One more #alexoloughlin and Egan Inoue pic courtesy of HNL PULSE and @wendiejoy

Still catching up from all the goodies released over the weekend.  This is an additional pic of Alex and Egan from his visit to Day 2 of filming. It was shared exclusively by The Five-0 Redux and Honolulu Pulse.

Click on the link above and check out Wendie’s article on her favorite stunts of S3. As always, a very insightful read.

EganInoue from Hon Pulse


10 thoughts on “One more #alexoloughlin and Egan Inoue pic courtesy of HNL PULSE and @wendiejoy

  1. What does Egan telling our baby? Is he scolding Alex???!!!! Oh! My, he looks like a little kid….he’s so spontaneous and adorable. Please Egan don’t yell at him…

    • Egan’s saying “Do you have any idea how long I’m going to have to pre-treat that stain before I can launder it?!”

      • ….And Alex replying: oh! Man, I’m sorry….take your time….what can I say, it is not my fault….”. …Adorable!!!

  2. Egan sent it to me via text to share with the fans and to see if I would caption it- we came up with “It’s my turn to drive, Alex.” I was just glad he was gracious enough to let me post it! It seemed kind of personal. 🙂 But Egan is a really great guy- I’m sure he wasn’t yelling at AOL:) They are buds:) Thanks for posting it here ESS- don’t forget to check out the Five-0 Redux when you have a moment H50BAMF fans:) XO

    • The caption was funny! I didn’t pull the caption over so it didn’t look like we were ‘lifting it’, but linked to the original blog posting instead.

      Egan seems like a really nice guy and he’s been the fans best friend this summer hiatus sharing pics and vids with us.

      I’ve mentioned on the blog before, but friends make sure you check out Wendie’s blog on the Honolulu Pulse for some great H50 insight and information. She does wonderful recaps during the season and is currently doing really cool H50 extras. Link to her writing above and on the H50BAMF homepage.

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