Hawaii News Now to Live Stream #H50 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony 7/10/13 #alexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim

HNN has finally indicated they will indeed be live streaming the video from tomorrow’s S4 Blessing Ceremony.  Rumors are that the blessing will be 11 a.m. local Hawaiian time but no offical time has been announced yet.  Check with HNN tomorrow.

We will be watching and bringing you news items as they become available.

It’s here folks! Buckle up!!



4 thoughts on “Hawaii News Now to Live Stream #H50 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony 7/10/13 #alexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #DanielDaeKim

  1. I wonder if you need the phone app. I clicked on the mobile feed link on my phone and it started with the (presumably live) newscast. Seems to work fine without having to download any app.

  2. Ok, you are on vacation…. You need to watch and report back. Slough does that mean 11 pm your time? That’s late. I wonder if I can get it from my computer at work???

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  3. I just read another article that said it would be in the afternoon and to “check back with HNN on Wednesday”. The good news is i think we’re all hours ahead of Hawaii and will be wide awake by the time they announce. Aloha! Be there or be square 🙂

  4. I think either way would be tricky from UK – though the earlier HI time the better for us! At work very early tomorrow so may have to rely on Ess and the Gang (should totally be a band) to deliver the goodies as usual! Enjoy, to all those who will get the first glimpses of Season 4 AOL! Xx

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