New training pic #AlexOLoughlin from #EganInoue

Goofy smile. check.

Scruff/Beard. check.

Chest hair. check

Buzz cut. check.

ESS’ panties…..MIA

Egan Comment: “Awesome training today!”

2013 June 24 Egan Inoue IG

Thanks to my girls @lschultz714 and @stacey64 for the heads up on the pic

29 thoughts on “New training pic #AlexOLoughlin from #EganInoue

  1. Could somebody steal Show’s chest-hair razor, so he could keep that even once the beard goes? Pretty pleeeeease, and thank you? :mrgreen:

  2. And best of all, a clear photo–no shaky camera this time.

    What a sweet goof he is today!

    Train, baby, train!

  3. Why not bigger!? I want to count the sweaty chest hair!
    Ps not loving the beard this heavy, although IΒ΄m kind of glad it still appears dark instead of grey πŸ˜‰
    Pps the hands grabbing the belt look so manly…*sigh*

  4. Fear the beard! Lol. I’m thrilled to see a new picture…chest hair! Smile! Handsssss! But, I’m not loving the full beard all that much. Although I am becoming partial to that grey patch on the front left of his chin.

      • Nooooooo! 😦 Please, just a little bit longer, just a little bit! Someone please address a petition to the person in charge!

      • OH! heh. didn’t even notice the refreshed buzz cut. oopsies. I blame the chest hair. And my preoccupation with untying knots.

  5. Oh my, somebody please help me…. I opened this picture and outwardly groaned. Loudly. Why doesn’t this man just stop already with the sexy. I’m loving the beard, I’m loving the short hair, I’m loving the smug grin. I’m just loving him. I’d love to get up close and personal with all that fuzz. Alex, please stop! Alex please don’t stop!…..

  6. Thank you once more for your introdution that gave us time to prepare ourselves for this awesome pose. How a man can be so goofy and sexy at the same time? Only Alex!!!

    PS There will be a chance to watch a vΓ­deo of this training? Egan is such a good friend!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beard!!!
    I’m having a hard time concentrating because I can’t stop thinking about how soft it is…then I can’t concentrate because I think his hair is the ONLY soft thing on him…*sigh*
    p.s. My inner thighs just volunteered to test how soft that beard really is. They are thoughtful that way. And smart.

  8. I guess I’m pretty alone here, but I don’t like that beard at all. Two days scruff is the maximum for me. LOL

    Okay, going to hide now and let you enjoy the beard as long as it lasts. Not for long. Hi, hi. Sigh.

    • Hi Sam. No, you’re not the only one. I don’t like him in a heavy beard because I love his jawline. Also, beards are just usually ugly. Scruff is sexy-looking, but it hurts when you’re actually on it. And I love him with longer hair, so his summer look does nothing for me.

      I wonder what Lion thinks. My brother used to grow a beard in the winter and I remember his baby was shocked when summer rolled around and he shaved it off–the kid looked at him funny for days.

      • WHEN YOU”RE ACTUALLY ON IT!!! Nymph FTW!!!!

        No really, that made me seal bark. Well done. πŸ˜€

    • “Okay, going to hide now and let you enjoy the beard as long as it lasts.” thank you Sam! We don’t get it for long so yes, appreciated that we can enjoy it for at least a short while.

  9. I love the glittery perspiration on his chest hair 😎 !
    (I wouldn’t have thought to write something that stupid about a year ago! Word is right, the Internet makes people dumb πŸ˜† )

    • Perhaps it’s the AOL effect–not that he makes us dumb per se, he just short-circuits our brains and we become basic animals.

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