Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers “Place of Life” epi 1 #AlexOLoughlin #DanielHenney

Thank you for joining us here at H50BAMF for a watch and discussion of Three Rivers.  I have great love for this show and Dr. Andy.  For one, I think show gave Alex room to really stretch his acting muscles and 2, I work in the medical profession and to see and hear Alex in “my world”, is hella exciting.  It may be stupid, but I love hearing him say hypertrophic cardiomyopathy! lol.  Last but not least, these are stories worth telling, lessons worth learning and discussions worth having…even if they are a bit glossed over for mainstream TV viewing.  These recaps will be in a different format than you’re used to us doing here.  We want to be informative, respectful of the stories and subject matter and still try to sneak in a little fun too.  How can we not??  Hope you enjoy.


Donor: Mahmoud – husband, father, construction foreman

Recipient: Terry – wife, mother-to-be

Transplant type – Heart

Medical dilemma – Donor’s family has doubts that the doctors did everything they could to save their father because they want to harvest his organs for donation. Recipient is 28 wks pregnant and has a rare blood type that may keep her on the list for months before a suitable donor is matched. The doctors and staff are working against a ticking clock to procure the organ in time to save one patient while trying to be understanding that the donor’s family has just had the worst day of their life and that the donation has to be a “gift” and not coerced in any way.


On a building construction site we have a new guy, fresh from several years in the Army working his first job and making a few mistakes. Afraid he’s about to get the can from his boss, Mahmoud he learns that his new boss is fair and encouraging. Unfortunately this is just before the boss walks the plank (literally) which breaks beneath his weight and he falls several stories to his untimely death. We’ve just met our first Donor.


At Three Rivers we meet Andy and Ryan (Chris Hanke) who are in a discussion about liver regeneration and they meet up with Dr. Lee (Daniel Henney…rawwwr) and Dr. Jordan (Alfre Woodard) in a transitional walk between scenes much like the halls of H50 HQ. In the group discussion we find out #1, Ryan doesn’t have much medical knowledge, #2 Dr. Lee is a player but also graduated top of his medical class, #3 Dr. Andy is hot, adorable and has a problem keeping a schedule. (much like our Alex in real life :))


We meet Miranda (Katherine Moennig) who we quickly learn is a no-nonsense kind of gal and sends Andy off to speak to Dr. Lisa Reed (Amber Clayton and Alex’s real life ex-gf) Maybe it’s because they dated off screen, but I immediately felt something between Lisa and Andy right away. She makes him smile in that way Cath makes McG smile. 🙂 Lisa tells him there’s a guy in the ER who insists on speaking only with him…. Which tells us right away, this man is smart!  As such, we are introduced to my 2nd fave character on the show…


Kuol (Owiso Odero) is from Ethiopia and has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and has been given less than 6 months to live. He’s come to Three Rivers in search of “the Great Dr. Andy Yablonsky”. Yeah well, get in line Kuol!!

The wife of Lisa’s patient, who is with child, faints and Andy rushes in to help and we’ve just met our first recipient. After stabilizing her they rush her up to the ICU to make sure the baby is ok. (what is it about women being knocked up all around Alex??? It’s gotta be the eye-sexing)

01 Place of Life (HD)_2[21-57-48]

Oh, hello Dr. Lee! Dr. Lee decides to quiz young Transplant Coordinator Ryan on his anatomy knowledge then asks him to run to the bakery to supply their morning meeting….complete with an extra cinnamon roll because Andy always eats Dr. Lee’s. (I wish I was a cinnamon roll so they could fight over me. Truth)

Miranda gets assigned the case of Auden Drinkwater, a quiet boy who had a case of the vomitous while spelling word I can’t even type at his local spelling bee. Auden’s family is a well connected family and Miranda is asked to give “the velvet glove treatment”. Yeahhhh… Let’s just say Miranda doesn’t have the best bedside manner and doesn’t like playing the “who’s special” game. Dr. Jordan urges her to look past her own family experience and not let it hinder her in making pt diagnosis. We learn Miranda’s achille’s heel is her relationship with her absent father who spent his time at the hospital instead of with his family. Taking Dr. Jordan’s words to heart, she’s able to determine Auden is suffering from a metabolic disorder called PICA. It’s not always about family…


At the staff meeting, Dr. Lee makes a profound statement, “Donuts make people happy and happy is healthy.” Now I want to hug him….with my thighs. (Which have benefited from a few donuts in their time…but I digress). Andy comes bursting into the room with news of his patient Terry, the mother who passed out in the ER. She’s 28 wks pregnant and has peri-partum cardiomyopathy. He recommends putting in a VAD (ventricular assist device) to help her survive until a heart is available. Due to her blood type there’s a low risk of them finding a heart in time to help her and the baby. Andy rushes out to advise his patient but not before….you guessed it…stealing Dr. Lee’s cinnamon roll! I love these guys already!! (FU PLenkov!!)


