Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

McGarrett wants to know why everyone isn’t online viewing Thigh Holster Thursday?

I have no idea, Steve. No idea.



36 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOLoughlin

    • I was wondering where you were! I thought maybe you had some hot scoop and you were out and about, ready to offer us new pics and a story! Boo for it just being your computer 😦

    • I spent Thursday-Sunday in a place without Wi-Fi so I feel your pain! A four day catch up of H50BAMF eased my troubled soul…. Working for you too?

        • Hydrated to offset the drooling – check
          Strapped to seat to mitigate thud- check
          Pillows around in case his thighs were so amazing the thud could not be fought -check
          Tablet fully charged for prolonged staring – check
          BAMFERS on standby to understand – check
          Panties removed to prevent unfortunate injuries when they explode anyway – check
          Phone off to avoid pesky real life interference – check

          What else should be added to prevent injury/distress to others?

  1. I thought he was pointing to the ugly flower thingy.He does not seem to like it at all.But hey I’m online Steve .;)

  2. Yummy – those arms/Hands/fingers and all the gorgeous veins and muscles, I’m here Steve, I’m here 😉 !

  3. Such a cute pic. I know it’s not supposed to be cute. He’s supposed to be pissed off. But he cannot help being cute. Sigh. We all have our burdens, McG. 😉

  4. Oh, I’m here, too, except I haven’t got down from staring to commenting yet. *stares some more* The apparently carnivorous fake flower freaks me out. Thank you for the left part of the picture (minus the scary flowers)!

  5. I think he’s mad that the NSA has been spying on him and is sure his mother has something to do with it. LOL sigh
    Now, looking only at Steve… I can hardly blame the NSA. I would be tapped into his webcam for sure. DO you think he ever has his laptop in the bedroom???

  6. Holy crap! How does someone even get arms like that? I just pointed at my computer screen, and nothing, just one flat strip of skin.

    You guys don’t like the bromeliad? (plant) It is kind of boring–needs a better pot, maybe. I thought he was asking about the fake document she quickly threw up on her computer screen to hide the McG perving post she’d been drooling over.

    • or maybe she DIDNT cover up the perving post and he’s berating her about all the photos of ‘dat ass’ that’s on the screen. Naughty girl. #myhero

  7. Since ALL his smart fan girls are online enjoying “Thigh Holster Thursday” (We wouldn’t miss this for anything!!!), he can’t possibly be mad at us! Let’s all blame the ugly flower for his annoyed face 🙂

  8. Cuz when this was posted, I was working or sleeping – time change is a big difference!!
    But now I am here, and enjoying every moment of it!! *scrolls back up and stairs*

  9. Steve, I’m sorry for be late for you today but sometimes life try to pull us away, but don’t worry i will always be here for you. And i know that Ess and friends are also to.

  10. Oooohhh… I’m so sorry Steven 😉 I’ve missed Thigh Holster Thursday because of another meeting with my lawyer… Apology accepted???

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