Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOloughlin #H50

Tell you what, I won’t move if you won’t move, Steve….



14 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday #AlexOloughlin #H50

    • I hope so too, S!zZ!! This episode was so interesting. We’ve started to see a bit more of a lighter, more laid back Steve but in a moment he became Super SEAL again. It was beautiful.

  1. Thank you Kim for bringing the Seal/Bamf Steve with double thigh holsters as a gif for more pleasure view and remember me my favorite episode of 3rd season.

  2. I LOVE emo Steve and funny Steve…but its angry, BAMF Steve that gets me all HOT and BOTHERED….JOWZA…I could watch him do ^^^that^^^ all day…so flippen sexy! I’m totally transfixed by his left hand and the neckveinp0rn…*sigh*

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  4. I, um.. What did you say? *wipes chin from drooling* Huh?? Just watched this episode last week in my re-watch and yep, pulled out the Kleenex box. Steve – 1 Me – 0 again!!! Love it when Alex gets emotionally involved. Thanks for a great gif! 🙂

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