To whet your appetite: Blessing Ceremonies for S1-3 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

Borrowing an idea from the amazing Alex O’Loughlin Journal Facebook page.  I thought it was a great idea to repost the blessing ceremonies from the first 3 seasons of H50.  Might help fill the time while waiting on today’s ceremony and a good refresher on what to expect and *hope* for today.

A little information on the tradition and rituals of the blessing courtesy of

“The Hawaiian blessing – When a place of business or a new home opens its doors, it is common to have the location blessed by a Hawaiian kahu (guardian or minister).

The blessing ceremony dates back to the early days of Hawaiian culture. Though it has come to incorporate Christian elements since the arrival of missionaries in Hawaii in 1820, the ceremony is based on the traditional Hawaiian belief in kapu (taboos) that can be placed on a physical space. Although some societal kapu were immutable, other kapu, such as curses or negative energy, still linger in modern-day places. During a blessing ceremony, a kahu clears any kapu that might have been placed on a space, so the new occupants may move forward with a “clean slate.”

The details of this ceremony can vary depending on the occasion — whether it is a home, office, building or other enterprise being blessed. Kahu often personalize blessings with readings and chants they specifically select for the occasion. Three elements are fairly universal to a blessing, however: the asking for blessings from Akua (God), the sprinkling of salt water, and the untying of a maile lei (made from the leaves of a fragrant, native twining shrub) that has been gently draped and tied across a real or virtual threshold.

An extension of huikala (a ceremonial cleansing with the healing waters of the ocean), salt water is sprinkled by the kahu on both the space and the people involved in the venture, to cleanse them of impurities. The untying of the maile lei, made from a plant sacred to Hawaiians, opens the space being blessed. The threshold may then be crossed; the kapu are amama (done, finished).”

Season 1

Season 2 (video is a bit wonky at first but hang in there)

Season 3

all vids from the old AOLRocks youtube page.

coverage courtesy of HNN

22 thoughts on “To whet your appetite: Blessing Ceremonies for S1-3 #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Well this has just made my day. 🙂
    What a lovely set of vids, and just in time! It’s been so hard to wait.
    These fill a void, stir pleasant memories, and get me even more excited all at the same time. 😆

  2. A few pics of the set are starting to come in, I’ll save those and send out to you in a bit. I know you’re all waiting for the important stuff. ALEX! 🙂

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