Yum. Before that B-lady told him to button up. I mean,WTF??

5 thoughts on “HNNblessing6

  1. Does ‘B” stand for B*itch? If it doesn’t, it should. And she needs to be FIRED!
    #idontcareifsheisaperfectlynicelady #ihateher

  2. Apparently I’m really pissed at her…I tried not to spell out the whole B word…I failed…I blame her…FOR.EVERYTHING.

  3. Okay…I got that out of my system. Now to what I really wanted to say…

    HOLY FCK…that open shirt…showing the SEXIEST.CHEST.AND.NECK.EVER. And the vein p0rn…O.M.G.


  4. HIS SHIRT WAS PRACTICALLY UNBUTTONED TO HIS BELLY BUTTON!!!! What the F*ck??!!?? Was she a television censor>?>?>?>? So thankful she didn’t see him earlier!

  5. The important thing here is that ALEX OLOUGHLIN DRESSES LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE!! How is the entire island of Oahu’s women not pregnant just by the increase of pheromones this man releases???

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