Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers “Ryan’s First Day” epi 2 #AlexOLoughlin

Hello Fellow Fangirls and welcome to Ryan’s First Day. “But wait!” you may be saying, “Ryan is the young, slightly nerdy blonde, right? The one that looked a little like Spongebob Squarepants? He was in the previous episode! How can this episode be his first day?” Such a good observation. In fact, the first episode aired (where we got a dose of newbie Ryan) was actually filmed to be the third episode. So this episode – the proper second episode and aired as such – introduces us to Ryan…



Donor: Daniel Noonan, Bostonian, mommas boy, murder suspect

Recipient #1: Ben Parnell, long-term dialysis patient, family man

Transplant type โ€“ Kidney

Recipient #2: Christy Martinez, 18 year old cancer survivor, college Freshman

Transplant type โ€“ Double Lung

Medical dilemma – Christy is a cancer survivor of 3+ years, but policy states that a patient must be in remission 5+ years to qualify for transplant. When a pair of lungs, slightly damaged in a car accident become available, no other lung transplant patient wants them. Is it right to give an organ to a patient who may die of cancer post-transplant? Is it right to give a damaged organ to someone in a desperate situation, or should organs considered for transplant always be in optimal condition?


We begin in Boston where a carjacker takes a young woman’s sedan and drives off at a high rate of speed. I got a small chuckle out of the victim’s call for help, “does anybody have a cell phone?” I guess in 2009, it was possible not everyone did. Seems unheard of in 2013! The carjacker, fiddling with his new ride’s radio, runs a red light and is hit by Daniel, a young man who had just left his mother’s house. Daniel and Mom appear to have a good relationship, after he teases her about her cooking, he sincerely wishes her a nice day at work. She blows him a sarcastic kiss as the camera lingers on Daniel’s keychain, which is brightly colored and lettered with beads that spell out the word “Faith.” After the collision, the carjacker runs away on foot, and the camera zooms in on Daniel’s bloody and unmoving face, focusing yet again on his “Faith” keychain.

At the hospital, Nurse Pam Acosta and Dr. Andy Yablonski are chatting. We learn that Andy isn’t living at home, but in a hotel attached to the hospital complex. When Pam invites Andy to a Steelers game in Cleveland (a nice show of Pittsburgh realism), he says he’ll “check with Rena,” and Pam rolls her eyes. Pam calls on doctors Miranda Foster and David Lee to encourage Andy to find an apartment and get his life together. Andy insists he and Rena will work it out and that everything is fine.


A young, slightly nerdy blonde approaches the group and they pass him like they don’t know him, which of course they do not. “Ryan” is looking for Dr. Jordan, and we see the busy transplant center through Ryan’s new eyes. Dr. Jordan explains Ryan’s job to him, the basic duties of the Assistant to the Transplant Coordinator — and then informs him that the Transplant Coordinator has quit, leaving a vacancy that needs to be filled, so in the meantime, Ryan gets to pick up extra slack. I assume of course for no extra pay.

ER Dr. Lisa Reed is walking through the transplant wing to check on a patient… but she obviously came to make eyes at Andy as well. They share a cute, flirtatious moment (she apparently hasn’t heard Andy plans to work things out with Rena). The camera tracks Miranda and Andy into an exam room where they’re visiting with a long-time patient. Coach Carson Hayes is a man in his fifties who hasn’t taken the best care of his health in terms of stress, diet, exercise and smoking. He has diabetes and his heart is skipping beats (I blame Andy). Miranda and Andy have obviously been caring for this man for many years but he continues to go against their advice. Andy says “I told you so” approximately a million times, but Carson maintains his cheerful, buddy-buddy attitude with his doctors, not taking their concerns very seriously.


At Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Freshman Christy Martinez is finishing up a phone call when she’s approached by her friend, a bubbly blonde with huge peace-sign earrings (really?!? in 2009???). They’re planning their afternoon when Christy starts wheezing and reaches into her bag for her asthma inhaler. Unable to find it in time, she collapses.

Christy is brought to Three Rivers where Dr. Reed meets her in the Emergency Room. She orders an intubation for Christy, but the young woman refuses the treatment, instead asking for the less invasive BPAP. Christy is knowledgeable about her condition and prepared to make her own treatment decisions.

Back in Boston, Daniel’s mom, Ruth Noonan, is mourning at his bedside. She expresses anger at the man who caused the car accident and then ran away. “People like that don’t deserve to live,” she says. Daniel is in fact brain dead. The hospital representative informs her that Daniel was a registered organ donor and Ruth is not surprised. “He was a good boy,” she says for the first but not the last time in this episode. Ruth collapses in tears at the knowledge that her son has been taken from her.


