New Alex fan pic #AlexOLoughlin at Manoa Starbucks

The beard grew in nicely. Very, very nicely!! I think I’m in love….

Thanks to @Jaimiekikia for sharing on Instagram ❤

2013 June 15 Jaimekiki IG

@jaimekika aslkdjfhgk crying cuz my life is complete  #alexfrigginoloughlin #hawaiifiveo

Big thanks to my girl @lschultz714 for the heads up this morning.

Enjoy your wknd!!

12 thoughts on “New Alex fan pic #AlexOLoughlin at Manoa Starbucks

    • Praises be indeed! Love the hair. And so nice of him to turn away from his private moment with his coffee to share a photo with a fan. Love him!

  1. I WANNA RUB MY BODY ALL OVER THAT SCRUMPTIOUS BEARD –> I bet it is so soft..aklsjdfkllkda…*sigh*
    He looks a little tired, but the mussed up hair, beard, and that long, strong nose is just the “pick me up” I needed this morning. She is one lucky lady! I think I would cry too.

  2. I think I’m in love, too. With the bed hair. Among other things. I don’t dare to mention the beard, after I was enlightened what a terrible meaning it has in slang. Thank you for sharing the pic!!

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