Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

Mick, making Mondays better for us!

Those eyelashes should be registered as weapons against my panties

Those eyelashes should be registered as weapons against my panties


33 thoughts on “Moonlight Monday #AlexOloughlin

  1. Those BEAUTIFUL eyelashes and those AMAZINGLY expressive eyes almost made me overlook that GORGEOUS, THICK neck of his. Mmmmm….that DELICIOUS neck is SO inviting. It’s giving me vampirish thoughts. ^slurp^

  2. For such a cool customer, Mick could do emo better than anybody. Gotta love him for that. ❀

  3. Those are gorgeous eyelashes.. And everyone wonders why I have some re-watches of Moonlight. That man, that voice, I just.. Oh my.. DANG i just finished it last night, well almost, got to more episodes – can’t get past “Fated to Pretend” episode! the opening sequence, him in a bed in the middle of the room.. Oh my, it’s only 7:30 AM here.. I um.. gotta go.. be back later!! See what Mick St. John does to me! 😯

  4. One of my favorite scenes. Alex played that so well. If you watch the “making of” videos posted on YouTube (by sabrinainthesand?) you’ll see how good an actor he really is–he’s Alex one moment, and the next he’s instantly Mick when the cameras start rolling, and so intense (how does he DO that?). And oh, his aching knees.

    • I LOVE that bts video. Absolutely fascinating!!! What I found so interesting and fascinating (there’s that word again) is that Alex never reverts back to his Aussie accent between takes…whereas when cameras weren’t rolling, Sophia spoke in her British accent. Fascinating!
      In case I haven’t mentioned it, I think AOL is fascinating!!

  5. I have to admit this isn’t one of my favorite Mick pics because it doesn’t look like him to me. *ducks and runs* Though I captured it because it’s a beautiful emo photo. Of someone. lol.

    Can someone link that bts video??

  6. OMG!!! He’s a nature’s wonder. His eyelashes match perfectly with his strong eyebrowns……In that pose, I would love to kiss his lower lip, then his chin on his sexy dimple and as many of you finish on his neck!!! …….BELLO!

    • …I wouldn’t finish at his neck. I’d keep going until I reached another spot that is THICK and DELICIOUS. *slurp *

      • Oh my. 😯 Yes, yes you did.

        Not like everyone wasn’t thinking it, but I love that I can count on you to write it!

      • Oh yeah!!! Canadagirl, anyone of us won’t stop going down until reach his dessert!!! Jajaja but you had the courage to spoke it loud. I like that….

  7. Internet down half the day, then I had to leave for a meeting right when it came back up. I finally get home and I see CG is making us naughty MickPervs proud! “THICK and DELICIOUS…*slurp*” ..OR…LONG and LUSCIOUS…*slurrrrrp*…ahhhh!

  8. No no NO, I can’t have that ML Alex today, I need to have some work done here, some work done and not hours of rewatch and newatch and brainlesswatch πŸ˜† !!!
    Thanks anyway!

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