Back at 3R, Dr. Jordan is continuing Ryan’s tour, introducing him to the gang. She pulls Miranda aside to clarica about Miranda’s personalty faults (rude, short-tempered) to her face as Andy smirks and grimaces and eye-sexes the crap out of Dr. Jordan in the background (see above .gif). Some further clarica about Miranda is given by David and Ryan – Miranda’s father was a pioneer in the field of transplant medicine, he died last year, and he and Miranda were not close. For the second episode in a row (whichever way you look at it) David tells Ryan to get him some food from a local restaurant. How Dr. Lee maintains his figure with all those cheesesteaks, french fries and cinnamon rolls — well, I’m not judging but I am jealous!


In an exam room, Dr. Jordan visits with her patient, Ben Parnell, who is undergoing kidney dialysis. His family has wished him well and left for the day, as he has been admitted for his treatment. Across the hall, it is revealed that Carson needs double-bypass surgery, and according to Andy, Carson should call his family for help recovering from this major surgery. However, unlike Ben, Carson isn’t much of a family man.

Meanwhile, Christy has crashed so Lisa has no choice but to intubate her and send her up to the surgical floor. Andy and Lisa examine Christy, determining she needs a double-lung transplant. Christy’s father Manuel arrives, and demonstrates his knowledge of Christy’s condition by asking for some very specific test results. He discloses that Christy had a rare type of lung cancer, which was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. She also had pneumonia, all of which explain why her lungs are in such poor shape though she is only 18 years old. Out of the exam room, Andy expresses dismay that Christy has only been in remission from her cancer for three years – patients need to be cancer free for at least five years before they can be considered for a transplant.


In the transplant committee meeting, Andy presents Christy’s case. He wants to make an exception to the five year rule, but Dr. Jordan can easily explain why the policy is a good one — the immuno-suppressant drugs transplant patients must take in order for their bodies to accept new organs makes it likely the cancer will come back. Christy will die anyway, and the lungs could have been given to a patient with a greater chance of success. Andy breaks the bad news to Manuel and Christy who are obviously distraught. Andy works the eyebrows, begging Christy to fight for her life while he tries to find a way to help her.


Back on the floor, Ryan has accepted an offer on Daniel’s kidneys for Ben. He, Miranda and David plan their trip to Boston while Andy asks about Daniel’s lungs. Apparently they were damaged in the crash, so were not preferred for transplant, with other patient and hospitals turning them down. Andy makes the case for Christy – she can’t be given lungs good enough for another patient, but could she be given lungs no one else wants?

Dr. Jordan tells Ben the good news about the kidney – he is overcome with emotion at the idea of never having to undergo dialysis again and being free to spend more time with his wife and daughters.

Miranda checks in with Carson before she leaves for Boston and meets Carson’s son Jeremy, who is obviously uncomfortable in his father’s presence. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other as Jeremy appears to be in his early twenties, Carson observes “you’ve gotten tall!” Jeremy calls Carson a pathetic excuse for a father as Miranda intervenes, asking Jeremy to understand that Carson’s heart problems could be further aggravated by a confrontation, so Jeremy leaves. Andy then visits with Carson, and encourages the older man to try again and make the most of the years he has left. Carson takes Andy’s advice, but the relationship with Jeremy is strained and difficult.


In Boston, the unfortunate reveal: Miranda expects Ryan to have some medical training, preparing the organs for travel back to Pittsburgh. However, Ryan was hired to be an administrative assistant, and has no medical training. Miranda is shocked nearly speechless.

As the operation to retrieve Daniel’s organs is about to begin, the doctors are called out of the OR to speak with a police detective. The detective pulls out Daniel’s “Faith” keychain, stating that it belonged to a murder victim and since it was FAHNED in Daniel’s CAH (cause we’re in Boston now, remember?) it makes him the primary suspect in the MURDAH. Ruth hears this and is distraught. Christy and Ben’s lives hang in the balance.


The detectives determine that Daniel is indeed their murderer and the doctors are allowed to proceed. Miranda and Andy conclude the lungs could work for Christy. Miranda will bring them in just in case Andy gets permission to do the surgery, which he does. Andy explains the situation to Manuel and Christy. Manuel is unhappy but Christy, now 18 and in charge of her own medical decisions, wants to go ahead with the transplant, even though the lungs are damaged and not necessarily a permanent solution.

Ben and Christy are prepped for surgery as Ryan, Miranda and David return to Pittsburgh. Their progress is stopped as a bomb threat has closed all the bridges into downtown. Ryan saves the day by arranging for the police to escort the ambulance, and the organs are rushed into the hospital.