Andy lays out the reality for Terry and husband. She needs a new heart in the near future but the VAD should get her to term, “in a perfect world”. Terry says, “what are we waiting for?” (I’ll try to refrain from making the obvious ‘remove your pants’ jokes as often as possible but I can’t promise I won’t make ANY)


Back to my favorite guys, Andy and Kuol, I love that Kuol begins his plight to make Andy more hip and up to date starting with his ringtones 🙂 while Andy is trying to keep Kuol up to date on his condition and tries to convince him that there are other doctors and other hospitals (who specialize in hardship cases) but Kuol stops him and tells the story of his life. Albeit a bit cliché…sadly, it’s an all too real story for some young men. “At 6, my camp was burned down and for a year I survived in the desert eating what I could find. Then in the refugee camps, I watched boys just like me die every day. I made it here because I know how to survive and I’m here at Three Rivers so the great Dr. Andy Yablonsky can save me.” *TEARS* and for the first of MANY times, we get the patented Alex emo eyes and expression and maybe it’s my love for Kuol and Alex’s emo face, but as many times as I’ve seen it, this scene is still fresh and new and very powerful. Because being a BAMF is not always about kicking ass, Dr. Andy steps easily into our hero role, armed with stethoscope and labcoat, he accepts the challenge…


In the O.R. Andy gets news that (Mahmoud’s) heart was just offered to them as a match to Terry. He stops the insertion of the VAD and tells her husband he has to make a choice right now. Go with the VAD but roll the dice as to when they’ll get a heart or accept the heart and have to do a C-section. “A new baby and a new heart all in the same day.” Wow, what a decision to make huh? And you thought you were just going to the ER to get your forehead stitched up!


When Mahmoud’s daughter arrives she thinks that her dad could be in a coma and that maybe they didn’t do everything they could have for her dad because they wanted his organs for donation. She asks for a second opinion that her dad is really gone. When Dr. Lee and Ryan arrive they find out that the donation has been put on hold. Ryan, being the newbie tries to reason with the daughter and family, which is a really big no-no! Poor Ryan, his heart is in the right place… It makes sense. A pregnant woman needs a heart. What bigger need is there than that? But Dr. Lee pulls him away and lays down the truth about organ donation. “It has to be a gift.”


Just when Andy gets the news that the heart is going to be delayed, Terry crashes again. Damn, could her day get any worse? Oh I guess it can. Andy sits down with the husband and explains Terry went without oxygen and may have some brain damage. He recommends the immediate c-section in case Terry doesn’t make it and this scene I’m not going to go into a long McNerd about what an amazing actor Alex is because honestly I just can’t find the words. You know. You feel it.

life and death

Mahmoud’s daughter finds Ryan and tells him of the hurdles her father has overcome and why she reacted the way she did but in the end he’d want to help so she agrees to let him have the organs. So as we see him detached from his life support systems and preparing for end of life processes, the heartbreak of one family contrasts against the joy of another as a new life begins with the delivery of Terry’s baby via c-section. Things get a little “TV Glossy” here as Andy wakes Terry up and patches her through via TV to her newborn son and husband in the NICU, introducing her to her new family.


Overseeing it all is our dear Kuol. Self appointed keeper of the transplant wing and Andy’s new wingman. He says Three Rivers is a good place to be… “a Place Of Life” and Andy looks back at Terry and agrees. “Today, it is.”


Each week we’ll be sharing some information on the medical conditions and/or resulting transplant. With this week being the first week of the series, I wanted to give a little extra information.

General information on Organ Donation: Becoming a Donor (Organ, Understanding Donation (Donate Life), Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life.

