Ode to the SuperDry Tan Cargos #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

Much discussion was made about the new pants Steve McGarrett wore last season.  Some loved them, some hate them, but most of us wonder WHY he had to change pants at all?

….or even wear them for that matter?

Well, I believe we’ve found an answer to the first question and it’s because the particular style of Super Dry Cargos he wore has been discontinued.


Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is the reason but I’ve heard it from several “sources”.  A quick search for men’s cargo pants seemed to confirm this style is no longer being advertised…and I do say it was a VERY quick search because looking at other men in cargo pants is just sad and depressing. Especially from the rear view. (seriously…they need to hire Alex to be their model!)  So after my exhausting 2 minute search for truth and fact, I can only agree with the rumors.

So with sadness in my panti….um, heart….with sadness in my HEART,  I present a little tribute to the original tan cargos as requested by my friend @camsmom222

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82 thoughts on “Ode to the SuperDry Tan Cargos #H50 #AlexOLoughlin

  1. Best slideshow EVER! Especially when you tried to “convince” us the bottom, rear, behind and back view are different things 😉
    As long as that a$$ is in there, that´s all that counts, though would be nice to get Feed 2 already.

    • that’s what I was thinking…why doesn’t wardrobe have a ton of them? but maybe he’s worn them out? in very strategic places? that means they should be even better! lol

  2. Amazing work, ESS. I love how you always seem to know just what the fangirls want to see. Is it the “mind meld” at work?

    • i have to credit @camsmom222 for wanting this compilation but it was sure fun finding all the caps! it’s the AOLEffect. we speak the same language..

  3. OMG!! I’m snorting laughing!!! That is fan-freaken-tastic!!!
    I miss those pants……like a long lost pet, that I adored and loved and cherished….and cuddled with.

  4. Fan-effin-tastic!!!!!!!!!!!! A worthy ode to such worthy pants. :mrgreen:
    And I prefer to think of them, not as discontinued, but as retired… the company knowing no one else EVAH will be able to wear them and do them any sort of justice now that they have graced DatAss, DatDamnFineAss. 😀

      • Total agree with you, nobody wears cargos the frkn/hot/way This.Man.Wears.Cargos 🙂 ! (I have to seriously train my two-kid-boys to get the AOLPerfectly-Shaped *cargo-butt* 😆 )

  5. Ah ha ha ha!! This is magnificent! Yes, your post is too. Packed lunch–LOL! Amazing, you did THIS with a 2-minute search? It would have taken me 2 years to sift through all the material. Thankyouvellymuch!

  6. Great slide show! Thank you! I miss those cargo’s too. Maybe we should email the company to continue the making of them for our one hero only 🙂 Just a suggestion! 🙂

  7. Goodbye old friend, but what a fitting end… Love ya ESS you’re just plain old Fantasmagorical!!!!

  8. I so loved those tan cargos ….. sad to not see them anymore. But I love this post. You have forever immortalized the tan cargos. And I thank you for that!

  9. I feel so honored!!Yayyy! The ode to the tan cargos is here!! Totally worth the wait! Thank you my friend ESS! mwah, mwah, mwah!! Now off to my laptop to watch, but first I must place many many pillows on my floor so as to make the inevitable fall much more pleasant!! :):)
    The tan cargos why why would they stop making them???? 😦

  10. This brought a tear to my eye, maybe because I will miss them. Maybe because my panties hit me in the face when they poofed off me with force. We should start a petition to have them autographed then auctioned off for charity. Think of the money we could raise. Think of the lucky person wrapping themselves up in those pants…

  11. I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you!

  12. Ess, you’re “the best” 🙂 Well, you have to share that title with Alex but I’m sure you don’t mind 🙂 This post is absolutely awesome. What a fantastic fun way to start the day!!! It’s already morning here in Germany and I missed this post last night. As usual, I’m a bit indecisive and love him in both the cargo pants and the new pants but ultimately the pants are not as important as the man wearing them, anyway 😉

    • I loved the “old” cargos in the “old” days, but now I also love the new-tighter ones in season 3, tan and white’s still my fav, except when he’s doing the ninja-stuff (then black is o.k. too 😉 )

    • Angie, I love both too….but the tan cargos are the classics. *sigh* I will happily share the “best” title with Alex. We should take a pic together with our signs! Now where is he?????

  13. I.Love.it 😎 ! McGarrett and his cargos, it’s a nice trip down memory lane, so many great episodes!
    Him lying on the range in tan-cargos and green-shirt (seal-team-9-epi), an all-time-favourite! His face when Joe hit the target so far away, priceless! Thanks so much!

  14. “I say, can you blame them?” Has.The.Most.Beautiful.Smile 🙂 RL smile I guess, that’s the reason we all adore him so much!

  15. Oh HONEY !!!! This is Lusciousness beyond belief, A little “Poem” for my girl as a Thank you

  16. OMcG your slideshow is more then awesome it’s beyond that I don’t have any words to describe. Love the tan cargos and they will be missed

  17. I love this post so much. I never thought that a piece of man clothing would bring such joy to many woman and now is missing. I think the marketing department of the company failed completly when didn’t use the best man – AOL to promote their product. This is the best tribute to a clothing.

    Thank you for the best slideshow presented here!!! And now i echo the words of Ess: “So with sadness in my panti….um, heart….with sadness in my HEART”, I will miss the tan cargos!!!…………….

  18. Los comentarios de este blog son los mejores comentarios que se le a podido a una prenda de vestir…. de lujo muchas garcias.

  19. Mahalo for that post ESS!!!! #TeamTanCargos 4ever 😉 Why don’t they bring back the tan cargos and make all those blue shirts disappear??

  20. I can’t say anything new at this point but …..’packed lunch’…..rear/behind/back…..so many views …so many great captions…..so much ❤ for this post!! Even the little guy with the 'down with pants' sign!! So cute!! Thank you!!!!
    I am never sorry to peek in to see what they day's post is!!! SLIDESHOW OF AWESOME FOR SURE!!!!!

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