It’s a thigh holster Fourth! #thighholsterthursday #alexoloughlin #BAMF

What’s more American than a hot Australian dressed in Navy fatigues on a U.S. TV show?

I kid, I kid!!

Lt Cmdr Steve McGarrett, Navy SEAL, head of Five-0 = as American as hot dogs, baseball & apple pie!


Pic credit to Staff Sgt William Sallette of the 25th Infantry


31 thoughts on “It’s a thigh holster Fourth! #thighholsterthursday #alexoloughlin #BAMF

  1. OMcG!!!!!! *thud* ESS, I soooooooo love that pic!!!! *breathe in…breathe out…* It’s gettin hot in here… 😉 No, I’m not addicted to uniform *blush* Just that man wearin such stuff 🙂 #TeamUniform!!!!

    • This is one of my all time favorite Thigh holster and uniform pics. It’s just a great angle, HQ and a great shot…the man is pretty damn fine himself. 😉

  2. Nice choice – I love the mean and moody he’s got going on!! Being the daughter/niece/cousin of a LOT of servicemen and women uniforms usually do nothing for me, but as ever Alex is the exception!!!
    Happy 4th to all the American McPervs. Xxx

    • Sometime the uniform overwhelms the person and as we say. “the uniform wears them” but he definitely owns the uniform. He wears it like a BOSS or should I say BAMF??? 🙂

      B A M F

  3. Happy Birthday America, I don’t like Hotdogs but I do LIKE Applepie and I VERY MUCH LIKE Lt Cmdr Steve McGarrett (it’s sounds really great with all those title, mmmhh, I love it when he (or others) says it on the show 😉 ) !!
    We swiss have to wait another month to celebrate our Birthday (1st August) 😆 !

  4. Thanks Buttercup! Hotdogs are only good bbq’d and I love apple pie too! And yep, I love, love, Lt.. Cmdr. McGarrett. Happy early birthday Switzerland!! There’s nothing like some delicious Swiss chocolate, yum!!

  5. Have I posted here that I had no clue that Alex was from Australia until I saw a interview…

    • Lol! Me too! Well it was after the Japan tsunami and they did a PSA for the Red Cross. I heard him speak and I was all “whaaaaa??”

      *googles Steve McGarrett*

      That moment changed my life. Lol.

  6. Wow!!! Great choice again, Ess! This guy makes even the ugliest uniforms look good. I admit that I don’t usually like fatigues (the pattern and colours) but Cool McGarrett definitely looks absolutely awesome in them 😉 I love this pic!

  7. This is my all time favourite of Steve in uniform….whoops just miss the sofa…!!!
    Happy 4th July from across the pond

  8. This is my favourite McG in uniform pic!! I LOVE the dress blues and the white uniform of course..but there is just something about him in his fatigues…just so much more BAMFness I guess. Whatever it is, it’s making me fatigued from so much HOTness!!!
    Happy Independence Day to my neighbors to the South! And Happy belated Canada Day to my fellow canucks!!

  9. It’s a honor Commander McGarrett to combat at your side. However i need some training with you Sir, especially melee fighting……….naked………..Yes i know that we should wear the uniform but it’s so hot here close to you. I’m ready! It would a cool way to celebrate 4th of July.

    Thanks Ess for bring one of my favorite pics of my favorite episode of season 3.

  10. I just watched this episode again last night, don’t make me.. Oh man!!
    Loved it again!! Thanks for the great picture.
    Hope everyone who celebrates had a great 4th of July. Thanks to all who are, and have served.
    Thanks you!

  11. Ahhhhhyyyy! papazito!!!! It so amazing how he owns this character so well, although Commander McGarrett is not a sweet guy as Alex is in real life, he makes me feel tenderness….imagine girls receiving this man at home after a work day, wouldn’t you treat him as your king, as your hero? I certainly would do, beginning with a shoulder massage……kisses on his neck…..etc, etc.

  12. I think McGarrett does have something of Alex on it. They’re both grounded, cute and look like your Knight in Shining Armor, waiting to run and save the damisel in distress. Love to see Peter allowing Alex to explore his talent. Challenging him by doing really deep and emotional scenes that show the tender and loyal side of McGarrett.Like the ones from “The Promise”. Where we got to see a really affected Steve by the death of his dear friend from his SEAL times. The face of him looking at the (evidently tortured) remains of Freddie: his tearful eyes, all brooken and fragile crying over him…It broke my heart. I totally believe it. Alex acting was impecable as usual, he puts himself into character and give the best of him,as he does week after week. Both profesionally and physically…obviously(You thought I woudn’t mention how amazing he looks into his NAVY SEAL clothes, didn’t you??)

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