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  1. This is such a gorgeous picture. Alex looks so amazing in those sunnies, arm tatt and chest hair peekaboo! Really wonderful pic, thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

  2. I read somewhere that Sophia said that Alex is her favorite Aussie. Yes girl, you’re not the only one. He is my favorite too.

    Beautiful picture! Thank you.

  3. And thank you Kimphin1! I won’t be able to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day. Heβ€˜s so absolutely gorgeous. Just look at him. I just can’t with this man and his stupid beautiful face. Does he have any idea what affect he has? Is it clear how terribly attractive I find him?

    • Do I have any idea what effect he has??? Is that a rhetorical question?????????

      ACA to everthing you wrote!

  4. At first I didn’t like how much of his face the sunnies are covering, but then I realised that they draw attention to his perfect nose and amazing lips… Now more than a little in love with this pic!!

  5. Just love this photo of the two together. So miss my MOONLIGHT. To be in such close proximity to the most amazing and gorgeous guy…… I’m speechless!

  6. Betcha Sophia misses him. I mean, after working with him, who could ever live up?
    He is soooo cute in this pic… soooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. It’s definitely a fun pic. They’re both relaxed, having fun, just being themselves. Alex is being all handsy as per uge, and Sophia is just taking it all in. Smart girl. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks Kim for making our monday happy! Although we don’t see his beautiful eyes, the sunnies mark his perfect nose and his lips are so sensual……pinky! I love his hand with pornveins on her shoulder……she was so lucky to have worked with him….to have ‘KISSED him!!!!!. I’m sure she’s the one who most misses moonlight. Ahhh!!!

    • Haha – yes, I am sure that above all of the people that miss Moonlight, she misses it the MOST!

      you had me at *pinky*

      • Yeah!!! Pinky… They have the same color as Sophia lips and of course she’s wearing lipstick…..I saw his “pinky” lips and I imagine they are warm and wet too , yummie!!!…..sure, she misses them but who couldn’t?

  9. I love this pic! Thank You Ess! I really miss Moonlight, and not necessarily for the vampire thing. But I did liked the chemistry between them. That lil thing of sort of “Forbidden Fruit” Relationship type. The impossible

  10. >>> Sorry, posted b4 finished… I was saying.. The impossible love becoming possible, the “I don’t care abt what others might think” attitude. I honestly would love to have another season to answer all the questions left behind. And of course to see more of our dear Alex’s talent in action. What called my attention of the pic is that we are always able to see how cute and nice he looks with all of his co-stars and co-workers in any film of TV show he works on. Is impressive, cute, such a gentleman. You never get to see or read abt him having problems with his fellow partners, and that, that’s admirable.
    Again thank you for the cuts pic ESS! Lucky you Sophia!

    • HI Zia! Thanks for the comment! I really don’t like vampire stuff and avoided Moonlight until I just couldn’t fight it anymore but like you said the chemistry between the cast members and the writing, the acting, it was all there. I fell in love. You’re right, you never hear of Alex having problems with his co-stars and that’s admirable. He’s human (not so I’m sure he’s had some run ins but he must handle them well because they’re never made into a big deal.

      • YW! I really like your blog. *thumbs Up*
        And Yes! I bet he might had some runs ins, But with such nice way of being(as far as we know),attractiveness and cuteness, honestly? Who would be able to be mad at him?? I wouldnt! LOL. He has never made the huge headlines bc of it, which I consider something that just few really good actors are able to accomplish in their entire career.
        And yes! I do miss that in Moonlight they covered his arm tatts too! At least we have them in H50 (Except 4 the lil funny gecko). And his way of wear sunglasses… make me look absurdly silly when I do it. He’s one of a kind!

  11. I was making a brilliant comment earlier when the power went out here in neighborhood and I lost the internet. Now I can’t remember the brilliant comment. lol so.. Look at that Gorgeous man in this brilliant photo! Sophia is so nice to share it, and ESS is brilliant for making it a Moonlight Monday!

  12. It’s a beautiful pic! Thanks for that post Kim!! Do you know that I don’t like men with long hair? And that I don’t like vampire stuff? But a really lovely person made me watch Moonlight… πŸ˜‰

  13. love the longer hair, loved that he wore sexy sunglasses on this show and dressed in black, super loved the long coat and long tight legs below. wish he didn’t have his arm tats removed, those and the tramp stamp turned me to mush πŸ™‚

  14. I have been admiring this beautiful pic all day and have nothing naughty to say. IKR?! He looks so happy and comfortable and irresistibly sexy with his sun kissed skin and sunnies! They make a lovely couple. I know they are friends, but he looks very nice with blondes and I’m a brunette. Go figure.
    Love love love his nose!!!

    • Lurxgirl’s been hacked!!!! Nothing naughty to say????

      Actually yes, it is a sweet photo.

      But really – nothing naughty?? *pouts in corner*

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