Chi McBride scores guest role on #H50 and ESS explodes with happiness!! #AlexOLoughlin

Ok, I don’t normally make posts for this….but you don’t know how EXCITED I AM for this guest star!!!

How do I put it??? It’s only, maybe….MAYBE 1 click below how excited I was when Daniel Henney was announced!  This man can act circles around most and I cannot WAIT to see him bring this character to life! I’ve seen him in several TV shows/movies since this but the first time I saw him was in the TV series Pushing Daisies. Any PD fans out there??  He was the BEST grumpy side kick EVAH!!!  If you’re unfamiliar with his work, I included a little video clip I found on YouTube with some of his characters best moments.  (For those unfamiliar with this show, the lead character had the ability to bring someone back from the dead by touching them but they were only alive for a minute. If he didn’t touch them again, the person standing closest to them would have to die to take that person’s place in the afterlife. Chi played a cop who used his friends capability to solve murders). Now i really want to rewatch this show. PS…Alex would have killed it as the main character. *sigh*

Entertainment Weekly announcement and details.

This right here —>  “Recently transferred to Hawaii from Chicago, Grover isn’t easily sold on Five-0′s tactics, referring to the task force as: ‘McGarrett and his merry band of do-whatever-the-hell-they-want.’ – OMG I cannot WAIT for him to say this. I’m picturing it in my head already and if you know Chi McBride you know what I’m talking about!!

I’m just praying to the TV gods that they don’t screw this character over and waste it like they did Daniel Henney’s character. #stillpissed

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    • LEE PACE!! Thanks! I was drawing a blank on his name and too short of time to look it up last night. It was a one of a kind TV show. So much fun! and I believe another casualty of the writers strike. 😦

  1. WOW! I can’t wait… I remember Chi back from Boston public, and I watched Human target too… Ooooh, he’s going to be real pain-in-the-/ss for McG and team, more that Cpt. Fryer was…

    • Yes! Boston Public! You’re correct…he was on there as the principal and I do remember him from there too. I think his role in PD was just the most expressive so it’s the one I remember him the most from. I hope they let him keep his sense of humor too. In fact if we could just insert Emerson Cod into H50 I’d be a happy camper. McG and he could fight it out on the tactical field and knit gun cozies in their down time. *sigh*

  2. Yep, it’s about time steve get’s a pain in the @**, I love angry steve !! I liked Fryer because he was a BigP@in!! But the best p@in was the governor in 1.24 – omg, can you remember how steve was all hot & bothered when they killed that army-store guy, I’ll never forget how danno tried to control his angry steve, and steve was all gesting around with his frkn long fingers, touching his face, trying to keep himself under control!! (Oops, I guess I got a little bit carried away, that’s all his fault!) 😀
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the clashing of this two talented actors! Thanks for the news and thanks for all the outstanding updates on the blessing! What would we european fangirlies do without you, *😚*

    • OH yeah, I love it when McG has a really strong actor to go head to head with. (this will come up in a poll very soon) I loved Fryer, very sad when they killed him off. I liked the character arc between the two of them, from hate, to “No one messes with my team” punch, to reluctantly working together to McG taking the kill shot “that was for Fryer”.

      Steve and the Designing Governor (lol), that level of perfection may never again be seen. It was so unexpected and unknown…who knew?? It was such a pleasant surprise..

  3. Essex, this is exactly my thoughts. Chi McBride is so underrated as an actor. And it sounds like the McG seal attitude is going to meet it match. @PLenkov said in a interview that he could be back, so hopefully it’s possible for him to be back.

  4. I ADOREEEEEE Lee Pace as Ned but Alex would Also have made a very suitable pie man in his most adorable face moments. Overall he’s probably a bit too manly for such a boyish role…. Ned’s skinny person & baby face is such a big part of the character to me…. but it’s fun to imagine!! 😀 He would have had the comedic timing with Chi down pat, for certain!

    • Very good point, SJ2. Alex would have possible come off as a bit to masculine/manly in the role though I bet he can be quite the chameleon. Lee Pace was perfection as Ned and I wouldn’t want to replace him.

      OMG the comedic timing between Alex and Chi would have been amazeballs! I hope Chi sticks around so we can get a good arc for his character, like we did with Fyer. I’d love to see the two of them go at it not just in a butting heads type way but they’d be killer going after Danny for something. 🙂 Give Danny a little taste of his own medicine. hehe.

  5. Thank you for this post. The H50BAMF is not only entertainment but educational. I didn’t know the actor and his work.

    • Marta, i hope they use him to his full potential on the show. If they do, you will fall in love with him too. Promise!! He’s a wonderful actor in comedy and drama and general BAMF-ness.

  6. I love Chi!! Loved him as the principal in Boston Public, Pushing Daisies and as the interim admin of the hospital in Hawthorne RN! Finally an actor worhty of excitement and someone with equal talent to Alex!! I’m hoping too they make him recurring. I can already see the fireworks between him and Steve and Danny! So excited! ESS count me in on any campaign to get him off that terrible Golden Boys and onto H50!!

    • Karen, luckily Golden Boy was cancelled so he’s a free man!

      I almost….almost watched that show just to see Chi but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It just looked bad. The show, not Chi, obvi.

  7. I’m with you – so excited about him coming on, but…… but very worried he will be wasted. Fingers crossed.
    Plus I tried to watch Golden Boy. Didn’t make past 10 minutes. I

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