If you are not yet a registered organ donor, please consider doing so. You can register here for USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Auden’s Medical condition: PICA

Now… about a little Pic Spam???

66 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Three Rivers “Place of Life” epi 1 #AlexOLoughlin #DanielHenney

  1. Kuol stole the show with each episode he was in, and Alex was just fantastic throughout the whole series, shame it wasn’t renewed for a second series

  2. Wow! This blog is absolutely fantastic!!! I love the fact that you actually work in the medical sector so you know what makes this show so very special (apart from Alex’s gorgeous looks in it) – It draws attention to the super-important topic of organ donation. I just told fans on my fansite that they should NOT miss any of your summer Sunday blogs about this show.
    By the way, Kuol is also a favorite of mine – He has made me laugh and has moved me to tears repeatedly on this show – especially when he finally gets that long-awaited transplant! I think anyone who doesn’t cry at least a few times while watching this show must have a heart of stone.

    • Thank you, Angie! ❤ I don't work in the clinical area, more on the business end but I'm familiar with both. Also thanks for your promotion on your site. I hope they visit and feel welcome to join in the discussion. 🙂 Kuol was amazing. If you didn't love Kuol, you don't have a heart….

  3. I LOVED this show (only saw it on DVD cause I live in England).
    And i LOVE you for this idea of re-watching it again.
    Many people say “Alex is an action hero (and he def is good at it) not a Doctor” but I think he was perfect as Andy!
    He is compassionate, caring and it all comes through the screen.

    I absolutely love the Andy-Kuol combo too, they are amazing together, Kuol brings so much positivity and hope to the show.

    I get a bit of (very welcome) hormonal overload when Alex and Daniel are on the screen together so this show is very stimulating for me, what can i say, I LOVE Alex to bits while i generally just lust after Daniel.
    I also really like Miranda, love her no-nonsense personality (how can she ever focus on anything sharing her work space with those two anyways?).
    I find the tiny nurse (sorry I forgot her name) very likeable too, a sort of female version of Danny.

    And of course the topic of the show, the organs donation is so important and it gets to me every time, it might be a bit glossed up here but it is great that they raised awareness with Three Rivers and that Alex got involved in such a great cause.
    I loved the bit where Dr Lee said ” It has to be a gift” even though I would have reacted exactly as little Ryan did 😉

    I am going to love our Sunday chats about the show

    • Manu, so happy you’re enjoying it! I had a lot of fun writing the recap. Alex is so much more than an action star and this show proves it.
      Alex and Daniel onscreen together is serious business for my panties. truth. 🙂 Doesn’t hurt they’re both wonderful actors.

  4. wow… I wasn’t expecting this to be so great review of show, but you made me love TR even more now. I just love when someone who works in medical profession every day watches this kind of show and still like it – I know most of people here from our local hospital (my mom is a nurse there), and lots of them watched ER and Grey’s anatomy only to see faults, like “You can’t do that, we do it differently”… my mom and I love this show (as most of other medical shows), and this reviews will give me new light – I’m just sorry I forgot to watch it yesterday to be up-to-date for this.
    Just keep this up whole summer, please!

    • We’ll keep at it for another 12 weeks! 🙂

      I’m not a clinician so I can’t really speak to that aspect but I had been told by two nurses that I know and said show did a decent job, with Alex being the most accurate overall. I have no idea.. lol. I got a bigger kick out of the electronic medical record comment about it being the “bain of our existence”. Most of my contact around physicians has to do with EMR and it is indeed the bain of our existence. lol.!

      I lol at people who watch shows just to pick out the inaccuracies. I guess there are Three Rivers fans just like H50 fans. 😉 Oh well, if it helps them enjoy it.. more power to them!

  5. I am never that eager to put on 3 R, although I liked the stories and show when I first saw them, I don´t really want to watch it again. But it´s not because it wasn´t good, I just need more Alex (it´s a heart disease too, u know 😉 ). Whenever they cut to the other docs I just skip to dr Andy. But it really is great to to watch Alex play a kind and compassionate character for a change 🙂
    The tiny side kick was great in this show, also thought other characters were perfectly cast. Alfre Woodard is an impressive actress. I love strong female actresses.
    Great job Ess, but more gifs next time please 😉
    Ps best bit in this epi was obv the cinnamon roll, theft, run and munch 😀

    • The cinnamon roll theft and and run never fails to make me laugh! Alex played that so well, like we really *caught* him with that roll! LMAO!! and Dr. Lee going, “see that??” while never breaking form was perfection.

