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Apologies if this week’s recaps feels a little rushed.  I ended last week a bit ahead of things and then real life kicked in high gear this week and all of a sudden I found myself behind.  Isn’t that the way it always works? O.o

Episode 4 Code Green

Donor:  Blair Hubble, 17 yr old High School Quarterback

Recipient: Brandon, 36 yr old father and husband with a family history of early heart failure

Type of transplant: Heart transplant for Brandon, Blair will donate heart and other organs to multiple patients. None of which are are at Three Rivers.

We open under the Friday night lights of High School Football, a team has just made a great comeback win.   Blair’s father though isn’t happy with his son’s performance and is loudly and publicly telling him about it.  No matter that they ended up winning.  When his Dad says lets go, Blair decides he’s going to ride on the bus with the guys.  (I don’t blame him)


At Three Rivers, Andy comes in and asks, “How you doing buuuuudy?”  (anyone else get a little ‘happy’ about the way he says ‘buuuudy’?”  just me??)  Dr. Andy is checking on a patient that he is very familiar with and has obviously known a while.  Brandon says he feels great and Dr. Andy explains it’s the ECMO (heart/lung machine)  they put in his chest that’s reoxygenating his blood and making him feel better…but sadly it’s a short term solution. They need to get him a new heart and fast.


This worries Brandon as his dad dropped dead at 37 and he’s now 36.  He feels like he’s dodging a bullet. Dr. Andy tells him his heart could show up today and he’ll dodge that bullet. Dr. Andy, ever the optimist. I like that.  In walks, Brandon‘s wife Deb, pregnant and bearing a card for daddy from one of his children.  (sidebar: who thinks the O’Loughlin-Jones household’s fridge is covered with Spike’s drawings? Awwww. Do you think he draws baby Lions??)


Dr. Andy finds Ryan and asks if he’s updated UNOS with Brandon’s latest info.  Even though he’s  Status 1A, being on the ECMO gives him a few points for the bonus round.


Back on the school bus the young man with glasses is trying to be cool with team.  Hmmm…one of these things is not like the others. He gets into a verbal one uppance with Antonio, the game saving player who is busy tooting his horn.  Blair tells Antonio to back off him and switches seats with Bobby. A few minutes later -Bobby wakes up in a deserted field with the bus on it’s side, bodies strung everywhere. He walks around surveying the damage and finds Antonio and then Blair who are both alive and conscious. He calls 911. FINALLY!!


At Three Rivers they call a Code Green (mass casualty event) to the ER and all available clinical hands run in to be informed by Dr. Reed  that a bus carrying a football team blew a tire and since they were the nearest trauma hospital the worst injuries would be sent to them in the first wave .  Dr. Reed grabs Bobby, who refused to be transported on a backboard and treated like a patient, only concerned with the status of Blair.  Dr. Reed tells him he still needs to be evaluated. Blair Hubble is the next to arrive and Dr. Foster throws a little humor at him and asks him the appropriate questions to evaluate his current mental status, which is fine. The next patient is Dr. Andy’s  and he immediately thanks Dr. Andy (I would too…but for a completely different reason…I digress), he thanks Dr. Andy for getting rid of his leg pain (RED FLAG),  Dr. Andy asks him to wiggle his toes and tests his plantar reflex. Nothing.  He sends him urgently up for a CT suspicious of a spinal cord injury.   Back with Blair, Dr. Foster calls Dr. Jordan in as he’s stopped responding and they suspect an intracranial hemorrhage.  Dr. Lee is getting a workout doing the chest compressions for Rose, the bus driver. (Is it wrong to make a joke about wanting him to do chest compressions on me? Too soon??? Ok..)   Pam starts working on Bobby who is still rattling on about Blair. He confirms how many people were on the bus since he’s the equipment manager, it’s his job to know all the details.  He asks Pam how he just walked away and she responded he was just incredibly lucky. Man. Can you imagine? Wow.   Again, he asks about Blair.  Blair starts to seize and Miranda runs off to get his films.

