*updated* Egan Inoue visits his buddy #AlexOLoughlin on #H50 set today

Egan proving again he’s a fangirl’s best friend….

2013 July 12 Egan Inoue 0401


Of course as soon as I sent the first one he posts a second…. its ok egan. Keep going!!



17 thoughts on “*updated* Egan Inoue visits his buddy #AlexOLoughlin on #H50 set today

  1. After months without my daily fix of new pics of Alex now its on again. Egan is our Best Friend sharing these new pics now we just have to wait for new videos.

  2. Egan=FBF!!

    These make me so happy!! Alex looks so fricken handsome!!
    Damn I’ve missed him!!

  3. Awwww man! Such great pics! Button shirt. A little blood action. Buzz. Arms. And one of his patented bear hugs. I wanna be Egan!!! 😉

  4. Oh, yeah!!! I would love feel the strenght of his bear hug and also his body smell ..Alex is really into Steve character now……uhmmm, I’m titillating: :” come baby, I’m gonna be your personal nurse and cure all your injuries but I need to take off all your cloth……..damm it! I’m desperated to see him again into action!

  5. *sigh* We’re gonna get a beat up Steve early on…. a BTTF situation…. Why does it make him even more attractive!?

  6. Okay – first – Thank you Egan, Thank you!!
    Second – Is that blood on arm and shirt?
    Third – HOLY HANNAH – the shirt isn’t Blue 😯

  7. Yes Ess, Egan is proving again he’s a fangirl’s best friend…. He understands our wishes and needs of AOL’s photos and videos. But does he really know the dimension of his acts? Does he know that so many woman in this world love the pics and videos that he share? Please keep doing it sir, we deeply appreciate it.

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