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  1. Just finished my Moonlight dvd and now I’m addicted to a show that ended years ago. that’s crazy but it’s all Alex’s fault.

      • Exactly! Not only did I buy the DVD, but I also TIVO’d them all the last time SyFy ran them (2 years ago?) and watch little bits just about every night–not sure if it’s for my daily Alex fix or Mick fix 🙂

        I know some laugh about it, but it was the end of Episode 2 that turned me (into a Moonie). Not “I’m a vampire” but “please don’t look at me”–my heart went out to Mick at that point. And my loins went out to him when he ripped off the restraints on the kidnapped reporter, leaned over her, and said “RUN!”.

        • Alexnymph!!! That scene is what hooked me! I fell for it hook line and sinker in that moment. I really can’t understand ppl laughing at that scene (though i know they do) because Mick’s anguish was so palpable, so real and forefront in that moment. It was beautiful and Alex played played it perfectly.

          That was the scene that turned me into a Mooney.

          • And the way he was shaking–so physically shot, feeling all the pain of being a vampire and trying so hard not to show that to Beth. Poor baby!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to hug him and calm him and rock him to sleep and say “it’s okay, you’re with me”.

            That low point did allow him to confess to Beth (who took it relatively well) and lighten his conscience so that there was some fun in Episode 3–the stake scene is what sold me on Beth (because up until then she still seemed a little off, still finding her footing–the acting by Sofia I mean, not Beth the character).

        • I’m with you AlexNymph…”please don’t look at me” was heartbreaking. Alex was masterful in that scene…showing such vulnerability and shame but also a desire for acceptance (does that make sense?)
          Yeah…I was a goner after episode 2…so completely, madly, deeply in love with Mick St.John. No other actor could have made me feel that way about a character. NO.OTHER.ACTOR.
          And he’s still doing it…making me fall head-over-heels for Steve McGarrett.
          I feel privileged to watch that man do what he does so well…so v v privileged!!

            • I have been trying to remember the actual moment I fell in love with Mick. It was heart wrenching to see him in so much pain and vulnerable and ashamed. That twitching thing he does gives me chills. I think maybe it was the desert hotel bathtub scene in Fever that I fell madly and deeply in love with Mick. When he told Beth to leave with Lenny sp? and Beth said “I’m not leaving you…you’re dying” the look he gives her…*sigh*…yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s when I was done for. He was so concerned about Beth and Lenny and his thirst for life giving blood was so strong, that he was willing to sacrifice himself for their safety. I got a little “warm” when he bit into her. Whether or not it was supposed to be sexual, it affected me greatly! I guess I’m like Beth thinking it “meant something.” I snicker every time I hear her say “I fed you” while she holds up her arm.
              I still have my iPad filled with ML epis and I can’t bear the thought of deleting them. I never know when I will need a Alex/Mick fix.

              • “i fed you, with my blood, WITH MY BLOOD!” LOL Love that!

                Noooo, don’t ever delete them, don’t ever surrender . . .

                • Your comments actually made me watch ML1.02 again last night! The scene in the end is awesome, his acting, *shudder* (so real, the shaking and twitching!!)
                  What I like most about this ep and what made me addicted to ML is his eyesexing her all the time, wherever she goes HIS Eyes are following her, at most when she walks into his appartement with the book of that “freaky bad guy”, his eyes and Expression is so brilliantly acted, it did me in 😆 !
                  Thank you Girls, I had a most interesting rewatch 😉 !
                  (Unfortunately, I can only watch it in german, I haven’t been able to find an english version online! I guess I have to buy one!)

                  • German, wow! Do they dub it in German or is it English with German subtitles? Hopefully the later so you can at least hear his voice. OMG, I can’t imagine watching a dubbed version. Well, listening to a dubbed version I mean.

                    • No, no original voice it’s a german spoken version, I really have to buy me those DVD’s! I’d love to hear Beth and Mick have those vampire/human/relationsship/sex talk!

                    • But you have to admit his German voice isn’t THAT bad. There are worse, especially Stan IMO.