Miranda returns to the surgical floor to find Carson’s heart has stopped due to a stroke. She does her best to revive him, but is unsuccessful. She comforts a confused and mourning Jeremy.


Andy and Pam perform Christy’s lung transplant as Lisa watches from the observation room. Scenes from Daniel and Christy’s lives intermingle as his lung becomes part of her body and she breathes with it for the first time.

David comes to tell Ben’s family that his surgery was also a success. They all hug with happiness.

Miranda is feeling melancholy over Carson’s death when Andy joins her on what in real life would be the smoker’s deck. They talk about this and that, and Miranda admits how Carson and Jeremy’s situation mirrors her own. She needles Andy about his home life, and they are joined by David, who declares today “a good day,” thinking of Ben and Christy, and Andy agrees.


Some time later, Ruth visits 3R to meet Christy. She runs into Andy by the memorial wall of donors and is comforted by the fact that Daniel will be remembered here as someone who saved lives, not as a murderer.


There are a number of moving scenes in this episode: Watching Ruth Noonan struggle with the loss of her son and having to face the unfortunate facts about his life; the efforts of Carson and Jeremy to find a new relationship, but running out of time; Ben Parnell wore his heart on his sleeve for his wife and daughters and lived for them. But for me, the most moving part of this episode is seeing the success of Christy breathing with Daniel’s lung for the first time. If that moment doesn’t inspire people to strongly consider organ donation, I’m not sure what will.

General information on Organ Donation: Becoming a Donor (Organ, Understanding Donation (Donate Life), Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life.

If you are not yet a registered organ donor, please consider doing so. You can register here for USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, France and Germany .

Now how about some pictures of this beautiful, complicated episode?

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on “Ryan’s First Day.”


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  1. So…I don’t get it…what happened to the real first episode? Or second episode…or whatever number episode? Is that why they’re numbered so weirdly in iTunes? I thought maybe the reason the ‘first episode’ already had Ryan was because it was the Pilot so was introducing all the characters, before the official first day….?

    • Marly, the episodes are really screwed up. Why? Who knows!! I really don’t understand either.

      The real orig pilot was never aired, just like with Moonlight they recast the entire show except Alex. Then the next “pilot” was aired as episode #9. Then the first two episodes that did air, were apparently flipped. It’s like some kind of new math. I was never good at math. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • You ask a great question. I watched TR live when it first aired, and all we heard at the time was, the Net was unsure that this ep, “Ryan’s first day”, was strong enough to open the series. A pilot had been shot, and shelved, and this was the reworked, reshoot of that pilot (Critics had not loved the main transplant story,or at least had not liked how it was told in the oroginal pilot. That ep will rise from the dead later on in ESS’s rewatch schedule, so stay tuned ). However, apparently, upon seeing this reworking of the pilot, the Net was still not in love, so the execs decided to air the ep we discussed last week first, and then to air this ep second. Which once you see the eps, makes no sense. I think they should have had more faith in themselves and aired this as planned. It clearly reads as an intro, and it just confused people by coming on after Ryan had already gone on a donor run. And the bugs that needed to be worked out in this show were not fixed by swapping these eps, so just weird, but then I am not a Network exec, so what do I know?

      Btw, so you know it is not just a 5-0 phenom, by this ep there were fandom clashes already. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Fans of Kate Moenning, who so brilliantly plays Miranda, began hating on Alex on the show’s page at CBS. They wanted her to have equal time to Alex on each ep, which never happened, of course. Alex fans fought back w/ ugly stuff about Kate. Kate fans vowed to stop watching Show. Blah blah blah. It was awful and unpleasant. Sigh. Daniel Henney fans were rather polite as I recall. They wanted him to get more time, too, but they were thrilled he got a big American tv role, and they did not hate on Alex (or Kate) to promote their guy. Fandom… whatcha gonna do? ๐Ÿ˜€

      Awesome picspam of an ep that I enjoyed very much! I felt like Show settled in with this one, but I was puzzled at the odd order and felt the switch was not only unnecessary but damaging. Andy with that lung girl was to die for and I really fell for Daniel here too. The food thing with his character made me totes adore him… I love food too. I wanted every damn thing Dr. David was having. Including the proximity to Dr. Andy. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Wow, seriously with the fandom clashes? Don’t people understand the order of roles? The MAIN character vs supporting characters? I mean, it’s ok to want your favorite to have more screen time, but I agree with Daniel Henney’s fans…. appreciate what you have. These actors signed on for these roles, as they are and that was good enough for them. You can’t make it something it’s not.

