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With Season 4 under way soon, we here at H50BAMF think it would be a good idea to take a look back at some of the moments that made Season 3 great.  We’ve put together a bunch of polls with random themes and pulled some pics and/or gifs (whichever capture the theme the best) together for your feedback.

Of course most polls will be largely Alex/McGarrett centered but today’s first theme is a general theme. Our first poll is “Beautiful shots”.  No doubt, Hawaii is an amazingly beautiful place and without a doubt, they have filled the show with amazingly beautiful people. You put the two together and it’s nearly combustible!  As I looked through my screencaps of the season I coulnd’t help but see some caps stand out in this regard. From the scenic landscaping, the people and the cinematic set up….they’re all gorgeous. As much as possible, I’d love for you to detach your emotion from the photo, forget what the scene is about or your ships, or other feelings that might sway your vote and vote just on the screencap as captured.  Would love to hear your feedback!

#1 Circle



#2 Loss


#3 Ohana


#4 Silence


#5 Perfection


#6 Contemplation


#7 Truth


#8 Sunset



55 thoughts on “H50 Season 3 – Beautiful Shots Poll #AlexOLoughlin #ScottCaan #MichelleBorth #DanielDaeKim

  1. I LOVE this SO MUCH! #2, #5, #6 and #7 are really, really wonderful. But my favourite by a long shot is #8. The cinematography of that scene was AMAZING. To me it felt a lot like how the movie Bad Boys was filmed.

  2. I voted 8. It’s just an image that has always caught my eye! All of them are beautiful though xx

  3. I also voted for #8, though #3 is so nice, but I think the reflection of the circle is “made-up” and therefor less genuine…

    • On #3, the reflection of the circle is actually when the scenes were changing from up close to a wide shot. This cap was the transitional shot so it really is a ‘true’ scene in that sense. I thought the transition was beautifully done.

      • I never paid any attention to that transition, and even looking at your cap it took me a while to see that “reflection”. Very hard to move your eyes away from Alex 🙂

      • It’s funny – I never noticed that before. It’s kind of a cool concept shot – the rest of the circle reflected in the face of the wave, with the “footprints in the sand” thing underneath…. To me, it’s pretty but it’s not one shot – makes sense that it is a transition – kudo’s to the editor of that episode. It’s kind of neat to be able to see these things afterwards and take the time to appreciate that someone had to create that.

  4. For me it’s #8, Steve’s silhouette is amazing, it’s so beautiful! The way the sun shines beneath Scoot’s arm!

  5. Back from my holidays and with much to see here. Voted 7 though he others are beautifull too, but I will always choose Steve and Cath.

    • I don’t disagree. There is something beautiful about #7. The look on her face, the way the light is reflected in her dark brown eyes and her hair blowing in the wind. As far as a shot of ‘people’ and not landscape, it’s one of the most beautiful I think they’ve ever done.

  6. My order of preference is #6, #4 and #8 – sky, clouds, silhouettes and horizon – I have a thing for that kind of picture (my own is never any good…).
    Absolutely nothing wrong with any of the other pics though, but as I have to choose my vote goes to #6 for the above reasons. I will probably be the only one to rank the pics like this but I’m used to be the odd one out so feel free to call me crazy 😀

  7. OH come on! That is an impossible task. Do you have any idea what you’re asking of us? How on earth could anyone pick just one? Not possible.

    Okay, okay, I chose #5 because that is the continuation of 4. 😉 Even though I was VERY tempted to chose the combination of 6 and 7. That was such a beautiful scene.

    Don’t ask such tough questions. 🙂

  8. All my favourites are McDanno based. Can’t think why!! Beautiful shots all of them though.

  9. omg it was kinda hard to decide on 1 pic but my top is # 4 then # 1… there is a serene calm in both.. and I so want to be in Hawaii for a visit.. scenes such as these help make my decision that will be my next big destination. Thank you for the time you put into this blog too! I’ve only recently discovered H50 and love places like this (blogs) to visit for to quench my thirst for info on the show and it’s character.

    • Debra! Welcome to the group! We look forward to getting to know you better and enjoying the show for the next season. Are you more an Alex fan or more just an H50 fan? Either way is wonderful….but we’re mostly Alex related on this blog and how H50 relates to him and his career. So you’ll find a lot of his other work being discussed here in addition to H50.

  10. There are a lot that I would have chosen because of my love for the scene it was in, but for pure photographic/cinematic beauty I chose #8 – that picture floored me when it was first released and I love it to this day. For me its one of the most beautiful shots of the series.

  11. Okay, I vote for 8, I liked 3, but then decided it was set-up wrong. I liked 4 but was pulled towards 8.. nice sunset! 🙂

    don’t make me do that again!! 😉

  12. Love 8 – if I could vote again it’d be for 4. But all of them are gorgeous and evoke lots of emotions….

  13. Well, I love ALL these! of course, I also screencapped all these and picked the shots. lol. # 3, 7 and 8 are my favorites, but going on cinematography alone, I have to choose #8 as my favorite.

  14. Come on, Ess – you can’t be serious?! If this was the easy one, I don’t think I’ll be able to make a decision in the upcoming polls. This one was very difficult already but I chose No. 8 – I just love these boys & beautiful sunsets!

