Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin #TBUP

Yes, I know…but just pretend you’re her. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚



40 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin #TBUP

  1. Fingers. Nimble fingers. Long nimble fingers… it’s possible I have a thing for his hands… maybe…

    Beautiful gif when you pretend you’re her for sure…..

  2. I can’t h*t* her because she was next to something so beautiful! And he touched her, I can never hate anything HE touched πŸ˜‰ !
    His FACE, *wow* so tender!

  3. Unnnnff. Him in this movie liked to killed me. I don’t think he particulatly loves this genre, but what a blessing he made at least the one.

    Tho Hells yeah! I’d kick her outta bed just for being IN the bed! Besides Alex is waaaaayyy too old for her. πŸ˜†

  4. TBUP was just on Lifetime last weekend – and the b@stards edited out ALL of the good parts!!! (well, I only watched half of it… HALF of the GOOD parts!!)

    Say what you want about SWSNBN, but when he rips her dress off of her… UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    • I woke up Sunday morning, turned on the TV, and there was Stan! It was USA network, and they edited out the whole topless on the tractor scene and when he’s standing near her car with his pants riding so low. Obviously a male was editing! They kept in the JLo “orgasm” and the aftermath of their roll in the hay. WTF?! I really don’t like the movie much, but Alex was SO.FRIKN.HOT that I’ll suffer though the show to ogle him. I think she’s in a sex coma too! Got to get your rest for round 2,3,4….GUH!

      • I was guessing She Who Shall Not Be Named… But I just wanna be down with the kids… The vibrator/battery comments made me spill my dinner, all over me! Great work ladies….

  5. Ha ha ha , I’m dying with all the comments–either pretend we’re her or put a big fuzz dot on her face (like they do in televised trials when they can’t show the witness). I think I’ll go with the former (only because I can’t decide what color the dot should be). BTW, she’s not sleeping, she’s in a near-coma state because she is totally exhausted from being so close to him for so long. Obviously her mind short-circuited.

  6. It’s a beautiful gif if you pretend you’re her. But i couldn’t stand lying on her back for him. It would be a waste not looking and not be hugging to him.

    • I love to be spooned, but I’d prefer him on his back, one of his arms up over his head and me laying my head on his chest. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands from navigating his front side. πŸ˜› I miss his tattoos! It doesn’t feel like its Alex without them.

      • I never even notice the absence of his tatts as Stan, such a great job from the make-up dep πŸ™‚
        But it sure would like 1000 x hotter if the bicep tatts would be there…

        • I was just about to say the same thing Paula! To me “Stan” has no tattoos – and that’s OK.

          I pray for that makeup artist to either start working on H50, or to give a seminar in proper color matching.

      • ACA lurxgirl! In all his other roles, (that we can tell) he’s at least kept the bicep tatts so it’s just weird and not Alex to see his bare arms without the tatts.

      • Mmmmm….his soft chest hair rubbing against my bare back. His other “frontal parts” pressed against my bum…OMG YES!
        Those sexy long fingers brushing my hair from my face. Warm kisses on the back of my neck. *SIGH* Whatever he wants!…I am flexible! πŸ˜‰

  7. How did you know I watched this movie last nigh?! It was good, but yeah, I am still liking Mick a lot more then Stan.
    Great post πŸ™‚

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