a classic fave though. Hehe.

        Paula, you’re so right! i missed that one! I’m sure as I go through the other polls I’ll probably miss a few caps/gifs that mean a lot to others. There’s so much to choose from!

  4. Mmmm!! I to can’t help associating the thighs with above. That’s why 13 is my fave, and 4, 5, 11 14………..Oh my!.. now look what you’ve done to me!!

  5. It’s so perfect in each and every pic! I’m going to have to check this out again (so hard to be me!) after work before I can make final decision!! Nibble, nibble, nibble has me cracking up!!!

  6. Well thankfully you let us choose 3 this time!!!! I was conflicted because #15 SBJ&TO is more his hip and groin (a wonderland in itself!) but I finally did include it in my choices. Also included was #13 because Alex’s refusal to use his fully articulated legs (protect the back!) so that he waves his a$$ in the air like he just don’t care <<well, that's just a treat. And finally, I chose #2 because that ass curve looks like you could actually have a lot of fun on it.


  7. Such decisions. I like 9 cause we get a shot of all 4 adorable asses!! But then again, I like 13, 2, 6, 11! Aw hell I love them all!

  8. Agree with Karen – Love them all! But since I had to make a choice – it was 13, 11 and 4 – But, thanks, Ess, for at least letting us choose three instead of just one 😉

    • 🙂 with this amount of options I had to let you choose more. I didn’t want to get blasted like last time.lol.

      I chose 1, 3 and 15 ….I think. O.o I don’t remember. lol!!

  9. It’s before 9AM here.. Oh what a morning! 😀 😀

    I choose 8, 13, and 14.. I am a fan of those White pants.. but I agree, for 13.. Oh yes for 13.. That is beautiful. 😀 😀

    off to work now! 😉 *big smile on face*

  10. I loved the poll! It was a HARD decision , but o chose 2, 13 and 15. #2 His @ss in wet clingy swim trunks and those glistening legs that go on for miles! I volunteer to dry him off when he gets out of the water…with my tongue 😛
    #13. For once, I can say “Thank you CBS!” and THANK YOU ALEX for that magnificent display of mouth watering meatiness!
    #15. Groin…that’s all 😀
    The only thing that would make this poll better is if we could touch and feel each example. I was thinking “scratch and sniff” but that might not be everyone’s “cup o tea”. 😉

  11. Wow!!! You know, my new wake up ritual now is to take my cellphone and check what you guys have posted each day while I’m still in bed…..I can’t wait to get up and go to my PC……today we have a lot of work but pleasant waork to do!! Well, I have to say that Danno has a great ass BUT our obsession is Alex’s. My 3 pics are: #4 super toned hero ass….with long legs; # 13 …just to spank it ; # 2 because is wet and you can see his beautiful legs too……I like them all, I had an assrgasm in bed this morning!!!!. Why haven’t you posted any FEED naked ass pics???

    • I do too!! I don’t get to respond but I get to read. It’s a good way to let my body get used to the idea of having to get up and out of bed though mostly Alex makes me want to stay in in bed. 😉

      • Oh yeah!!! I also leave a different pic on my cell screen every night to see it next morning…tonight I’m gonna choose #15……it’s good to know that someone understand how I feel about Alex…Thank you ESS for such a funny, beautiful poll! ;o)

        • You’re welcome babe! I totally get the AOL feeling. 🙂

          More polls to come, though I think I may have started out the gate too fast. lol! Not sure all the others can live up to this one. LOL!

  12. After a lengthy and well-studied assessment on such an important subject of this poll, i finally decided to give my verdict: # 2, # 10 and # 13. It was very difficult to choose just 3 because i love others like #15! Thank you Ess for making me a person indecisive and having trouble in choosing. I was never like this!!!

    • I agree with you Marta!! It’s has been “such an important subject of this poll” and I have choosen fist 7 pics, then 5 pics to finally decide only for 3!!! I got even late al work!!jajajaja, …..but anything about Alex worths it. :o)

  13. OK – I have given this a great deal of thought…and for me it’s… 2, 13 and 3… But I LOVE them all!!! EU – I’m glad I’m not the only one risking their career for Alex… Totally worth it!!!

  14. I wish that english was my first language. And i wish that I understand your language 🙂 I understand some of it thought. Can I inpartucal your conversation´s ? Northern-lights from Iceland loves that “ass” 🙂

    • Welcome to the gang!!! And easy,….english is not my maternal language either but I can tell you you’re gonna learn funny, colloquial and perv expressions here ……All the guys are nice!

      • Yes! I am constantly amazed at all the non-native english speakers who join us here and I’m so excited and happy they find it worth the time to read and contribute. (I’m sure the pictures help :):))

        If you don’t understand something just ask, we can try to clarify it for you. Same if we don’t quite understand we may do the same. Never judging, only with humor.

        • Thank´s all, you are so kind. I have been reading for a while, but not commented before. What I like about you all, is exactly that you don´t judge, just have fun. A lot of fun 🙂 But I am curios, were are you writing from ESS ?

  15. Only THREE? I guess it does have to come down to a choice. Hub keeps walking in yammering on about who knows what, interrupting me and I have to start over…

  16. Well since there was no option #16: All of the above, I looked and looked and looked some more. I still couldn’t decided so I stared and stared and stared really hard at each picture and finally made some decisions. It is funny, in all the ones I voted for he is wearing that thigh holster.

  17. It’s # 13 😆 the way he bends down, the “not bend a the knees issue” OMcG priceless! Thanks so much!

  18. I’ve just been enjoying this so much that I forgot to cast my votes. (I get three, right? teehee). So I’m glad to see that the poll is still open (like my legs would perpetually be if I was anywhere near Alex EVER!)

    *srolls back up*
    LOVE #5 and #2…having a HARD time deciding on #11, #13, and #15!!!
    Okay, okay…I’m going to choose….*thinking*…ummmm…*still thinking*….I think I’m going to go with….*thinking*…ugh…*still thinking*…OKAY…#13…JEEEZ!!!
    No..wait…#15…yeah…let’s go with #15….*sigh*…*wipes brow*

    • ^^^CG, you are such a naughty McPerv! Love you! My mouth would be perpetually open, so we would be a “full service” duo. I see a restraining order being signed right now..just in case we get anywhere near Oahu. 😉

      • There are some things worth going to prision for. HE is one of them.
        Hopefully we’ll be locked up together..then we won’t have to be anyone else’s b*tches.
        Please don’t be offended, but I’ll just close my eyes and pretend you’re him.

  19. Mmmmm…best poll I’ve seen in a long time. 😀 My favourites, 14 and 11..thigh holster and butt lol Then 3 as I’d love to have my hand on his ass…oh yes. XD

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