A few new bts and Blessing pics ****spoilerish** #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

A few new pics with one spoilerish pic at the bottom. You’ve been warned.


Cast having a lunch break or a snack yesterday courtesy of @smatchullis twitter


One more from the Blessing courtesy of HNN and Mahalo to Alex O’Loughlin Fan World for the find!


Looks like according to some bts shots taken yesterday that the Camaro gets blown up and word is this is the new car according to @five0phans what do you all think?

31 thoughts on “A few new bts and Blessing pics ****spoilerish** #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan

  1. I agree Wanda 🙂
    I miss the beard already though..
    Scotty must have arrived short after the blessing, great to see them together again

  2. Loving the new wheels – wonder if Danno will ever get to drive ’em?

    Soooo good to see filming pics, although its unlikely we (UK) will get any new eps before January, it does a girl good to see the proof that they are coming!!

  3. Ok, Scott is naked and Alex’s hair looks wet. Not sure what has transpired.

    Awwwww, the new camaro is the same color as Steve’s truck. He really is a control freak 🙂

  4. I know i’m in the minority but I don’t like the new ride. I think if they were going to get rid of the original they should have gone in a different direction and got something classic instead of just looking like they’re trying to make Fast and Furious Hawaii. 😦 It looks like Danny is having a mid-life crisis with this choice of car. lol. I mean, it’s cool and all and I adore camaros, many fond memories in my own…but this is just kind of predictible IMO and they certainly can’t go stalking people in this car. In HI it will stand out like a sore thumb. It IS gorgeous though.

    Is Justin also shirtless in that lunch pic? Soo….. Scott and Justin shirtless? That’s just kinda weird. lol. and dammit then why does Alex still have his on?? Boo.

  5. Wow! Our boys have a new toy!!!! They deserve it. I can’t wait to see Steve commandyng this black horsy…..the lonely ranger must be envy, jaja!

    • I never thought panties could be anything but passive in their relation to Alex/Steve so your “#pantiesluvthegrey”
      made me LOL so much! (Hopefully, I wasn’t drinking or eating at the same time…) Now I see panties with thoughts and wishes!

      • My panties have had many, many thoughts and wishes about AOL for a LONG, LONG time. *sigh*

  6. Loved the pics of Alex. DDk and Justin, it is always a pleasure to see the man behind difficult stunts. Isn’t that sam Hanna’s car ? I would love to see another NCIs LA crossover but this time with Alex.

  7. OOps my bad. really I have to read first and comment after. I thought it was Justin ( Alex’s stunt double) but as there are so few pics of Justin I was just happy.

  8. Awesome pics! Is that Michelle Borth in the blue shirt? I don’t usually like muscle cars, but that one looks so sexy. I’d guess it’s a sponsor/product placement thing, like Chevy wanted them to update the ride for this year 🙂 The wheels are very cool.

  9. Am I alone to be glad the beard is gone? 😉
    I just want to see McG’s pretty face!!

    I love the silver Camaro, but the black Camaro is… blue? It’s a blue Camaro? … Oh, okay. That’s hot, I’ll accept it. 🙂
    I thought Steve’s Silverado was black until the 3rd season, when it then was very definitely blue… so now they’ll have matching cars…. *cargasm*
    Can’t wait for the new season, afraid it will be the last season… *Friday Curse*
    Blue Bloods survived Friday but started out on Friday, it wasn’t moved to Friday. 😦
    I have already accepted this as truth and have mourned.

  10. Well, I have to say: I’m a big fan of the old Siver Camaro, but I actually was wondering when they would get new cars. I mean, they got Surface, even before we could buy it, but they were still using the same cars?? Having Chevy as sponsor?? I think It was about time. Can’t wait to see the new “carguments” in this black beasty. ESP the How-Where-When-The-Silver-Camaro-Blew-Up Part. And what Steve has to say about it. BC honestly?Reading above, I believe he definitely might have something to do with that…NEWAYS LOVE the new car.

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