      LOL! I will try to do more gifs next time. You know the quality isn’t the best so some scenes just don’t gif very well. boo.

      Alfre Woodard is one of my all time favorite female actresses. She was really good.

  6. I have a confession here. DH wanted to watch this show and I said no. What in the world was i thinking…

    Actually, we wouldn’t have been able to really watch anyway, not a good time in our lives but if I only knew what I know now.

    • My brother tried to get me to watch when it was airing, kept telling me about this great medical show about transplants. I never did. SORRY ALEX!!!

      Are you watching now?

  7. Aww, this is so great in so many ways!! I’m really happy for the 3R (re)watch. For selfish reasons (I prefer 3R to Moonlight) and for non-selfish reasons (I gather this is your fave Alex’s role, so this should hopefully make your summer as good as you deserve for the effort you put into running this site).

    Actually I didn’t manage to watch this epi yet, but I’ll catch up – for now I checked the pic spam and laughed at your text caps in a way totally inconsistent with the overall seeerious message 😦 But I’ll be back to read through the recap when I’m in a more serene mood 🙂 And above all, thank you for this post!!

    • LOL, it’s ok babe! The pic spam is meant to give you giggles in a way completely different than the mood of the rest of the recap. 🙂

      Actually Alex’s turn on Criminal Minds is my all time fave ‘role’ Alex has done so far. What is my favorite character? Today I would tell you Dr. Andy but if this was a Moonlight rewatch, I’d tell you Mick. They’re pretty much neck and neck IMO.

  8. Hi all! Be back later to reply. Just wanted a quicker reminder not everyone has seen the series so please no plot spoilers for later episodes. Generalizations are fine but no plot or char arcs pls. Thanks!

  9. As always great review ESS! I haven’t actually re-watched but will catch up later (supposed to thunderstorm all afternoon so The DVD is all set)! This first epi was always my favorite – love the interaction between Kuol and Andy. I’d love to see Kuol on H50! Hmm, wonder if they have cinnamon rolls on the H50 set?? Btw Paula, Steve is also kind and compassionate. Think back to s1 when he gave Danny the Hilton weekend so Gracie would be able to swim. And when he cradled scared, little Kevin in his arms after Sean (PDiddy) was shot. There are way more examples but lets leave it at in H50 he just shows it differently.

    • Kuol on H50 would be the only thing better than Daniel Henney on H50 which ended up being a major disappointment. Boo. Anywho…

      I agree, Steve is kind and compassionate BUT it gets lost among the story lines and over shadowed by other characters IMO. They still would prefer to paint Steve as the clueless, self centered hero, which is sad because it’s fairly inconsistent. This season was a big improvement in that area and probably why it’s my favorite season.

  10. Love this review… love the little extras, like the acknowledgement he dated Amber IRL. I liked them as a couple. I like he and Malia more, cus he does, but these two were cute, and I agree, I totally felt a connection between them, and I did not know he was dating her when I saw it the first time. 🙂

    This is a weird ep for me, and I hope it’s not spoilery to write that this was not meant to be the premiere ep. Why it aired first I still don’t know. We did get to meet our docs and Kuol, but I remember feeling like I was dropped into the middle of something watching this ep on air. I will also add, this ep started at least a half hour late on its premiere, due to a Sunday football over run, so that may have contributed to my edginess, and it certainly did not help the Show’s ratings. 😦

    That said, I loooooved him as Andy! Your comment that a BAMF doesn’t have to go in guns blazing is so true. This doc was a bad ass, in the gentlest way. I love how Alex used that amazing voice of his in this show… Often so very quietly, sometimes deep and firm, on occasion growly. Chills! 🙂

    He had great chemistry with his whole cast too. The hot with Henney was fabulous, so would’ve loved to see these 2, in season 2, take a fishing weekend together w/ whatever med emergency they needed for plot. He was always cute, partly big brotherly, with Miranda. And his scenes w/ Kuol should be in his professional resume reel.

    This is my fave role for Alex, but the show really needed more time to work out its bugs. IMO it got better as it progressed but CBS canned it anyway. 😦 In this ep, I felt they hadn’t made me care about the patients quite well enough, and with so many cases going on, they spent a lot of time, in an intro ep, not on the regular cast. I was all in for Alex, but I can see how some might have sampled and fled after this. But as for Alex and his cast mates… superb!

