#AlexOLoughlin and his beautiful family

Thanks to Kelli Bullock Photography who posted this on her photography Facebook page back in May.

What a gorgeous family.


credit to @zguimari for the find 🙂

Posted only because it’s a posed shot which is on the public Facebook page of a Professional Photographer (since May) with their logo. IMO that’s why Lion isn’t in the photo..so the photographer could post this pic. Lets not forget Saxon has been seen on H50 and other pics from Egan.  Photos of Spike are everywhere.


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    • to manu= I don’t think that’s what in the bag, and I guess the rumor that malia is pregnant again is wrong cause if this is from May, that’s 6 months after lion was born. wonder why they poised for this picture, alex had to now it would get published

      • Why can’t she be expecting another baby 6 months after giving birth? My NotMcG’s aunt and also a family friend each gave birth to two boys 10 months apart…so it is possible…and could be their case too.
        I say good for them…and hope this babe and any future children they choose to have are healthy!

      • Actually it would be 7 months, and I don’t understand your logic anyway – why would you think that means the rumors aren’t true?

  1. OMG, I am melting. M-E-L-T-I-N-G! They are all 4 the most gorgeous freaking people on earth! But the pretty is totes overwhelmed by the love, the caring, and the happy that is just radiating from them. They are most definitely A Family. And I could not be happier for our guy.

    Btw, Jeezuz Malia! Had a baby and got THAT tummy back? Wishing you third time lucky, girlfriend. 😉

  2. Okay, Saxon is tall, reminds me of nephews from my younger brother!! 6’2″ and 16 years old. Yep, he must be fun! Malia is beautiful, Spike is cute, but Alex is gorgeous (has to wear the hat, or his head will get sunburn, no hair grown back yet! 😉 just kidding 😉 )
    Thank you for posting 🙂

  3. Seems that their patchwork family works really well. So happy for them. Saxon will be one handsome man soon. Just like his dad. And Spike is really cute.
    Hope they can be happy like this for a long time to come.

    • From your fingertips to gods ears, Sam. May they be happy for a long time. I wouldn’t want less for them than I want for my own loved ones and friends. 🙂

  4. What a lovely family photo…yeesh…SO.MUCH.PRETTY!!
    I’m actually having a hard time focusing on our boy…tots distracted by her sexy legs.#girlcrush
    And also distracted by that GORGEOUS young man…so much like his father!! I feel v v sorry for all the teenage girls in HI!!!

  5. Aww, too much cute in one wee pic! Ess, once again I’m reminded why I love it here, fun but respectful, I think Alex would love your style!

    • Thank you so much, Fi…..but you know, I can’t take all the credit. You all who comment do a lot of the work and when I hear about the madness and craziness on other blogs, FB pages and websites, I thank my lucky stars that I have such a wonderful and amazing group of people who visit here and play with me. 🙂

      ” I think Alex would love your style!” – HUUUUUGE compliment!! That means so much to me. Thank you.. ❤

  6. Beautiful family portrait. Only one is missing – the most gorgeous baby of Hawaii – Lion. Thanks Ess for this post.

  7. So everyone else ignoring Malia´s pregnancy? I see a 6th family member on the way 😉
    Lion´s not the only one missing, where´s Dusty!? Or did they make her the babysitter…

      • This is such a nice photo!
        Interesting though…I have 3 kids at home (2 youngest 20 months apart) and I could totally end up being wrong, but I don’t think she looks pregnant. And if she is it would be so early on. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • I didn’t want to point that out, so not to add to the rumors, but I think you’re right. Something is going on. 🙂

    • Yep…definitely noticed the baby bump but was waiting until someone else brought it up…so thanks Paula..now I can say…

      OH BABY…our boy is not gonna get ANY sleep for a v v long time…

  8. Baby bump!!! Another boy????? Me thinks so! Love this pic but really wish day baby Lion was in it!

  9. What cracks me up most is that Alex is holding all the crap 🙂 Such a gentleman. I think those are towels in the bag–I went to the FB page and there seemed to be a lot of other people in the pool, and one posing with a white towel with “Jett” embroidered on it–so maybe they are practical party gifts. Oops, not implying that Spike is crap, on the contrary I think he and Alex have a real bond.

  10. FYI – if you’re on social media you know there was a bit of a ruckus about this photo yesterday started NOT by Alex but by people who didn’t think the photo should be out there and took it upon themselves to email the publicity people and make a brouhaha over it. So what do you do when there’s drama around something? The easiest thing is just remove it. No more drama.

    Though no one asked me to take my copy down, Kelli removed hers from the FB page so I’ve decided to remove mine also. I’m so sad that people can’t do like you all, my lovely friends and just enjoy something without making a big deal about it. I believe the regular followers of H50BAMF know that I don’t post anything without putting thought into it. When i’ve seen pics I didn’t think were appropriate to post, I just IGNORED them. I’ve always said, I want this to be a place that we can have fun and that I’d feel comfortable that Alex himself could visit and laugh at our silly humor and touched by our praise. Maybe even a little happy at the thought we’ve put into his work on Three Rivers and things like that. Bottom line is, whether you agree or disagree with everything I post, you can be assured I’ve thought, WWAT (What Would Alex Think) and not what the internet police think and I will CONTINUE to do so.