Ryan encounters Deb in the restricted area of the transplant coordination area. She wants to stay there, hoping her presence will help make something ‘happen’.  Ryan has to firmly but gently tell her she can’t stay, walking that fine line between wanting to comfort the patients and give them a sense of empowerment but still having to keep order and rules in place.  Tough job. 
Back in the ER Blair stopped seizing but he has a subdural hematoma, they need to drain the blood before it herniates his brain. They have to do the procedure in the ER because neurosurgery is tied up with another patient.  As they prepare, Dr. Lee comes in asking Dr. Jordan permission to discontinue CPR on Rose. When she tells him to keep going he asks if she knows something he doesn’t.  She knows LOTS he don’t know. Ouch! Burn. Now get back to work..   

Dr Andy is now up on the helo platform accepting care of the next arrival, Chad, a young man with open fractures of the lower leg, they’ve given Chad 10 units of morphine and he declares he could use 10 more (I Hear ya dude, morphine didn’t do shit for me after my surgery. Call me and I’ll tell you what to ask for. You’re welcome.)  Dr. Lee looks like he’s about to pass out from the exertion (hnnnnnggg)  of pumping on Rose’s chest when her monitor comes to life…she has a heartbeat and she breathes on her own. At his command, she squeezes his hand.  (I may or may not have just fought back a tear)  From the elation of Rose’s recovery we move to the heartbreak of watching Blair go into decerebate reflex, which nearly always a sign of terminal brain death and very rarely does one recover afterward.  Will we have another against all odds recovery like Rose?  Sadly, no.


As Brandon finds out his mom cant make the next flight home, pam comes in to tell him Blair didn’t survive.  Brandon experiences survivors guilt…. “it should have been me”.  Dr. Foster brings Blair’s parents in to spend a few minutes with their son. Mom asks what his last words were, obviously hoping for something profound, something emotional, meaningful she can keep with her…but Miranda has nothing to offer her but his responses to the standard questions.  (sidebar: I felt this scene was a really nice touch and one rarely seen in medical dramas)

Chad is also asking about Blair, but Dr. Andy urges him to concentrate on him right now. Ok, I am…oh wait, you mean on Chad! Ok, gotcha. Concentrating on Chad , they discuss the extent of his injury to his leg and the consulting physician thinks he may be better off with a BKA. When Chad asks what a BKA is,  Dr. Bedside Manner matter of factly tells him it’s a below the knee amputation.  Chad freaks out and exclaims he can’t play football with a fake leg, they can’t take his leg!  He explains he’s 18, only has his sister and it’s his choice.  Yes, it is. We’ve discussed this so I’m not sure why Dr Andy states he still has to discuss it with Chad’s sister. (?).


Dr. Lee is watching over his recovering patient, Rose.  He asks Dr. Jordan how she knew.  She didn’t. They just had the time to devote to her. Lucky Rose.  Today a miracle happened and instead of being able to savor the moment, a new critical patient comes in… lucky for Rose the patient didn’t arrive 30 minutes sooner.


Dr. Andy speaks to Chads sister who explains her brother’s one big chance is playing football. He’s beat all odds and she’s convinced that they should honor his wishes. Uh, yeah.  He leaves her and runs into Melissa who works with procurement and immediately warns Andy about not blurring the line between the two sides, McG, I mean Andy pushes forward anyway…asking if she knew if Blair was a donor or not because he’s a good fit for his 1A patient. UNOS looks at the proximity of donor and recipient when matching organs. Andy is hoping for a hail mary for Brandon.  Melissa says she’ll let him know when she finds out if he’s a donor. She still has to talk to the family.


Melissa finds Dr. Andy and tells him that Blair IS a donor but his heart was matched with a recipient in DC. Huh. So much for logistical relevance. I truly don’t understand how this makes sense and I get very sad.  Dr. Andy puts on his emo face and I get even sadder. Stop it Andy. No don’t.


Where the hell is Dr. Reed? Oh, she’s at the desk checking the status of all the patients…she realizes something isn’t right.  She’s figured out that one of the 42 kids on that bus is missing. Brandon is able to help them figure out it’s Anthony and they send a team out to find him at the scene.  Miranda heads up the team to find Anthony.

Dr. Lee is treating a patient with a dislocated shoulder. He doesn’t want to be put under but is urged, “You DON’T want to be awake for this!” and by the sound of it, I agree! Eek! But his numbers afterward start looking a little wonky.  Just from a simple dislocation?