    • GNP, I wonder when Alex and Amber started dating? I get the feeling it was after show ended because in all his ‘event’ pics, I didn’t see them together until H50 but they could have been keeping it on the down/lo. Who knows? Either way, there was already something there…or maybe they’re just damn good actors. Oh yeah, they are. lol!

      Agreed it needed more time to work out the bugs. It definitely got better as show went on. CBS airing the eps out of order really did a number on things. This episode doesn’t feel as awkward as episode 2 does IMO. It almost feels like CBS just never intended for this to be a hit which I know has to be wrong, but man, the fk’d with this show from the very beginning… Three Rivers never stood a chance, which is really sad.

  11. When you announced that we would have a Fangirl Sunday summertime about Three Rivers i was very happy with the idea of ​​reviewing a series of more meaningful to me because of the subject of organ donation.

    Three Rivers is about the stories of donors, recipients and second life chances, is about giving the most precious gift a human can give to the other – life. Is not about doctor’s and nurse’s private lifes and their relationships like others series. In Ess words is “these are stories worth telling, lessons worth learning and discussions worth having”.

    So in a “Place of Life” we met our “two heros” of this series and my favorite characters, handsome and talented Dr. Andy “armed with stethoscope and labcoat” and Kuol, a life’s fighter who is a example for all of us, that we never should stop believe and hope in everything of our lives. And is the beginning of a friendship of a patient that trusts his doctor with all his damage heart for a second life chance and a doctor that fights beyond the job for his patient.

    I loved also the story about Terry and Mahmoud. Yes, it’s sometimes difficult to accept that someone has to died for someone lives, but in the end what matters is the gift of life.

    Not always has a person to die to be a organ donor but we talk about that in another episode’s review.

    I’m very grateful to Ess for bringing Dr. Andy, Kuol and the rest of the team to us this summer. You did a fantastic, outstanding, terrific job here. All i can say that today my heart is “full”. The only thing that i miss now is a cinnamon roll. Hugs.

    PS I love Alex as Dr. Andy. It’s one of my favorite characters. His passion and dedication for his work is great, powerful and real.

    • Thank you, Marta! It’s going to be a good summer. ❤

      I mostly agree, that this show is about the stories…not about the doctor's lives, which I think is a good thing and a bad thing. I am happy it focused more on the stories, but I also agree with another commenter that it's important for show to make us become vested in the main characters and that's something i think show took too long to do. It's a balancing act… Three Rivers was starting to get it right, too bad CBS is so short sighted. 😦

  12. Oh Mr. Henney……..He does get some really get lines in this show….And Alex, he’s just so adorkable…..can you imagine you
    go to a new doctor or a hospital and he walks in…….cardiac arrest. I wonder when during production Alex and Amber actually got together?

    6 degrees of O’Loughlin!!! Alex made the movie The Invisible with actor Justin Chatwin playing the male lead, Justin Chatwin is currently on Showtimes “Shameless” with Cameron Monaghan who played the boy with PICA, although I can’t recall if they actually had a scene together in this episode? BTW off topic but “wow” – PICA is wacky stuff………..there are women that are pregnant that get and indulge the craving to eat >>>>>>>>>>> dirt. Yep, they go out into their backyards grab a fistfull and munch down.

    • PICA is crazy ass stuff! So is the peri-partum cardiomyopathy. I’ve seen cases of it IRL and they’re all even crazier than this one. So heart wrenchingly sad and painful to read. It’s easy to think the stories on the show are to be a bit over dramatic..but the truth is, real life is even crazier than fiction.

    • Henny’s a great actor because I never would have known 3R’s Dr. Lee and H50’s Yakuza Michael were the same guy. I know it’s a little bit his hair, but the characters are just so different. 😆

  13. As those who follow me know I first adore Scott Caan, through his chemistry with Alex though the Aussie stole a big part of my heart too. I actually thought I first ‘met’ Alex through Hawaii Five-0, but as always with actors who catch my attention I went on imdb and found I actually saw him for the first time ever in Criminal Minds. I always tried to figure out who played Vincent, because I knew that actor would become a great one.