        I’m sorry we didn’t see more of what Dr. Lee was going to order up. FUCBS.

      • They aired Firefly out of order and that show suffered the same fate. Why the networks invest so much money and time into a show and then doom it from the start is beyond me.

      • GNP, thanks for this highly insightful comment, especially about fandom clashes. Anyone who thinks fans clashing is a Five-0 only phenomenon is just inexperienced with fandom (in my opinion). And this goes back farther than just the time of internet fandom. Anyway. It’s par for the course.

        I totally agree with you this episode would have been a fine pilot. In the long run, what could it have hurt to air it first, anyway? Oh well…

      • Kate Moenning has fans???

        I KID, I KID!!!! LOL. She did annoy me at first, but eventually I started liking her. Talk about wishing for a hair tie!

        • She did need one. And so did Emily Proctor when she showed up on CSI: Miami a billion years ago, there were articles written about her loose flowing hair in a lab. Old story, time to move on. Hollywood is unrealistic, and sometimes that’s annoying.

          • Since I mentioned her need for a hair net a year and a half ago on Sardonic, yeah, I guess it’s an old story.

          • As far as I can tell, in a lab, in surgery or working in a restaurant, yes a hair tie is appropriate but making rounds in the hospital not really. Kind of up to the person, just like being out in the the fields of NK. Kind of a scooter issue anyway lol..

        • I think she needed a hairbrush more than a hair tie! lol. Pam’s hair was down but no one complained there…oh maybe she didn’t have enough fans….or anti-fans. Hehe.

    • Hi Marly — we will get to the “pilot” eventually, as others have explained — I also thought this was a good “first” episode, considering it’s often a TV cliche for a show to start with a new lawyer joining a firm, or the rookie cop, etc. It’s a good way to explain the show’s universe to the new audience. But if we can put Ryan’s jumping around aside, I think this episode had a great deal going for it, with the transplant storyline and the Coach Carson b-plot as well.

      • Oh absolutely! Aside from the Ryan fiasco, there was plenty going well. I especially liked the Coach Carson story. How tough it must have been for him to reach out to his son and then how sad for his son to lose him like that. Every time I watch this episode I hope that his son earned a measure of forgiveness for his father in this one day. It also is a good reminder, even if it is a bit cliche, it’s also so damn true…. We’re not promised tomorrow, forgive today and move on. โค

  2. Thank you for another very well-written blog about TR. You (The H50BAMF authors) are fantastic at achieving just the right balance between the enjoyable fun stuff (Excellent choice of pics and gifs of gorgeous Dr. Andy – especially the one with the “eye-brow sexing” :-)) and some serious “food for thought” about organ donation. I sure hope none of the readers miss those two sentences in the ‘END’ section: “The most moving part of this episode is seeing the success of Christy breathing with Danielโ€™s lung for the first time. If that moment doesnโ€™t inspire people to strongly consider organ donation, Iโ€™m not sure what will.” – I totally agree with you on that!

    • Angie, thank you so much. Here at H50BAMF, we try to strike a good balance. Happy to hear we achieve it. I’m thankful Alex did this wonderful show so that we can enjoy it with our fellow fans. What a treat!

    • It’s kind of a shame that for realism Pam & Andy have to be wearing masks so we can’t see their faces — the show was smart to put Lisa in the observation room so we could see her emotion. But I like how Andy “enjoys the moment” and Pam teasing him about it — his surgeon’s ego is very much there, but handled with charm & humor.

      • I really loved the dynamic between Pam and Andy. Not sexual at all, and even though she was an OR nurse, he didn’t treat her as an underling, he respected her both as a friend and co-worker. *sigh* so much goodness in this show. FUCBS!!!

      • “his surgeonโ€™s ego is very much there, but handled with charm & humor.” – that made me giggle because #1 it’s true about Andy and I could be wrong but it also seems to be very true about Alex IRL.

  3. Another great recap! It is so much fun to watch the show again and to read what you guys come up with about it. And I love your picture choice. Not that you could go wrong with any Andy picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

    TR never shied away from asking tough questions during their run, that another part I really liked. Organ transplantation is not something you decide on a whim. And I think TR did a really great job to show every aspect of it. They weren’t gung ho about about people becoming an organ donor, but tried to respect every decision. Most people simply can’t decide what to do because they only see the negative press about yet another scandal. They are lacking real information about it. Sometimes I think it is still a taboo to even talk about it. I think it was really great that TR did not paint organ donation in glorious colors. But showed both sides, the heart wrenching decision to let a loved one go, and the overwhelming feeling of getting a second chance at life.

