Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOLoughlin


Click on pic for a real treat. 


34 thoughts on “Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Oh, good morning sunshine! 😉 Fabulous face indeed! Love him so much in this episode!

    And fabulous first day of a three weeks vacation for me. 🙂 Couldn’t start better! Thank you!

  2. oh God! eyelashes, nose, rogue curl, mouth, sideburns, even a boo above his eye. just exquisite this man, exquisite.

  3. H.O.T. – that human Mick is awesome in his full-size! I’d have loved to see some more FOY “action” – don’t you think his blood was loaded with sexual tension!

  4. WOW click on the pic and BAM there he is FULL SCREEN….all 19 inches of him…errrr his face….. 😉
    yeah the guys at work here… just shaking their heads at me… go ahead boys.. be JEALOUS!!

  5. Mick! My first Alex’ s roll love….yes, I became his eternal fan with Mick and I can’t remember how I found Moonlight……anyway I could play with my fingers among his curls all day long. I love his nose too!! . Thank you ESS!!

    • OMG, you just made me recall an interview he did where he said he wasn’t fond of his nose, he called it a “witchy nose” or something like that. How can he not love that distinguished nose? And he even acts with his nose… I swear that nose has emotions and attitude! It just adds to the whole handsome of his wholly handsome face. 🙂

      • I know the interview you’re referring to…I think he said his nose was “beaky”. Well Alex, if beaky means beautiful and sexy, then yeah, it’s beaky…v.v.beaky!
        It was the same interview where he said his eye lashes are “girlie”. I guess girlie must mean INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS, SEXY and UUUNNNF!!!

      • ACAxBL2I&B GNP!! It especially has attitude!! Not to mention he wouldn’t be the handsome man we know without it. It really completes his masculine look.

    • Yes, Mick was my favorite role for Alex. Moonlight is my favorite TV show ever! Although I am glad he continued his career with Andy, Stan, and now Steve. I can’t get enough of him!

  6. He really think he has a witchy nose?!…..he must know that his tender eyes with those long, romantic eyelashes are balanced with his nose …for me it is his manliness facial feature….

  7. Yes, his “girlie” eyelashes are absolutely beautiful. I bet a lot of his female fans envy him for those loooong lashes 🙂
    Oh, Ess, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some sort of “fan-girl telepathy” between us – not only do we share the same taste in pics (which could be due to your excellent choice of them) but I decided to post Alex as Mick today, too, on my site – not the exact same picture though 😉

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