    Long story short, lol. That’s how I found out about Three Rivers. Now I’ve been an organ donor for a long time, but being one & knowing what it all means are two entirely different things. Thus the concept of this show was highly interesting for me.

    I surpassed my expectations since it wasn’t just about the surgery of organ out/organ in. It wasn’t rushed like in ER, the emotions that come with the topic weren’t glossed over or an afterthought, they were forefront & that’s too seldom on medical shows.

    I know many think/say shows need to have good looking actors & actresses, but for me that’s secondary. If a good looking actor can’t act for the life of him & can’t get the feelings and the message he’s supposed to give across, the show means nothing for me.
    Thankfully with Three Rivers that’s not the case at all. I don’t know how many times I’ve had tears in my eyes or really cried throughout the show. And that from the first episode on.

    Three Rivers is the show that made me feel really comfortable of being an organ and tissue donor. It’s more than just being a good gal, doing what you feel you should, it’s truly a gift of life you can give, if yours is supposed to end.

    Alex as Dr. Andy was brilliant. He has that special touch with words & looks that just makes you understand what he tries to explain & give you. And it’ll just get better from episode to episode. His special relations with Kuol included.

    The beauty of this show was, ALL angles are covered…the one who could be the donor, the one who could receive the donation & the families, friends that come with them and have their own feelings & fears about it all.

    This review of ep1 & revisiting the feelings is a beauty. Thank you for it all. Loved it start to finish.

    • Jess!! Beautiful comment! ACA with all of it! I loved how we learn about the donor as well as the recipient and get stories on both. The donor’s story is always going to be tragic but in the end, we learn that something wonderful can come from tragedy. I think show glosses some stories over but it also approaches some touchy subjects as well.

      Vincent, Criminal Minds. Ahh….it’s where I discovered Alex too. I just didn’t know it was him yet. 😉

      • The show was actually very clever in showing all the angles of the drama, not just what happened in the operating room or “ER.” There’s family drama, a little crime drama, a little social commentary, and it’s all put together very cleverly. They should try this sort of thing again someday.

    • “The beauty of this show was, ALL angles are covered…the one who could be the donor, the one who could receive the donation & the families, friends that come with them and have their own feelings & fears about it all.” – I would add that it also presents the angle of the doctors and staff which I think is really interesting. Sometimes the doctors themselves struggle ..and show never shy’s away from this. Some really good episodes on this coming up soon!

      • Thank you for the compliment above, my LadyEss 🙂

        And you’re absolutely right. The doctors, their own feelings, doubts & worries aren’t glossed over either. It’ll only become more and more apparent as we go along.
        It really is sad that this show didn’t get more of a chance to establish itself.
        Loving Alex as Steve McGarrett or not, he (both on his own & through his chemistry with the rest of the cast) and his ability to showcase empathy in such a touching way made Three Rivers that special.

        I’m so looking forward to the sundays now ♥ You know which one will be my absolute favorite & I can’t wait to wax poetic about it.

        • Jess, the first time I watched this series, I cried…literally (sorry Marnov) CRIED about 4 episodes in because I was so distraught that such a wonderful show was cancelled so soon without giving it a real fighting chance. Of all the complete CRAP on TV, they have this show that is so beautifully acted with such an important topic, wasn’t given the chance to work out it’s kinks. It was only given 8 episodes before it was pulled. That’s just bullshit. FU CBS. I’m getting all emo again right now just thinking about it.

          Same way I feel about them cancelling Without a Trace. Ok, not exaaaactly the same but close. FU CBS…glad you’ve given Big Brother a chance though…. *rolls eyes*

          • There’s literally no need to say sorry, because a) I started to (over)use literally myself; b) I was literally crying when watching too, which surprised me. So, I’m glad you made me watch it, I certainly wouldn’t of my own accord. 😎 This summer is a good chance to catch up with the episodes I haven’t seen yet.

        • And yes I do know which one is your favorite because it’s mine also and I think most of the people who have watched the entire series and I’m already a little emotional and hyperventilating a bit when I think about writing it! lol.

  14. I agree, Love the relationship between Andy and Kuol. You forgot the best line of the episode “Yo Ringtone” 🙂

    So is it now “Three Rivers Sunday” or and episode review every day. *me confused*

    Great review. Thank you

    P.S. Can’t wait till episode seven!