    I really enjoyed this episode and think it would have been a good first episode. But best not to think about the order of the show, I think they were screwed over by the network from the very beginning. Sometimes it felt they were made to fail.

    And thank you for the picture of SpongeBob, now seeing Ryan I will always think of him as Spongebob. LOL But you’re right it does fit.

    • “TR never shied away from asking tough questions during their run, that another part I really liked. ” – I agree! and it’s one of the things that I love about the show. There’s some really good controversial stuff coming up. GREAT for conversation!

      Also agree there is still a lot of misinformation or lack of information out there. Sad, CBS had a chance to make a difference and they chose to fold too soon.

    • Thanks for your comment Sam! Organ donation is an uncomfortable topic! Like doing a will, or estate planning, no one wants to think about their own death in practical terms. That’s why 3R was so great — it put a human face on the subject, making it easier to talk about. You could talk about the story.

  4. I always wondered why in this episode is the first day of Ryan, if we had already known him previously. Thanks for solving my doubt!
    A very difficult case in this episode and many emotions welling.
    Thanks for your recaps, are fabulous and I’m sure that in addition to show a great work of Alex, will be a great way to raise awareness of organ donation.

  5. I’m really enjoying this summer 3R recap. Love those photos – how can anyone refuse Andy anything!! I actually think Alex is the reason for global warming, even the ice can’t resist his smile and charm!!

    I love Alex as Andy – it’s like watching a flower open seeing the emotional range that he shows (and it only gets better!) The stories were well written and each scene flowed so beautifully. Organ donation is a very hard decision, not because you don’t want to help another, but because the raw emotions of loss and hurt are so strong you can’t think straight.

    As much as I regret the cancellation of both Moonlight and 3R I’m happy that Alex got to stretch his acting chops to give us Seve, who’s a combo of the BAMF, sweet and sensitive of Mick and Andy.

    Can’t wait for next week!!

    • Oh I could have easily watched more years of Mick and Dr. Andy. There was a darker side to both characters that was just being touched on when both shows were cancelled. So much untapped potential. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. As usual, I looked at the pics only (not really interested in the stories anymore in 3 R), anyway, that last gif is hilarious! I never spotted that tiny fist bump! Great catch Ess, also the other moments with Alexยดs expressive face, just lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Paula keeping it real for us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol.

      That gif was damn hard to make but I knew I had to get it!!! such a sly little gesture and that faaaaace!!

  7. Thanks for a wonderful recap!

    The recap (incl pics) is as good as Dr Andy is a dream (Andy as a character and Alex as the actor)! ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing that made me curious is the โ€œmemorial wallโ€ they have at Three Rivers with the names of all the donors, is that something just for the TV show or is it how it is done in the US? Here it would be illegal to publicize the name of donors (only time when the donor is known to the recipient, or anyone else, is when it is a living relative that donates for instance a kidney or part of liver).

    Somewhere along the line I’d be happy to see a list of the order the episodes were supposed to be aired in, or were written in, so it would be possible to see them in that order (on a rainy day or something).

    Already looking forward to next episode (even if I have no idea when Iโ€™ll be able to see the episode or read the recap and the comments)!

    • The donor wall – good question KarinA! I honestly don’t know. My organization works transplants but I’m not at the clinical site so I’m not sure if they have one or not. I’m sure if they have a name up there (if it’s true) they must have family’s permission.

    • Karin – Many hospitals have an organ donor wall. In my research, I found some hospitals that decided to do it because donor families would send photos and other memento’s to the hospital to let the staff know a little bit of information about the donor. One hospital in Texas was putting those photo’s up in an employee lounge and so many of the staff were touched by it that they decided to fully memorialize the donors with a public donor wall. I am sure that they only put donors names up with the approval of the family.

      • Thanks for the info!
        This just shows how different the same matter can be approached due to where you come from.
        In this specific question the difference in total population might be part of the answer as I live in a country with a population of about 9.5 million, and therefore it will probably be easy to identify each recipients donor if the donors names were to be “official” and that is perhaps not always what either recipient or donor (or rather the donors families) wants (even though I’m sure that there are many who would like to know who donated/received).

  8. Terrific recap! Really highlighted all the poignant aspect of the show and the deliciousness of Dr. Andy! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to see Alex as a different character with a different situation and see that it does it just as well as he does his other roles. Such a talented guy. The empathy that he shows for Christy is amazing.

    I like how they showed right away in this one that medical decisions are up to the patient. That can be a hard thing for doctors and really anyone else to accept, but that’s reality.

