Summertime hotness #AlexOLoughlin July calendar post

There’s record breaking heat this summer in the USA and I blame this man and all my lovely friends who created these smoking masterpieces! Β  I even managed to throw a couple together this month too!

Thanks to everyone who contributed! Please feel free to download and print these wonderful creations but if you post online, please give appropriate credit. Mahalo!

For my friends that have webpages that I listed in their credits, you can find a link to their websites on our main page in the right side column. πŸ™‚

OOOh I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for August! Don’t forget, you can send your calendars to me at any time. Just put the word calendar in the subject line, tell me how you want to be credited and send it to


29 thoughts on “Summertime hotness #AlexOLoughlin July calendar post

  1. So much pretty! Well done all, these are just fabulous!! Not trying to be a suck up, but Ess, your first one there (black coat) will be on my desktop from tomorrow and that’s not even usually close to my favourite Alex ‘look” but this one really caught my eye… and my panties! Do you think we can sue him for the cost of all the undies that he’s destroyed!? I would definitely carry out the cross-examination on him myself – would be a through ‘debriefing’…. πŸ™‚

    • Awww thanks babe! That pic has always been a favorite of mine but it’s not very good quality. I had to work it pretty hard just to get it to this point. I think it was worth it! haha, he totally owes us $ for all the panties he’s destroyed!!

      ps…sucking up is always welcome. I’m shallow….but you knew that. πŸ˜‰ hehe

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  3. These are so dang wonderful!! I want to join in, in the worst way. How does one get the calendar part for photoshop? Do you guess? Is there an action? a brush? omg I dunno.

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  5. Great job everyone. Love the Uniform, the blue shirt one, so tight around those arms, and Mick was a nice surprise!! But all of the are Great. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  6. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! BEAUTIFUL WORK!…….I thank you all…..I will put every week a new calendar photo on my cell phone, my laptop, office computer, here and there…….so I will enjoy the all

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