Ryan runs to find Dr. Yablonsky that a heart has been offered for Brandon and runs into his wife in the hallway. She asks if a heart has come in for her husband and Ryan reluctantly tells her that it did.  Oh. Ryan. O.O   He runs into the treatment area to tell Dr. Andy a heart’s been offered for Brandon but the donor is unstable and they have to get the hear t within 90 minutes and they’re 200 miles away. As Dr. Andy says we’ll take it, Dr. Jordan stops him and says they can’t afford to let one of their procurement surgeons leave in the middle of the Code Green.  Dr. Andy explains this is his patients last chance so Dr. Jordan says he has to find out another way to get that heart.  He tells Ryan to accept the heart and be creative in finding a way to get that heart. Ryan has to admit Deb already knows about the heart. “She figured it out…”  Andy asks, “How? How did she figure it out…is she psychic or did you tell her?” (Dr. Andy 1 Ryan 0) OH, OH, OH… Angry Andy!! Almost as hot as Angry Steve. Almost….but not quite. (McG 1 Dr Andy 0)  what was I talking about? Plot! Oh yeah, plot…Andy yells at Ryan a little and tells him to ‘fix it’!

At the scene of the accident Miranda and the troopers are searching for Anthony. They figure he’s wandered off which is bad as there is wilderness in each direction.

04 Code Green (HD)[18-46-21]

Brandon walks up on  Blair’s dad and he expresses his sadness.   It’s a touching scene. Blair’s dad blames himself for his son’s death but Brandon blames himself.  This is why he’s been so interested in Blair’s condition. Blair switched seats with him on the bus. Blair is dead. He’s alive. He basically is alive because Blair stood up for him and protected him.  Sweetly, his dad tells him, ‘That’s Blair. That’s my son.”  Blair’s family didn’t get any words of importance but now they have one of his last actions and boy is it a good one.  From here he’ll save 8 lives with his organ donations.  Taylors Gift often uses the quote “outlive yourself” when speaking of organ donations. Seems Blair will do just that. A short time on earth but will live on in others.


Oh snap, there’s Deb and she catches Andy when he gets off the elevator. He has to explain to her that there is a heart available but they don’t have anyone to go get it. She knows that if they don’t accept it they have to pass on it and who knows when they’ll rematch him.


Andy and Dr. Bedsidemanner go into surgery to work on Chad’s shattered lower leg,  discussing their feelings that this is really a long shot surgery.  The video monitor lights up and Dr. Gonalez (the REAL LIFE doctor Andy Yablonsky was modeled after and who worked with Alex on the set) comes on line and they discuss Andy’s bad memory when it comes to favors (huh, maybe Andy is more like McG than we give him credit for….) . Dr. Andy convinces Dr. Gonzo to procure the heart and when he tells Ryan they still need someone to get it from the airport, Ryan really wants to go and make things right.


As Ryan takes off to get the heart, we begin our final montage, which I personally find very touching, Andy goes to Brandon’s room and flashes Deb a smile that says he got the heart, Chad wiggles his toes, Dr. Jordan explains to Blair’s family and friends about the Donor Wall, Dr. Lee gets hugged by the very happy and grateful  daughter (?) of Rose and Anthony has a moment to make up with Bobby, the kid he tormented on the bus but eventually saved his life.

This is life at Three Rivers and to quote Kuol, “it’s a good place to be.”

General information on Organ Donation: Becoming a Donor (Organ, Understanding Donation .

If you are not yet a registered organ donor, please consider doing so. You can register here for USA,CanadaAustraliathe UKFrance and Germany .

No gifs this week, sorry!!  I just put a few screencaps up that require no words for you to enjoy this week.  Quite honestly, there were no caps that spurred any wit. This was a pretty serious episode and I think some weeks may just be like that. We’ll still give you some pretty to enjoy even if we can’t give you anything to giggle at.  Please feel free to leave your own giggles or comments as you feel inspired. ❤

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  1. No reason to apologize, Ess!!! This is another great blog! Thanks for always putting so much work in this. And that cute smile on the last picture is definitely very enjoyable despite the serious content of the episode and your blog 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

  2. Thank you ESS, another great post.

    I really liked this episode simply because life and death were so close together. They showed that in a perfect way.
    I especially like the part about Rose. Who knows how many people die in such a situation just because there is no time to save them? Or there is not a first responder who knows what to do? It’s a shame that many people have no idea how to give CPR, and that doctors are forced to call ‘it’ simply because they can’t invest more time in a patient. Not blaming anyone, it’s just a fact of life. Sometimes people don’t die because of their injuries, but because no one is there to do the right thing at the right time.

