Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

There were so many awesome new photos this week – I’m overwrought!!! But, the themes must go on!



35 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOloughlin

  1. My ovaries barely survived this scene. Now.. looking at that face…that smile…those eyes…they’re a goner!!

  2. OMG! How could we resist? It’s not “Get well soon” with that face, it’s “get well in a second” (I know, I know, except for ovaries!).
    Kim, you should call him and I’m sure you would find some hidden resources even if you’re exhausted!!
    Your work is deeeeply apreciated! You made my day… *-*

  3. I know it’s about the face, but I very much liked those tight-fitted caramel brown cargos he was wearing!
    Thanks Kim for another gorgeous F.L.R. Friday!

    • ^^exactly! I was looking for a “happy” face – just felt like a good ending for the week (no disrespect meant for Kevlar Saturday)

        • Why bother, it’s a losing battle. I liked someone’s comment yesterday about “the Commander going Commando”. I think we should turn it around and go “Commando for the Commander”–that can be our new S4 theme.

          • “COMMANDO FOR THE COMMANDER” <<–have I told you all lately how much I love you crazy lot??? I just want to give you all one helluva hugsie!! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

          • The “I hope the Commander goes commando” was me. You are a genius to switch it around! Commando for the Commander. Genius!
            Oh…and I’m in! Or should I say out…of my panties!

            • Yee-haw! We’re all free-wheelin’ now! And the viewing hasn’t even begun. I guess we can use the next few weeks to get used to the feeling. Wowzers! Love you guys too!

  4. I understand you Canadagirl……how could our poor ovaries resist to that beautiful face …..Mine are shaking, so I feel butterflies inside my belly…..and that tight fitted shirt….we can see his pectorals’ shape and a little bit of his arms tattoos……..that episode was awesome, the fans could choose the ending!!!!. …KIM , you make our week!!! And also ESS, thank you so much! ……will the next kevlar pic have another pervert animal? Jajajaj, I hope so.

    • PERVERT ANIMAL!! <<– I just laughed inappropriately loud at my desk. It's a good thing my co-workers already think i'm weird. lol.

      Oh, EU…we can only hope. He supplies us with so many goodies. I just explained to a non-native English speaker this morning WHY it was so funny he said titillating. Every season he provides us with more goodies.

        • I’d like to put something titillating IN his mouth, if you know what I mean. 😉 Thanks for the beautiful smile today!

      • Yeah! I would love to see him holding a swan, jajaja…..in Germany swan equals cock perv meaning….oh! By the way, I’m a “non native English speaker’ and I have seen many times your S4 blessing video in you tube ( not the best images but your effort is can it counts! ) but I guess I haven’t got it clear….please! Explain to me, thank you!

        • Well this is why it was funny TO ME. Maybe different for others. To me, he was trying to say that not knowing what was coming on the show aroused “interest or curiosity”, but instead the term he used implies it arouses him s/xually or erotically. LMAO! titillate isn’t a word used very often. It’s not a dirty word but it definitely implies “naughtiness”. It would catch your attention if spoken in context….but used out of context makes it even funnier. That’s why he laughed at himself when he realized what he had said.
          Come to think of it, that could be the reason for his pants situation at times. He’s thinking too hard about the script. I approve of his titillation.

          • Sometimes I wonder if he says things on purpose (remember the goofy “I like nipples” comment during S2 ET Canada interview?) to get a reaction or if he says things and then thinks “oops, did I just say that out loud?”. Either way, I love his interviews. And his pants situation.

  5. Fabulous photo choice and the hashtags describes perfectly what i feel when i look at it. Sigh………

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