Thigh Holster Thursday – #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



22 thoughts on “Thigh Holster Thursday – #AlexOLoughlin #GracePark

  1. I love McKono ( 😉 ) for Bamf-reasons! ( and I’ve been thinking about which ep and I can’t figure it out! Drives me crazy 😆 Pirates or Kidnapped kid bus?) Thanks for a wonderful THThursday! (ESS: I’m pretty sure he’s wearing a BLUE shirt 😉 )

  2. If my eye level went up to his face area, yes, I wouldn’t like that glare staring at me.. but it’s “Thigh-holster” Thursday, so that is suggest looking down 😀 😀 *scrolls back up* 😉

  3. There’s nothing to be afraid of as long as your on the “right” side of them! Love Steve & Kono – can’t wait for her return!! Like hunny-bee said, “McKono – the BAMFest couple ever!!” Long live McKono!

  4. His legs are amazing! They are so long and strong and the way he has them spread in this picture is FRICKIN HOT!

    Ess and lunaterra12, >> If Steve gets glasses…OMG…he’d be like Clark Kent in Superman…S&T

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