                    • You think you love ML and Mick/Alex now…just wait until you hear his voice. You are DONE girl..D.O.N.E.

                    • Totally agree!!! His voice is a bit deeper and hoarser than today I think. Sooooo sexy! *THUD*

                    • *THUD* is right!!
                      Some of my favs..
                      “You have no idea what you’re doing”..”You wanna have my baby?”…”I just, I don’t want you to get hurt”…”I don’t know, maybe you’re right. Just give me a chance to figure it out. Okay?”…”I only wanna make out with you”…”You now what Emma and Jackson made me realize? That you were right. You were right all along. Its not about being human or a vampire. Its about us. And how we feel about one another. Right here, right now”…and of course…”Because I love you.”

                    • YESSSS!!!! This very last scene! With this hoarse voice that sounds like he had drunk one or two whiskey too much… *goosebumps*

                    • German dubbed is ok, for the first time watching to have a clue what it’s all about. But after that only the original version please! 😉 Sometimes the translation isn’t really the best, especially when it comes to jokes, is it called “pun”?

                    • “pun”?
                      Mick for Christmas it is then, I can’t wait, how many days 😆 !
                      You are for sure making me curious! ML german isn’t that bad, @ miracle: Stan was not endurable!

                    • Yep, we would say “Wortwitz”. Don’t know an English word for it. Don’t want to translate it word for word. 😉

                    • OMG, I’ve just found it on Youtube, “You wanna have my baby (buybee) ?”, so beautiful (I’m dying 😆 )
                      And after she tells him that their SEX may not even be good (seriously?????), he makes that face and bites on his lips, I’m dead for sure!

                    • Oh yeah…thanks for reminding me and my panties about that look. That SEX WITH ME IS GOING TO BE MINDBLOWING look. ajgkkjhfssghjkd!!!!!!

                    • Mick: “Apparantly the *high* is us” !
                      I can’t believe what I have missed not having the english voices! Mick’s and Joseph’s voices are hot and Beth’s is sexy too!
                      I know what I do this summer!

  2. How can one eye be so beautiful?! …..sigh!
    Interesting view on his “scars” – the mark under the right eye, the little scare on the right side of the tip of his nose, the nose piercing and the 2 left eyebrow piercings – and even the one stretched ear piercings.
    And then there is the mole on his left cheek……. am I weird to “love” them all just because they are part of him?! 😛

    • Nope, not at all.
      Do you or anybody have any picture of him with the nose or eyebrow piercings in?? You know for us rookies of Alex following! 😉

    • But he’s so gorgeous even with these “imperfections”. I often look past them, see right through them, until the light catches them just so and then I start scrutinizing them. It amuses me when the makeup department decides to cove them up, or when professional photos have airbrushed them out–like we all don’t know they’re there–because then I start looking for them..

  3. No FOYeur, you aren’t weird. I love all of those things about Alex. The little chicken pox scar under his right eye. The scar on his nose where he had the mole removed. His piercings and the moles on his face are all part of the appeal of Alex! I think it’s some of these imperfections that make him so perfect 😀

  4. His piercings, tatts, moles (or as we used to call them “beauty marks”!!) make him him and more beautiful. Just another aspect to love about him, his imperfections!

    • “Beauty marks”, yep. Somewhere I heard he may have said “my mum told me they were angel kisses”. Now I’m jealous of the angels 🙂

  5. ^ All you said! ^ 🙂

    But, when I look at this picture I remember the pain in this episode, emotional and physical. And the question – once again – wether being a vampire is blessing or curse.

  6. Hmmm….I wonder what Lu is going to comment on today… :^) ?? HIS.LONG.EROTIC.PHALLIC.SENSUAL.NOSE!! Love the b&w ESS! If he was sniffing in it, I probably wouldn’t be able to function the rest of the day. 😛

  7. My last comment was so deep and full of feels…Mick has away of bringing out the emo in me. But he also brings out the naughty too…
    So I have to say fck he’s beautiful. And speaking of FEELS and DEEP ……*sigh*

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