    The flirting between Andy and Lisa was perfect, and I felt like I was in on the beginning of “something,” as well as in on the clues that they dropped about Rena. That is so like Andy, to stay focused on his wife even though she isn’t so interested in him anymore.

    • “Alex is a talented guy” – truth ๐Ÿ™‚

      I like how they showed right away in this one that medical decisions are up to the patient. That can be a hard thing for doctors and really anyone else to accept, but thatโ€™s reality.” – YES! doctors and staff are just like us and have their preferences and ideas about what is acceptable and probably moreso because they see it every day. Yet the bottom line is every patient has the right to decide their own treatment. The doctor can merely give them their options. The problem comes in when the docs aren’t really truthful or forthcoming with ALL treatment options. Been a victim of that several times…it’s hard because I want to defend the medical world but at the same time I know there are times when it’s indefensible.

    • Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜† the Andy/Lisa flirting, yeah it’s obvious there’s some “there” there, no matter what he says about Rena. I mean, props for saying you’ll check with her before you take off for an out of town weekend with friends, but I don’t think he’s fooling Pam in the least bit!!

      • The Andy/Lisa thing is kinda realistic in that even being happily married doesn’t mean you won’t ever ‘connect’ with someone else (connect being a chemistry thing, not a physical hookup). It just means you know your boundaries and keep them in place. Andy/Lisa had chemistry, they had a connection but Andy at this point was all about getting back with Rena so it was a non-issue.

  9. It’s a good thing that the schedule in Germany was a little bit messed up and I got to watch this ep before the ‘pilot’ of last week. This way I could fully enjoy Ryans rather clumsy first day ๐Ÿ™‚

    This ep really had the (for me) emotional punch at the end of the ep when the mother asks if her son would find a place on the wall too.

    For me it meant, even if you made your own life miserable by being a terrible kind of human being at the end of it all you can do good. It may not redeem you, it may not make you a better human being as such, what it makes you though is a life-saver that one time. While one can’t respect, understand or accept the actions of what they did in the living, one can respect & accept the decision for doing that.

    Christy was another character that really moved me. So young, yet so determined. She understands her Dad’s worries, but she’s right, it is her life & she should make the decisions. I loved Andy’s emotional investment into that case, his fight for her & going against what has originally been ruled about concerning a transplantation for her. You can see that he has a lot of respect for the young lady. I held my breath until she took her first breath with her new lungs.

    Another great recap & looking forward to the next one ๐Ÿ˜€

    • “This ep really had the (for me) emotional punch at the end of the ep when the mother asks if her son would find a place on the wall too.” – YES!! this was a special moment for me too. I think his name deserved to be up there. Like you said, it may not redeem him from what he did….but THIS part of his life, THIS MOMENT he did the right thing and it saved lives. He deserves to be remembered for the good he did also though I’m sure the family of Faith may not agree… understandably.

    • Ryan’s “first day” where we learn he has no medical experience! But luckily there is a bomb threat (this episode was really SO busy) so he could prove his worth & save the day!

      Thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s great to be able to discuss these shows with you.

      • He was definitely amazing the way he found a way to get the lungs to them. He may not have medical experience, but he has street smarts & knows how to use them ๐Ÿ™‚

        I can give the compliment right back. It’s fun to share our POV’s, discuss the differences & completely enjoy it all. Both with you and Ess ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “He may not have medical experience, but he has street smarts & knows how to use them ” – good point Jess! If memory serves, we see his street smarts several times with great results.

  10. Thank you for a great post!! You guys are probably in the process of creating the best source on 3R: recaps + pic spam + info on the medical things (also the links you put in to explain the medical terms in more detail). But what I love most is fun, and thereโ€™s much of it here, no matter the serious subject. Now Iโ€™ll never think of poor Ryan in other terms than SpongeSquarePants ๐Ÿ˜€ .

    This epi happened to be the very first I saw of 3R โ€“ and it felt like I was watching a pilot, not like a second (or whichever actually) epi. One thing intrigued me: I missed a clarica on how come that Daniel the good boy was actually a bad boy. I was curious about the motive of the murder.

    Also, if I didnโ€™t know that H50 Michael is Dr Lee, I wouldnโ€™t recognise him. Maybe itโ€™s because of Michaelโ€™s ugly p/rn moustache, but also, he pulled such scary evil grins as Michael and yet he smiles ever so nicely as Dr Lee. Or maybe I need a new pair of glasses. Luckily, my glasses are still good enough for me to enjoy the pic spam ๐Ÿ™‚ . A very {{fingertwitch}}y pic spam. Thanks again for all this!!