    • Hi babe, summer time will be Three Rivers Sunday, it will take us through to a few weeks before H50 starts again. So every sunday here for 3R 🙂

      Episode 7! EEEP!! Steph and Kim are helping me write recaps for the series, episode 7 will be mine. i’m happy and scared all at the same time hoping I can do it justice! lol.

      • Thanks for the info.
        I know how you feel about 7.. I want to watch it and then I don’t want too.

  15. ESS, I too love hearing Dr. Andy/Alex “speak my language” ! trust me I have never run into a doc this hot!

  16. What a great kickoff for Three Rivers watch 2013! Amazing work Ess, your love of this show shines through and it’ll be such a privilege to discuss it with you all this summer! Although 3R doesn’t always “flow” as a series (FUCBS), each individual episode brings something good to the table, worthy of discussion & thought.

    • Absolutely Steph! So much positive and so much good stuff worthy to discuss, despite the flaws. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next week. 🙂

  17. Ess, great work as always with the pic spam. I only watched TR for the first time at the start of this year, but there is already so much love in my heart for this show – not least because it shows beyond all doubt, what we all know, that Alex is So.Much.More than a pretty face and a hot body (though we enjoy those too, right?) We see flashes of it with Steve, but Dr A really gave Alex a chance to unleash all that emotion, be it a look, a touch, whatever – I always bought what he was selling. The show is far from perfect, it does slip into cheese/too glossy etc, but if it had been given time, I think it would have grown to be unmissable TV – which gives me mixed emotions, cos if TR had lived we wouldn’t have the McG that we all know and love, and Steve will always be my first AOL love. Thanks for this, loving everyone else’s thoughts too – as ever this is the best place to hang on a Sunday while I wait for my new Five-0 fix 😉 xxx

    • ” as ever this is the best place to hang on a Sunday while I wait for my new Five-0 fix” – Mwahhh!!! It’s a damn good place to be in my humble, but biased opinion. lol!!

      I would trade McG for Dr. Andy on most days but doesn’t mean I don’t love Steve.. 😉 I will forever chant FUCBS for their short sightedness on Moonlight and Three Rivers.

      • ESS, I agree about CBS. I can’t believe neither Moonlight nor TR got a second season. The cast and story lines on both were so good from Ep 1. I am glad though they stuck with AOL. They were smart enough to keep trying with him. Thanks for this series review. What a great idea. And Alex is soooo adorable in these pics. Pure yummmm. 😑

  18. I always wondered why this was the first episode. And as I read everything here, realised the two important messages that needed to be out there from the start:
    * The family need to realise that everything possible was done to save the person dying. They are not seen as just suppliers, because the dr’s that treat them are not the dr’s that need the organs for patients.
    * It has to be a gift, not an obligation.
    Although I cried every episode, this was always a series of GIVING and of LIFE to me.
    The people that were dying, would have died in any case – we all die, but not everybody has the chance to give while doing it. Now their tragedy can be someone elses saving grace. For me that is not morbid at all!!

    Another thing that have to be there in a TV series, if we like it or not – the characters need background stories, otherwise we could have just as well be watching a documentary. Maybe the other shows have to much of it (wth everybody sleeping with everybody), but we could have had more in TR’s. Reason for it, people also need to be invested in wanting to follow these people and to get to know them.
    One episode of a documatary on the subject, would have been good for me. But to tell more stories we need to want to watch more……..
    PS. I must be honest I have met Dr’s as gorgeous as Andy (might have kissed one or two as well, but I am not telling :razz:). 😆 What I am actually trying to say, there are Dr’s like him out there. Pretty ones with kind hearts. They are rare though, just as rare as Alex and his very honest portrayal of them! He was just perfect, gorgeous and sexy and did not need to take his shirt of to be it! 😀

    • ACA FOYeur, those are two very good reasons to have in the first episode. It would have been good if they could have figured out what was needed in the first episode and gone from there instead of picking it out from a group of episodes later on. I’ll never understand what TF these writers were thinking…. 😦

  19. I am so glad you are doing this! I’ve been gone all weekend so I’m just now reading. 😦

    I wish I was a cinnamon roll so they could fight over me. Truth) <—-Love!

    The depth of this show was amazing to me. It isn't "just another medical show." It's the story of people, especially Dr. Andy.

