Topless Tuesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

I could live happily forever after in the crevasse between his pecs.

I could live happily forever after in the crevasse between his pecs.

32 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday by @kimphin1 #AlexOloughlin #H50

  1. I love this pic so much!! He looked outrageously good in this ep. Thank you for this, was having a little trouble finding my ‘get up and go’ this morning but now I’m wide awake! Though there is risk of just staring at this all day, but it’s a chance I’ll take! 🙂

  2. Wow – no words are necessary, just frkn awesomeness!! The shine on his body and the incredible emerald green color of his tattoos, wow, just WOWie!

    • Here in New York State we are experiencing a heat wave – 4 days over 92 Farenheit. This picture gives me a little shiver down my spine!

      • Oh yuck!!.. Heat! Warm! 😯 that kind is not nice, Alex heat.. that is good!! 😉

        So, 92F, that is um (check converter) 33C for us Canadians.
        We are at a balmy 23C (73.4) for an average right now in Western Canada! Just comfy for me!

        • Ahh… 23C sounds perfect. I love those days with the clear blue skies. Not this hot, white haze we’ve got going on right now!!!

    • Plenty of room! If it gets too crowded we can have people live in the valleys between the 6-pack abs!

      • I’m in, I’m in!!!!!! I’m not very tall, so I can be also “happily ever after” huddled up near his abs or ….under …uhm and fixing his smell into my brain….

      • I don’t know, I love a party, but this might be too close. I’m gonna head up to Gecko Mountain. Even though you can’t see it right now, I know where it is. I’ll send a smoke signal when I get there, and you can join when you need a little air. 🙂

      • Bwahahahaha…my thoughts EXACTLY lurxgirl!!! (shocking, I know)
        I will be last seen slithering down the happy trail to the promised land. Do NOT send out a search party.

        • Do NOT send out a search party >>>ACA!
          I’ll stop now and then and have a light salty snack and snuggle up for a quick nap in that soft hair. I must get well hydrated and rested for when I cross the gates of glory!

  3. Hey Kim – I’m here in NYC in the heatwave (ick) and when I saw this I thought how appropriate that he’s sweating – no wait, he doesn’t sweat, he’s GLISTENS, along with me. And I know he smells a helluva lot better than some of the ripe characters I come across in my travels!! Thanks for making my morning!!

    • Hey Karen! I’m near Albany – and FOR SURE he smells better than most people (he HAS to, right?).

      Try to stay cool!

  4. Oh Happy Tuesday 😀 😀 Another reason to enjoy Tuesdays. Scary thought I was just thinking about this episode. I don’t know why 😉

      • I am so watching it when I get home!!! Been thinking about it all day, apart from when I went to the other post… Then I was thinking about dat @ss!!! Hmmm….potentially not my most productive work day ever!!

  5. Alex looking good in s2. Wonder what’s under the shirt after his training during his hiatus this summer?…starting to drool…

  6. “I could live happily forever after in the crevasse between his pecs”. Kim, thank you for putting in words our thoughts! Sigh………….

  7. I didn’t think it was possible to get any hotter here in NJ with this stinkin’ heatwave, but I was mistaken. Holy Hot Bod! And the idea of you living in the crevasse just makes me giggle. Good one.

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