Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

I’ll take a ride on that, please. 🙂


Thanks to @mymaximus for the original sharing of this HQ pic. Pic Edit is mine.

36 thoughts on “Topless Tuesday #AlexOLoughlin

    • If I could LIKE ^^ your ^^ comment, I would do that 😆 .

      Also, if these are pics that normally appear in Cosmo, I’m cancelling my subscription to Scottish Literary Review as we speak and subscribing to Cosmo instead.

      Thanks Ess for the post!!

      • I’m assuming that there are never any Alex shirtless pictures in the Scottish literary review? Then, definitely.

        • Speaking as a Scot, I find it hard to imagine there is ANYTHING in there to compete with a shirtless AOL!

          This post was a little later than normal (usually bang on 8am my time) not complaining, just meant that I had to look at it for the first time at work and when I SBJ&TO’d out loud one, of the girls visiting from another office asked what was up, so I showed her…. She has spent a significant portion of her day looking at the BAMF archive and I’ve never seen her so happy 🙂

          • I was confused by your post and just checked it out, yep I normally schedule it for 3 a.m. my time but for some reason I scheduled the post for 3:30 today. Huh. Can’t imagine what might have distracted me….

            • Peeking at the post of the day is the last thing I do before I head off to work, gives me the strength to face the day!

          • ^^ “and I’ve never seen her so happy 🙂 ” ^^ what a nice story of converting a colleague to perving 🙂 !

            You got me, there’s of course nothing like Alex in my Scottish Literary Review issues. But, speaking as a non-Scot, ScotLit is still the second best thing 🙂

  1. Can you imagine the vehicular accidents if he was riding like that in your city?! (And the panty accidents 😉 )
    I hope he’s wearing sunscreen. I will volunteer to rub it all over him. I promise not to miss a spot. 😉 Those jeans look much too warm, I’ll help him remove them too.
    If it’s a HARD and FAST ride he’s wanting, I am very happy to oblige! Maybe he’ll shift my gears and enjoy a LONG, SLOW, AND SMOOTH ride instead, or both, …I’m open for anything 😛

  2. This Cosmo Magazine Photoshoot is great! I loved last wednesday’s pic but i prefer this one!!! Thank you.

  3. My apologies for doubting you Ess. I thought that kimphin’s Fabulous Face Friday on June 7th could not be beat. But here it is, only a few days later and WOW! So so pretty…..

    • Beach Momma! Is this your first post? If so welcome! If not, sorry for my brain fart. Lol!!

      It’s a very nice pic, isn’t it? There’s very little that shirtless Alex won’t beat. All I can think of is maybe pantsless Alex… ;). At any rate thanks for the compliment and hey Kim *razzzzz* hee hee…

  4. Yes…this is my first post. I have been watching your site on a regular basis for a few months. Always makes my day. Thanks.

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