White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

A teaser for this Sunday’s Three Rivers recap…why is Andy smiling like that? Be back on Sunday…


21 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I know why Andy is smiling like that but i won’t tell. All the girls have to watch the episode “Where we lie” to find out and comment next sunday.

    Handsome man+generous heart= Dr. Andy but most of all is Alex!!! Sigh…..

    Thank you Ess for the beautiful post today and the tease for us.

  2. I don’t remember why he’s smiling… SUCH a smile *sigh* … so cannot wait to watch the ep again! As if I needed a reason to look forward to seeing Dr. Andy! But thanks for giving me one anyway. 😉

    And Marta… lovely little equation there. 🙂

  3. His beautiful smile always makes me feel much better after a stressful day at work. I think that smile is Dr. Andy’s “wonder drug” for us fan girls – so addictive that none of us can get enough of it. – Well, I can’t, anyway 🙂

    • Me neither and I think thats why every time he smiles one of these smiles on camera that seem so genuine, it gets gif’d and screencapped and put all over the place. It’s just so beeeeeyuuuutiful!

  4. God bless! I can’t get anything done with all this AOL porn!!! Why is it he’s so extra appealing today?? good grief… I must be ovulating

  5. Thanks, ESS, a cool breeze–just what the doctored ordered (not realizing he was the reason for the heatwave!).

    Happy 4th of July (off for a long weekend getaway)–H50 July 10 Blessing just around the corner, yee-haw!

  6. Ess, the fan is so perfect! This man is gorgeous! Thank you for the daily pictures. I look at them every day before I go to work and they help me get through the day. You’re the best!!

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