    Again Three Rivers proved what a great show it was. I’m sad that it ended, but the show Alex now is in kind of makes up for it. LOL

    • “Sometimes people don’t die because of their injuries, but because no one is there to do the right thing at the right time.” – Wowza. That’s a profound statement! Very true.

      The story of Rose was very interesting as was the interplay between Dr. Lee and Dr. Jordan. I began to feel sorry for Dr. Lee, doing CPR for that long period of time is EXHAUSTING!! I also wonder if she’ll have suffer any memory or brain complications from being oxygen deprived for so long?

      • Doing CPR is incredible hard. Doing the heart compressions leaves you completely drained. A couple of years ago a 39 year-old man suddenly fell to the floor right in front of me. He was with his 3-year old daughter and his wife. His heart suddenly just stopped. Without any reason. A friend of mine started rescue breathing, while I did the heart compressions. That were the longest ten minutes of my life.
        It is so hard to keep the pace of about 100 compressions a minute up, people often underestimate how long a darn minute can be. LOL
        When the EMS arrived they had to shock him three times, but they got him back. Three days later he came by to thank us. It’s unvelievable, but he was ‘dead’ for over ten minutes, and he was perfectly fine. They couldn’t even find anything wrong with him. As far as I know it’s called sudden cardiac arrest. Can happen to any healthy person, no one knows why.
        What I wanted to say is, yes, you can be in cardiac arrest for a while and come back without any lingering effects. You just need the right people around you.
        I can only urge everyone, go take a course, so YOU know what to do when one of your loved ones needs YOUR help!

        • Wow!! I’m going to start calling YOU a BAMF 🙂 Good job, Sam! I am CPR trained but never had a chance to use it yet. Hopefully never will…but I’m ready if necessary. Agreed….CPR is something everyone should know. I’ll never forget in my first class years ago, someone said they were worried about learning CPR because they may ‘hurt’ the person and the instructor just looked at them and said, “if you don’t try…they’re DEAD.” It was an “ah ha” moment for sure for everyone.

          When my husband was young(er), they had someone at his job drop…he didn’t know CPR but he said he couldn’t sit there and do nothing…so he attempted chest compressions. She died anyway, but her family thanked him for his efforts. That has always stuck with him and you better believe he knows the real deal now.

          • That is what my last instructor told one of the worried ones. He said ‘you can’t hurt a dead guy’. And he is damn right. Better a broken rib or sternum than being dead.
            I think it must be horrible to be witness to someone needing help and not knowing what to do. Doing nothing really is the worst anyone could do.
            I hope that I will never have to use the knowledge again, but I do a refresher course every two years. Just in case.

  3. Thanks so much for this blog! Excellent job. We just watched this at chat on LLOL. I made a few pics from the episode and I’m glad to say I picked some of the same ones you did! 😀

    • I saw them! There were shots in this episode that just had to be capped. 🙂 I wish my schedule was different so I could attend more LLOL chats 😦 but I’m very happy some of you visit me here. ❤

  4. Thank you for a great recap as usual 🙂
    I loved seeing Andy angry in this episode, it gives us a different prospective from the usual cheery, caring, happy Dr.!
    Also it was good to see the real Gonzo, I believe Alex and him got pretty close during his preparation and character development.
    Something also different from many other series was the fact that Blair, the nice guy, died while Antonio, the initially nasty one survived and was well in the end.
    i thought it was a tough but brave choice from he writers.

  5. Great Job ESS!! That last picture WOW!! Those sparkly eyes!! So there is some McG in Dr. Andy or is it Dr.Andy in McG 😉
    Thanks again for the great recap 🙂 🙂

  6. A favorite ep for me. High drama, high stakes, and they told these stories very well. I found myself caring about all these kids, and for Brandon. Loved Lisa in this one, always love Dr. Lee, felt Miranda’s still newbie pain in this situation. The device of having the Harry Potter lookalike sorta narrate (to the med team) the victims’ stories was very clever. And God, Alex rocked this one! He was funny, with Dr. bedside Manner; he was BAMFy (in the doc way, not the SEAL way) with his cocky assuredness he could pull off Chad’s surgery; he was emo, over Brandon’s sitch; he was annnngryyyyy w/ Spongebob (tho not really scary… so cool he knew how to be Andy angry vs. McG-make-u-pee-ur-pants angry), and he was seductive, mostly w/ Dr. Gonzo but also every time he drew breath, as usual. 😉

