Video – #H50 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony and interviews with #AlexOLoughlin and #DanielDaeKim

The things I do for my AOL obsession 🙂 Like learn to record live streaming video.  This will serve me well in daily life. LOL!

Please check out our new H50BAMF YouTube video channel.  It is bare bones right now but I’ve uploaded our first video, the S4 Blessing ceremony to it. More to be added in the future.

21 thoughts on “Video – #H50 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony and interviews with #AlexOLoughlin and #DanielDaeKim

    • Forever a fave! Yes! 🙂 Alex at the begging rocked pretty damn hard too. 😉
      What a fun video. Excellent first addition to your new YT channel, ESS Queen of All Media. :mrgreen:

      I’ll watch this a few more times now….

  1. Thanks for the vid (and all the other stuff you shared today)…you rock ESS!!! So does AOL…and DDK…and the beard!

  2. ESS, you never know when your new skill might come in handy. LOL
    Thank you for this. I stayed up into the middle of the night to watch it live, but now I can watch as often as I like. Thank you.

    And a very special thank you for covering this event in the fashion you did. Picture spams all around. Great work!

  3. Another great Alex interview. I could listen to that man talk all day. So funny…so personable. And let me get this straight…he travels for 48 hours and still looks like THAT!! *sigh*

  4. “Amuayzing” and “gruanted”, he’s got such a frkn hot accent in this interview, has he been to Australia recently (he was saying that he was travelling for a long time), I think his accent has fallen back to this pretty hot AussieAccent! Am I getting it wrong?

    • I’ve heard rumors in different places that he did go visit his family this summer for a few weeks and he said Saxon’s birthday was in July so possibly he took him home for his birthday?? If this is the result, he should go back more often. I hate hearing him pronounce words americanized. LOL!

  5. Ess, i always be thankful to you and your AOL obsession! It was the best way for inaugurate the H50BAMF youtube Channel because it’s blessed!

    Never underestimate yourself on learning and getting new skills at so different areas because you will know what the future will bring.

    Another note: the cameraman or woman was on training? The image and the sound looks so bad. Yes, i stayed up until late because i watched live but after reviewing now i feel dizzy with the footage. Only photos to show us the details like the unbuttoned shirt.

    And yes the begining and the end (specially the end) were special. Alex and Daniel are both down earth, fun and grateful for what they have. They are the best!!!

    • “It was the best way for inaugurate the H50BAMF youtube Channel because it’s blessed!”- TRUE!! Good point!

      I know the quality was pretty bad but honestly I haven’t seen a lot of live streaming video that wasn’t bad. Maybe because they don’t get to send the video to post processing so it has to go as is and they don’t get to really set up their shots? Im just guessing…not sure how that all works.

  6. Such a touching ceremony and great interviews with Alex.
    It’s amazing how friendly, personable and still humble he is.
    I love him more every time I hear him talking….

    • I love how Alex takes the blessing ceremony and it’s little customs seriously. He doesn’t seem to be there just going through the motions but really feeling the tradition. Kudos to him.

  7. I agree Alex does take this seriously. When he looked up I wonder where his thoughts were? Such a lovely man and still as humble. I’m glad he got home this summer to see family. If it took him 48 hours to get back to Hawaii he must have taken the long way and come over Europe ……..

  8. IMO I thought he seemed to have his thoughts elsewhere. He did say he just got off a plane from returning to the county with his oldest son, and he did look tired, and probably eager to get home to his other son. But a little in a hurry when being interviewed and approached by others, and Catherine’s hug seemed unwanted. Not to disagree with you all, and I seem to be the only one that thought this, but I do thank you for bringing this to us and always enjoy seeing Alex being himself.

    • I think everything was rushed. Perhaps because Alex arrived late…they were running behind with the ceremony…and they were also shooting episode 401 right after the blessing. Plus he still needed to shave (darn) before filming his scenes. With all that going on, it’s surprising he gave as much time to the interviews as he did.

      Wait…it’s Alex O’Loughlin…it’s not surprising AT.ALL.

      • Oh, you know that makes more sense. I was worrying why it was going down that way. Thanks for your response it clears it up for me 🙂

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