    • Yeah, I was a bit curious about Daniel too….but I guess that would have been a completely different TV show. lol. That would have been for Five-0 to figure out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Calling Steve McGarrett!!!

      Dr. Lee and Michael Noshimuri are two very diff characters as played by Daniel Henney. Brilliantly done.

      • I must admit, I was also wondering about Daniel. It’s not the point, so I wasn’t following very closely, but I am not sure a “faith” bracelet is enough information to pronounce him the murderer. I also can’t figure out why they needed to stop surgery. Indeed, ESS, where’s Steve McGarrett when you need him?

    • Thanks Marnov! Henny’s a great actor. If I didn’t know it was the same guy, I would never guess. His smiles are so happy in 3R. When he smiled on H50, it gave me the creeps!!

  11. Thanks for the excellent recap! I really enjoyed this show, despite the crazy episode line up in the beginning! All the Doctor Andy pic spam is drool worthy! Mahalo! โค

  12. Hey JK Thank you THANK YOU for an incredible recap and a stunning collection of pictures. Alex was almost unbearably beautiful as DR Andy as if he was lit from within. This is, in a way because of. how invoved he was with such a marvellous cause as Organ donation and how deeply he became “DR ANDY” My opionion of course.
    I am so glad I bought the THREE RIVERS dvds and more importantly that i became a card carrying Organ Donor because of Alex

    • It’s heart breaking to see Alex’s interviews regarding this show and to know how quickly it ended. He believed in this character, in this show SO. VERY. MUCH. I mean, it engulfed him….my heart breaks for him….and for us.

  13. One of the many things I enjoy about Alex is the way he feels for his shows and characters. I think it did break his heart to leave Mick and especially Andy behind. Yet he stuck with CBS which is a testament to his commitment to be a working actor.

    Another issue about losing this show is that I believe we would get a lot more Face time on talk shows and in interviews. The press seems to stay away from Hawaii. Good for AOL, bad for fan girls. He puts in such long hours that they have to go to him. IDK, maybe he wants less publicity.

    Last comment is about the fan hate stuff. H50 is my first fandom social media follow so I never knew about all this stuff. I will hang in there but don’t plan to get “involved” with another show to this extent. Well I guess until AOL goes to the next show but only for him. :-/


    • We are lucky that Alex & CBS finally stuck it out through the tough times until they found a successful formula. We got Moonlight, 3R, Back Up Plan & H50 out of this partnership – and hopefully more some day.

  14. Had to come back and reread and perv on the pics some more. Just. Awesome. *happy sigh* ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Great recap, Steph – and your tags are killing me. How have we been friends for so many years and I never knew what your OTP was???? LOL!

    On a serious note – I do love that we are recapping 3R in a way that highlights organ donation. As I write that, I realize it may sound weird, but so many people probably watched this show and never truly “got” the message. They watched for the entertainment of it all and never put the pieces together to “see” what 3R was trying to do. It was a truly inspired way to have a hospital drama also be a public service announcement.

    • “On a serious note โ€“ I do love that we are recapping 3R in a way that highlights organ donation. As I write that, I realize it may sound weird, but so many people probably watched this show and never truly โ€œgotโ€ the message.” – me too! Thank you my friends for helping to put that message first in the recaps and thanks to all the commenters and readers for really getting into the drama of the story as well as enjoying the pretty. I’m enjoying the thoughts and ideas that everyone is bringing to the table! You all are amazing…. โค

  16. I just finished watching this one–still sniffling a little. There, I admitted it. Haven’t re-watched the first one yet. I’d say I’m doing it backwards, but really it would be in order–sort of. I just discovered I can watch Netflix at work, so now I’ll be able to keep up with the weekly re-watch. I’ve only watched a few of the episodes in the past, so pretty soon it will all be new to me. I just couldn’t get into it the first time around. I think it’s too emotional. I still want to shy away from it because of that, but I also want to watch it as a fan of Alex.

    On a lighter note, can you believe I’ve lived an hour away from Pittsburgh my entire life, and go there a good bit–since a lot of our doctors are there–and I have never had Primanti’s yet? They even put in another one a half hour from my house. I keep telling my husband we have to go at least once. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And before you ask, I missed out when Alex was here. I didn’t know until after he was gone. I kick myself every time I think about it.

    • Lorraine, some episodes are difficult to watch for sure. I think that’s the point. As glossy as Three Rivers gets at times, at it’s core it really tries to bring home the reality of these stories and whenever someone has to die, well it’s going to be different levels of difficult. So happy you’re joining in with us! We’re trying very hard to post no big spoilers in advance so hopefully you and all the others that are watching some eps for the first time will get to be surprised and hopefully thrilled.

