Fabulous Face Friday #AlexOLoughlin

Zoey was simply not human to resist this. That’s all I have.



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  1. Stan! That face! It’s such a far from perfect movie, but it does have its moments (shirtless Stan, anyone?) also, that faaaace! He’s just such a talented man, which just makes him even hotter! So TBUP on Sat night then… so hard to be me!

  2. Stan and his “wow”, get’s me everytime, such a beautiful and emotional face (with the guy in the back ๐Ÿ˜‰ listening!) Far from perfect movie (Fi: perfect word choice) but it has some nice Alex scenes (pulling OFF his shirt ๐Ÿ˜‰ loads of S.H.I.R.T.L.E.S.S stuff, yummy!)
    Those gorgeous ***eyes***, I’m going crazy!

  3. I think it was just too much for Zoe to believe that it is real and that all this gorgeousness can really love her that much!! I know I would have had serious doubts if I was in her shoes….

  4. HE was hot gentle perfection . Unfortunately there was no “Combustion” at all IMHO between him and his leading Lady and the film was very uneven Some charming great scenes and a lot of boring gross ones !!!

  5. Ha! Zoey was a l3esbian, your tag says? That made me laugh. ๐Ÿ˜€ If I remember, she didnโ€™t really remove Stanโ€™s pants in the bar, so right, l3sbian she is. Thank you for the pic โ€“ I love that I can enjoy Stan without having to rewatch that ridiculous thing. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (No h8 to TBUP lovers, of course!)

      • Where there is Alex, plot is a scooter to me ๐Ÿ™‚ . Suppose I’m not the only ๐Ÿ˜‰ !

        Now that I read what I wrote ^^ above ^^, I see I typed “bar” instead of “barn”. Distracted… Since I’m not a l3sbian, obvi.

  6. I love that whever this movie is brought up everyone has to make an apology for watching the movie, or even for liking it. lol! I get that…not a big chick flick fan. (ok, I hate them TBH) but I actually did like this movie despite it’s faults. Just like my TV shows, I dont’ expect my movies to be perfect either. When was the last time you saw a “perfect” movie?? I rarely see a movie I really like anymore, they’re all so lame…but I digress…. This movie was cliche, but it was also funny, sexy and it had Alex twitching and fainting at the word vagina. Sounds good to me!

    Ps…I actually preferred Alex with his shirt ON in this movie…. I need the tatts. O.o

    • It was a cute movie. If you can get past JLo and her babyvoice, it was entertaining enough. Cute dog, funny lines, Anthony Anderson, Melissa McCarthy, AND ALEX!!!!! I don’t know why it gets such a horrible rep. For the genre, it was OK.

      Vagina Vagina Vagina!!!! LOL.

      • Oh! And Eric Christian Olsen or whatever Deeks real name is. There were a lot of good supporting actors in the movie.

      • THIS. ^^^^^^^ Movie woulda been pretty awesome with no JLo, who dressed odd and for some reason forgot to go buy maternity clothes and thus effed up Stan’s fun foodie party. ๐Ÿ˜€ But being a JLo movie, it was chokingly full of her. BUT, as Kimmer said, it had plenty of Alex and all that other stuff. So overall thumbs up for me.

        Btw, my friend got ahold of the original script, and there was supposed to be more Stan, more Stan backstory including his parents, including his very sarcastic mom… all which got ditched so we could get more JLo with her dog and with her own self absorbed thoughts. Hmmmm. Nice choice, Hollywood. Which, in case Hollywood is reading, was sarcasm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • OMG, that stupid dog! I agree with everyone above–I never watch this for any reason other than Stan. And the crazy blond with the customized stroller business (she’s a hoot!). And Anthony Anderson’s banter with Stan.

          Best scene is his nocturnal pancake cooking and then when he throws the pillow out the window and takes off his tee shirt–THAT LOOK he gives her just then. I pause it every time and just stare until my breathing starts again.

          • THAT LOOK makes me weak to whatever, and I had to rewind it a thousand times because I couldn’t believe that he looked so sex-on-legs-like all hot and dreamy and omg his body is “smashing”!

        • Agreed! The best part of the birthing scene was in the credits–when he started cracking up Melissa McCarthy. JLo was horrible throughout that scene, and I’m afraid Alex’s acting was a bit contrived (his “oh, oh no” seemed fake to me). I think it was bad directing all around. But I don’t like slapstick. And I hate clowns.

          • I think the point was to “over act” during that scene, which was all fine and good to me. It fit the scene. Seems they took out what didn’t work and left in what did (mostly).

  7. Beautiful picture!! I loved this movie. This is when my Alex obsession really went into overdrive. IDK what it was about Stan. Just think what a wonderful movie it would have been with plenty of Stan! I would have loved to know more about him ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I didn’t know who he was but I remembered seeing the commercials and thinking I’d really like to see this one because it looked “different” and also for once the love interest wasn’t Hugh Grant, Matthew McConahey (sp),Clive Owen, or any of those interchangeable faces.

  8. My favorite looks for Stan is the looks he gives Zoey when holding up the penny when they are in the delivery room. That look gets me every time ๐Ÿ™‚
    And yes, TBUP was okay.
    Nice to see Eric Christian Olsen (Deeks) in a different role.

    When I watched the TBUP the first time, I didn’t know who this Alex O’Loughlin guy was at the time! Now.. WOW!!

  9. The movie is instantly better if Zoe is actually an alien & that explains everything. She should have crashed her space craft into Stan’s tree. Now that would have been funny.

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