    I’m still comfortable that I posted this pic, that Alex took this pic with knowledge it would be tagged and posted by Kelli and it was cool until people made drama over it. Alex’s family is growing, growing UP and changing…his decisions on privacy and what to share will obviously have to change along with it….It already has. We here at H50BAMF will adjust with him and follow his lead.

    If you want to make a reply to what I’ve said, please do, I just ask that you don’t use any names or fingerpointing, being respectful like you all always are. ❤

    Thanks for understanding.

    • ESS, you are great!. A great person with lots of respect. I love your blog cuz itz drama-free. I don’t know that much about those pic-drama, but all I can say is: “WTF! Are they serious?? They need an own life” I don’t know what’s goin on in their heads…
      Just keep on goin with the things you do. Cuz all you do is respectful!!!
      Sendin you lots of hugz and kisses!!!!

    • That’s really sad. I mean Alex knew he was posing for a picture with his FAMILY for a PROFESSIONAL photographer. If he didn’t want the picture taken he could have easily said no or simply posed by himself or with Malia. I respect what he shares with us and to me this was him SHARING. The photographer posts, what I assume is ALL her work, on her website and blogs so I’m pretty sure he knew where this picture was going.

      I have total respect for your decision to post and delete the picture and don’t worry about all the negativity or what people think. Your blog is nothing but AMAZING!

  11. I’m sad and pissed and confused by all this nonsense.

    I’m sad for Alex that people who don’t know him, insert themselves into his life and make judgements on how they think he should or should not live his life. Why can’t “fans” understand that his life is HIS BUSINESS. He can pose for a picture and include his family in it if he wants to…he can love who he wants to…he can give his children whatever name he wants to…he can have as many babies as he wants in whatever period of time he wants to…etc, etc, etc. IHOFB!!!

    I’m pissed at those people who believe that he needs them to look out for his well being and that in doing so interferes with those of us who enjoy following his career and love to hear/see any little tidbit of his personal life he CHOOSES to share.

    I’m confused because I just don’t understand all the drama surrounding AOL. He is a kind, generous, humble man who loves his fans and shares more of himself than most other celebrities. Yes, he has chosen a career in the public eye but that does not give STRANGERS the right to tell him how to live his life. Again, IHOFB!!!!!

    I’m also sorry ESS, that all this drama came to the doorstep of H50BAMF. We all know how much respect you (and yours) have for Alex and never do or say anything that disparages or disrespects him in any way. It is one of the main reasons why I continue to follow this blog. ❤

  12. Rally, now here too? ESS, I’m really sorry that the drama now also reached your blog. It’s a shame.

    There was nothing wrong with posting the picture; when Alex allowed it to be taken it was his decision to do so. He for sure knew it was to be posted in some way.

    I really don’t get why people feel the need to try and dictate other people’s life. I can only say they should start living their own lives, and leave such nice and kind people like Alex O’Loughlin alone. He does a great job protecting his privacy as much as he wishes. He for sure doesn’t need some internet freaks to do it for him.

    And you’re always respectful and I’m sure we will never find a picture here that was not approved by Alex in some way.

    Because of all those people who think they have to police everything, I’m thankful every day that Alex is not on social media. And I hope he never will be.

  13. Personally, I don’t get the fuss over posting photos–it happens to non-celebrities all the time (friends take your photo at a party and post it on their FB page). Alex is an intelligent guy and must know this, that no one can really control much of anything in this modern information age. He must know that all those fans taking photos with him are posting them to websites. So when the party photographer asked if she could take their family photo and they consented (it was a posed photo after all) they had to have known people would be looking at them. The very act of taking a photo means someone is going to look at it.

    So I say to you most wonderful bloggers: do not be bullied by the internet police. We support you and appreciate you!

  14. Thank you all for your support and understanding. I can see why we have gravitated towards each other and enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 I’m sure this won’t be the last drama that unfolds….but it’s great knowing that I can count on you wonderful people to hold tight and ride the rough waters out with until it all smoothes back over. Thank YOU all for helping to make this a safe harbor.

    It really didn’t come to me here, it came to me on another forum but it was so big I just felt like i needed to quickly address it here in case any new people didn’t know where we stood, here at H50BAMF on this type of nonsense. Now I’ve said it…. hopefully won’t need to say it again for a VERY long time and now let’s get back to what we do best! {{{big hugs}}} to you all!

  15. Seriously? I had no idea about all the drama surrounding this pic! Maybe because I don’t allow negativity in my life, so I don’t even visit those sites neither read any of the comments of that kind. I don’t get it, as you said, it’s nonsene. Especially knowing how much Alex likes to share with his fans and obviously it was his choice to share that pic.
    Anyways, I’m so glad we still have great..sorry AWESOME blogs like this. Totally Drama/Conflict-Free, where we can share all we love about H50 and Alex in a respectful and fun way.
    As I said in my Twitter page (@zguimari) PLZ PPL Just Enjoy the amazing work this amazing talented ppl do for us, with dedication and effort. Learn to appreciate every moment of the art behind acting and the right of privacy of those who gives their lives into this deep waters that Acting World is. Take a minute to think How your life would be if you were them? Would I like this to happen? Would I be able to handle the presure? And then you’ll see why just a few ones like Alex O’loughlin are still getting strong every day in this business, without become bigheaded.Instead, keep feet grounded and kind with those who have helped him build his career and continue to support him day after day:His fans.

    And thanks ESS, For doing a great job with this blog. Keep doing it as long as you can and want. 🙂

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