      WHAT?? Even I’ve heard of Primanti brothers! lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Great recap SJ!
    As others said already this episode should have been the first.

    That people aren’t necessary all bad, they can make a difference in others lifes with their death like Daniel. And they should also remembered for the good things.

    Christy, a strong young and cancer survivor who stand up to fight again for her life with the help of a bright doctor that never gives up even when the chances are so small.

    The pic spam is very eye candy again. Thank you.

  18. So finally got down to read this weeks blog! Busy weekend, but managed to get the 3R viewing in. First off, there were fan wars with this show? On one hand, I guess I’m happy to hear its not just H50, but also sad in the WTF kind of way. I’m one of those, if I like a show, I like it no matter what they throw at it (barring MAJOR cast changes). So I don’t get the wars at all. Plus, I tend to get super worked up when people start bashing a show I really love, and its hard for me to stay quiet.

    Anyway, back to the subject. When I first watched the series, I was VERY confused at the order, I even thought I screwed up watching the order. Then I figured CBS swapped these two eps for whatever nutso non justifiable reason, as CBS is known to do. Now, reading these comments/blog, I find out this ep wasn’t even the pilot! So I give up, luckily the series is enjoyable no matter what ep you watch when. So once more with feeling: FUCBS

    I really liked how they intertwined the stories, and the donor was the “bad guy” so to speak. So many great scenes to note, which have been mentioned here many times. I think my favorite is at the end when Andy is talking to the donors mother about the wall, right before she met Christy. I don’t usually go for sappy stuff, but maybe it was just the whole episode being pretty emotional and building up to that, but it was extremely moving. That would be the good writing at work, along with the excellent acting bringing it to life.

    • ” Iโ€™m one of those, if I like a show, I like it no matter what they throw at it (barring MAJOR cast changes). So I donโ€™t get the wars at all. Plus, I tend to get super worked up when people start bashing a show I really love, and its hard for me to stay quiet.” – same thing here, Duff.

      I also liked how they make the goody guy a ‘bad guy’. It was a nice twist…because you can’t be both bad AND good, can you? Hmmmm… Well done, show.

      I think the end with Andy talking to the Mom and the Mom finding a little happiness and maybe ONE good feeling about her dead son was the winner to me too.

      Glad you got time to watch and comment! Hope to see you again on Sunday…or whatever day you can get to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi! So late to this party. RL has been, not a koala, exactly, just hella busy. (The A’s have been winning a lot of games and it is hard for me to turn off baseball.) Great recap, JK!

    Speaking of OTP, I’m thinking it’s Andy + his hair. I know I commented before, but sweet jaysus does he look pretty in this show. Dang.

    OK, to the show. First, I agree that this episode would have made a great pilot. I really liked meeting Ryan in this way, and the backstory about Miranda and her dad wouldn’t have seemed so redundant if we saw this first. Who is Rena? What? Also, their Boston accents were so exaggerated that I was really happy to get back to Pittsburgh. I realize, two episodes in, that Show might be a little ambitious. I wanted more of all of them: Carson, Kristy and her dad, and Daniel. Trying to tell stories about the donors, donees and the doctors/nurses is starting to feel like a bit too much. I think that is why I am looking forward to the continuation of the story of Kuol. We get to know him more than we do the rest of the patients. That, I think, will be wonderful.

    Two more things. (1) Why does everyone talk so slowly? I feel like they need to Aaron Sorkin this bad boy. and (2) I am apparently in the minority, but I really like Miranda/Kat Moening. (Not that we have to have wars over it. Sheesh, people. It’s a TV show and Dr. Andy is clearly the main character. Again, I say, sheesh.) I think she’s kind of hot–hair tie not withstanding!–but I also like that she is not defined by the men in her life, as we so seldom see on TV. Kono is great for this, too, incidentally. And there you have a gay girls view…

  20. Steph you did a great job! Recaps like these (from you both) are things I think Alex would be proud of. He might have lost the show prematurely but the love for it from his fans carry the important message further.
    Sorry I am so late on commenting here. Think I was the first to read it on Sunday and wanted to give others chance to comment and now everything has been said! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Fans used to scream about a Moonlight movie, but I think a WELL WRITTEN Three Rivers movie, could be something great and something worth while to see! Not only for the cause but also for Alex to play. As much as I like BAMF Alex, I just love this “angelic” Dr. with the rough edges that he created here……

    • The more I rewatch Three Rivers the more I do see Andy as a BAMF. Just a different kind. He works just as hard for his patients as he does for justice …but this time with better hair and a stethoscope. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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