  15. Ess, you put a difficult task in our hands! But i like challenges like this. All are beautiful shots of very special moments of season 3. I’m no expert in cinema’s photography and by saying this i choose #3 – Ohana. It’s a beautiful and meaningful moment of a family of our heart. Their love and friendship are very inspirational. TY

  16. I also chose 8 because it is gorgeous all the way around, but I am surprised no one is choosing # 2. That was a beautiful scene and the lantern just makes the photo so lovely. It was my second choice. Hmmm, maybe I’ll vote again from a different computer…

  17. I couldn’t help and come back again. 🙂 These caps are so beautiful.

    Season 3 had some incredibly beautiful cinematography. Masterpieces really. And you picked some absolute winners. I find it incredibly hard to keep my feelings out of the equation like you asked us to. It’s impossible because all these beautiful scenes were all very emotional.

    First there is the paddle out for Malia. What a wonderful way to lay someone to rest. If such a thing can be wonderful. Those scenes were not only a work of art but captured what Five-0 is all about. A deep feeling of Ohana.
    The circle is one of the most beautiful scenes, and I’m sure it took many hours to get it just right. But there is always a lot of ‘blue’ in Hawaii Five-0, so it was almost a ‘normal’ shot. 😉

    Number two was a good scene, and I loved to learn how Chin met Malia, but honestly, the cinematography was not very special. It’s simply dark with light to the left. That was nothing that would make a lot of points, not if you have such great other material to ponder.

    Number three is very nice, but in my eyes kind of a watered down version of the circle. Yes, it shows the transition, and it is VERY nice, but it is also a created scene. It’s a montage of at least three layers of pictures, and in the end that takes away from the beauty. Less is more in this case. In my opinion. So, that one couldn’t win either.

    Then there is number 4, Silence. What a powerful, beautiful picture. I’m absolutely in love with that one. And I used it for quite some time as my header on the blog. I love it. And from a cinematographic point of view, brilliant. But still not the winner. 😉

    That would be the next one, number 5, perfection. This is not even the best pic from that scene. There is one right at the beginning when there is Steve, deep in thought about Wo Fat and probably also about his life and everything that has happened. That picture is perfection in every sense of the word. It not only captures Steve’s feelings (thanks to Alex’s brilliant acting) but shows a perfect picture with perfect colors, lightning, and just everything. That mostly green ending of that episode was really a masterpiece from the man behind the camera. And that is why this one is the best for me.

    But there are more. Catherine standing there at the edge of the water, alone and thinking about what she had just lost is one powerful picture. I love the colors, moody, but still with a golden speckle of hope.

    And the next one with her and Steve is one of the most beautiful ‘people-shots’ ever. It should be illegal for two people looking so darn attractive.

    The last one is also one hell of a shot. But an against-the-light shot is mostly great.

    One thing is for sure, the people of Five-0 do know what they are doing, and I can’t wait to see what they will give us for season 4.

    And one more word, if this poll was the easy one I’m not sure I want to come back. LOL

    • The Danny/Chin scene at the beach at night was beautifully done and perfectly acted by both of them, I agree (I cried for Chin there but didn’t at the paddle) and then there’s Danny “are you hungry!” awesome moment!

    • Thanks, Sam. You’re right. It is hard to pull emotion out of it when we care so much about these characters. I said it but probably didn’t do a very good job at it myself. I tried though!

  18. #8 Has always been a favorite of mine. Not real sure why. It’s aesthetically pleasing to me. Although I like #3 also. I never noticed the reflection either! Alex is all I see 😉

  19. well, I voted for #8 because of the sunset. No other reason. What? You don’t believe me? What a shock. 🙂
    Great photos!

  20. #5 – the name says it all – Perfection – and the colors are beautful – I want to sit there too!

  21. Have no fear, y’all! The rest of the polls may be a bit harder but for most of them you get to choose more than one. Depends on how many options you have. I just say they’re harder because for the AOL girls, they’re ALL alex centered so no real way to limit your choices. 😉

    I think you may still enjoy yourself. You can bitch me out all you want. Just come back and vote. Fair trade off.

  22. Voting for #4 Silence. Even though I don’t get to see those beautiful faces. Hawaii is a character in this show and I love this tranquility shot. Of course I’m viewing at the end of my Monday. Might sway my mood. Thanks.


  23. I guess I am a majority of one but I love #6. so beautiful of Catherine standing by the ocean wondering if she will ever see Steve again The soft colours . Cath’s lovely sad sillouette and the sense of what will happen next call out to me..
    I do want to say Thank you ESS. All of your choices were magnificent and beautiful and very well thought out. i enjoyed looking at every single one—-Not exactly a tough job !!!!!!

    • Hey, not majority of one!
      It must be a majority of two as I voted #6 earlier in the day – great to know I wasn’t the only one.

  24. Are you kidding me? YOU’RE MAKING ME CHOOSE?!?
    I suppose I should look at them again if I HAVE TO choose. *scrolls up*

    I’ve never been good at decisions.

    Can’t fight the McRoll. I’ve chosen. 🙂

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