Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #ChrisHemsworth

With all the new stuff yesterday we almost forgot Throwback Thursday! I wanted to keep the beard discussion going with the TT pic.

THIS is my favorite beard. Trimmed up and balanced out with the longer hair. THIS is why I love him in a beard. Unnnnnfff.


TT071213Very titillating….



24 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AlexOLoughlin #ChrisHemsworth

    • Actually – yeah, I kinda like this length hair on him. I could see Steve having this length hair – more season 1 -ish

  1. Two hot australians, that’s true! ….BUT Alex is more handsome than Thor. Let’s see: sweet and expresive eyes, sharped nose, tanned skin, sexy and delicious ( I guess, no! I’m sure) lips, erotic jawline and I also agree this hair lenght and this beard’s type are his best look. …he looks elegant and interesting . THAT’s YUMMY FOR ME!!!

  2. Those beard pics from the blessing keep reminding me of that end scene in Feed, I had this weird pic of him sitting on that chair in my mind all day yesterday!! Is it only me?
    Sorry guys, don’t want to be a beard spoiler, I love it too but only stubbles 😜. !! I desperatly need to see his chin but hey, the neck pOrn in this pic is superb!!

  3. ACA ESS! This is the beard I love on him and want him to rub on my special places. 😛 You can still see his jawline and his chin dimple. His lips are full and delicious and there’s no hair hanging over them so that my tongue can glide over them unobstructed. As I’m sucking and nibbling on his bare neck, my nose and cheek graze the soft hairs along his jaw line while my fingers play with curls at the nape of his neck. Yeah…I love his beard like this!

  4. Yes, yes, MUCH better beard. And hair length. Both make his face look so much better than that full off-season unkempt Amish beard he was wearing yesterday. (Can you tell I didn’t like it? Should I speak plainer?)

  5. I think that in this pic the lighting makes the beard appear darker, but I still prefer a bit less. Although, Alex pulls off his beard 100 x better than Thor. He looks just ridicuolous with his 😉
    Ps at least Alex knows to leave the collar unbuttoned. Yey!

  6. I would love to be the meat in at particular Aussie sandwich, obv Alex is hotness personified, but I wouldn’t turn down Mr H!!!!

  7. It’s no secret that I LOVED his beard yesterday. I LOVE this beard too. But full beard or no beard…it’s all about those beautiful eyes. They are kind eyes and I get lost in them every time. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. *sigh*
    #chriswho #othermendontexist

  8. THIS is a beard I could live with. For awhile. 🙂 But that thing from the blessing? Nope. Maybe if his hair were a bit longer, or the beard more trimmed… Awww, forget it, just shave it off and give me a two day scruff and I’m in heaven. LOL

  9. Hmmm. I’ve honestly never seen much of Thor, just the occasional mag pic, really. My kids don’t do superhero movies so I’ve never seen him act. Is he any good? Honestly, we are more into the other Hemsworth in my family, as daughter is a big Miley fan.

    Anyway, while he is a cute guy, and a tall one, just… meh. Next to Alex, he pales. Canadagirl, I’m kinda with you here. Two handsome men, but one of em has THOSE eyes. Or maybe like ESS I have a type. I dunno. But this pic is all about Alex. 🙂

  10. Completely prejudiced but Alex is way more handsome than Chris. Beard or not, Alex just outshines all men.

  11. “Beard or no Beard,there it is the dilemma”. But It’s “The eyes, is always about the eyes”. Even Mr.Lenkov knows it, by giving us as the last scene of every H50 Season the awesome zoom in of those Deep Beautiful Eyes of Alex. =)

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