A few treats from the blessing ceremony #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

Here are a few screencaps and twitpics from today.  Pic credit given, please credit if shared.

15 thoughts on “A few treats from the blessing ceremony #AlexOLoughlin #DanielDaeKim #MichelleBorth

    • Steve CAN’T have a beard in Ep 401. Unless they really wanna screw with either continuity or the timeline. He didn’t have a beard in the last scene of S3–when Steve was being used by Wo Fat as a human shield, against the yet-to-be-revealed baddies who were trying to break into Wo’s allegedly impenetrable cell so they could kill him–so he can’t have a beard (let alone a full 1, like Alex had at the blessing/over the hiatus) when they pick up that scene again in Ep 401. I mean, they probably will pick it up within minutes or so of when they left off (given that a SWAT team gets involved in Ep 401) & that’s not enough time for Steve to have grown a beard to that extent. Five O’clock Shadow, maybe, but not a full beard.

  1. Oh, that beard. Wait till they shave it off and he has a half face tan. Makeup will have a field day!!
    Thanks for posting Ess!!

    • He had a beard at the start of S2 (perfection, beard was perfection) and he seemed find by episode 2. Maybe he had to spend the weekend outside with the top half of his face covered. lol!

  2. I think he said it will get shaved today. I’m sure he isn’t wearing for the show. But hey I don’t mind! 😉
    The pic of him during the ceremony when he has his hand on DDK’s shoulder is slowing killing me!! His mouth is just … just … see I can’t even O.o

  3. He did say titillation, twice actually! He did that on purpose! 😆
    And I wanna have a ShaveAlex’sBeard ceremony, on video! With all the hocus pocus they spent on today! :mrgreen:

    Actually I’m just glad to have em back. Book em, Alex!

  4. I love Alex and Daniel happy faces and witness their friendship. It’s so good to watch people that you love and care are happy!

  5. That’s what I got out of the blessing-the friendship between Alex and Daniel. I thought Michelle looked out of it. Wonder if she’s around for the full season?

    • I’m sure she probably is, they made her a full time cast member last year. Doesn’t mean she’ll be in every episode though. To be fair Alex looked a little out of it to me too. Maybe she was also still trying to just take the new surroundings in and there were lots and lots of people there.

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