    My heart broke for the quarterback’s dad. We’ve all bitched out our kid and then regretted it; he can’t take it back now. That one was the hardest story for me. 😦

    And you got plenty of humor in your recap! I giggled several times! At least I assume all your sexual insinuations are meant to be humorous. Maybe not, huh? 😆

    • Thanks GNP!! oh the insinuations were definitely meant to be humourous and naughty. 😉 Thankfully I had written 95%of the recap before life hit overdrive so only the last 10 min of the show were capped v quickly and I didn’t get to concentrate on the pics and gifs like normal. 😦 Boo. But I have to think Dr. Andy would tell me to put my health sitch as priority too. In fact, I think he should reward me. Rawwrrr!!

      ACA, Dr. ANdy was BAMFy in the doctor way not in the SEAL (make u pee ur pants) kind of way. Also, not in a bitchy way which I realllly appreciate. It was understood given the circumstances and he also allowed Spongebob to work it out and “make it right”. He didn’t hold a grudge. Andy’s anger also wasn’t from a selfish place, it was from a place of being empathetic for this patient and his family and what they’ve gone through. He didn’t want to give them false hope.

      “he was seductive, mostly w/ Dr. Gonzo but also every time he drew breath, as usual.” – ACAxBL2I&B

  7. Super recap! Definitely a tough episode to watch – but totally agree that some of the minor touches give the show unique depth, such as Miranda talking about Blair’s last words. Has to be hard to be on either side of that conversation, and its not usually dramatic enough to show on tv.

    Seeing Andy get super pissed at Ryan was different and kinda scary (and kinda hot-thankyoualexfordoingangrysowell), since he is generally an easy going character. Has to be a stressful career, day in and day out, and he handles most of the BS so well, its nice to see he can lose it too, when he has a good reason. And nice save from Ryan,

    Seems like I always learn something from your recaps too, I never realized that was the REAL Gonzo playing TV Gonzo, even though I knew Dr. Andy was based on his life- just never thought about who played him, go figure.

  8. Thank you for the recap of that episode. Alex was fantastic at Dr. Andy. So caring and smart! I just reran the whole season and loved every episode. What a great actor, not to mention how hot he is!

    • That was a really nice scene. I really felt for Bobby with his survivor’s guilt. “It shoulda been me”. Ugh. How do you live with that? I’m hoping he got some therapy. Also Blair’s dad dealing with his last moments with his son were him yelling at him. Like GNP said, who hasn’t done that? This is the worst case scenario. 😦

  9. Thank you for the recap, ESS, I love it when you get occasionally distracted and forget that it’s ultimately all about the plot. *cough* Now, seriously, I liked this episode a lot – to me, whenever the doctors are just like us and someone dies, I applaud the writers for making Show look realistic.

  10. I think this is the last episode I had seen before, so from here on out they will all be new to me. I have to say, if you wouldn’t have scheduled this watch/rewatch, I might not have ever gotten around to watching the rest. Now I know for sure I’ll get to see all the goodness I missed. Thanks, ESS. 😀

  11. I’m sorry for being late to comment the Code Green episode but is better late than never.

    For me it’s one of my favorite plot but it’s tough because is very close to my first experience to organ donation. My friend suffered an accident during a study visit with his school. He was thirteen. He became my role model to be a organ, eye and tissue donor. His life was very short but he gave a second chance to others and a role model to his family and friends. It was always hard to talk with his parents about our projects and dreams knowing that Tiago was no longer with us. But his parents wanted to know and genuinely cared about us, our future.Today i am a organ, eye and tissue donor as well a blood and bone marrow donor.

    So i see Blair as my friend Tiago, surrounded by his family and friends that loved him and had proud of him.

    The plot also show us that sometimes the things happen in the hardest way because you have the donor and the recipiente close to one another but you have to respect the system and the medical and legal procedures.

    Other side of the plot is Rose that it was very written here by Sam.

    Thank you once more for your great recap!

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