    BTW, not sure if you realized this, but I'm a medical editor, so if I can help with anything on that aspect, please let me know.

  20. ESS,Darling
    I can’t find enough superlatives {You know me} to tell you how beautifully and truthfully you defined your love for THREE RIVERS in words and pictures. Your review of” Place of Life “was wonderful. I look forward so much to the upcoming reviews. KUDOS and FLOWERS honey. Only one thing would have made it PERFECT {for Me] Dr Andy Holding the the Newborn. I MELT when i see him in “Character “holding or looking at babies and even more so as himself. Love you for this

  21. Thanks, sweetheart!! 🙂 Mwahh!! I do have ridiculous love for this show. ❤

    Dr. Andy did hold the newborn though, when he did the C-section or are you talking about in the nursery, out of scrubs?

  22. Thanks so much for doing recaps on this show – great way to get thru the summer H50 drought for sure. Super recap, you verbalize what I’m thinking!

    I didn’t watch when it was originally on, because it was on CBS, on Sunday and was a medical show. I was worn out on med shows, and CBS Sunday shows are out for me, since they have no idea how to schedule with football over runs…

    Anyway, I discovered this show after H50 started and LOVED it for many reasons – great stories, characters, cast (duh) and really engaging overall. And, of course, Alex, who truly shines in this role. I’d love to see a blooper reel, probably some great takes on him trying to pronounce some of those medical terms!

    Looking forward to the weekly recaps.

    • OMG a blooper reel would be …….awesomesauce! Like, my brain almost explodes just thinking about it! Totally get what you mean about working tv shows with the football schedule. ugh.

      Hi Duff, not sure if I remember seeing you post before, but I’m happy you joined us for this! Hope to see you back next week or sooner. 🙂

      • Tx! Not sure if I have posted before, but been following your blog for a while – love it so much with all the H50/AOL goodies you have! Looking forward to the weekly reviews/recaps, and hope to participate – I am uber lazy and have lots to say then… I get distracted, usually by AOL pics…LOL

  23. Just an afterthought. I sat thru the thunderstorms that rolled thru yesterday watching Three River (again) and was so mesmerized that I didn’t even hear the noise!! This team, like H50, had a great chemistry. I think we need to petiton PL to look for Kuol and have him appear on H50 – hopefully w/better results than w/Daniel! I’m looking so forward to the weekly recaps of this show!! All I know is Alex looks phenomenal whether he’s wearing scrubs, kevlar or sporting fangs!!

    • “All I know is Alex looks phenomenal whether he’s wearing scrubs, kevlar or sporting fangs!!” – i cannot argue there. The great thing is he looks so different in all of them yet you know it’s him. 🙂

  24. It seems almost everything I wanted to say has been said–Dr. Andy: Holy Hotness, Batman!–but I am especially interested to watch a few more episodes for character development. GNP’s comment that this was not meant to be the pilot was interesting. On the one hand, I sort of liked how we just hit the ground running, but on the other, I thought it was strange to not get introduced to Alfre Woodard’s and AOL’s characters more in depth. They seem to be the leaders of the department, and have some relationship/history. I want to know so I’m going to keep watching.

    Also, Dr. Andy’s hair is perfect. Per. Fect.

    (I really like the actor who plays Dr. Miranda, Kate Moening, so I am excited to see her in a *really* different role than her most famous one in the L Word. Plus she wears sneakers with her baggy scrubs; she is my kind of girl.)

    • Girlsage, have you watched this at all yet? Sounds like you’re a newbie.

      Actually episode #9 is the pilot and when you see it, you’ll know it. It looks completely different from all the others, right down to the scrubs and the way the hospital looks. CBS really screwed the pooch on this show. *ugh* When you watch episode 2 you’ll feel like you had whiplash on a few things. I really don’t know how stupid they thought the audience was. it’s really irritating.

      But you know what? 4 yrs later this show is still inspiring people to become organ donors so all in all, it wasn’t a commercial success but it was a human success. ❤


  25. Aw, ESS, what a perfect post! Loved it. One complaint thought. You expect me to talk about the episode with this great pic spam to look at? Seriously? 😉

    Actually I think this is episode two and number two is the pilot. Which makes sense because Ryan is introduced in two while he is already in this episode. Back when it aired I read somewhere that they changed the order, forgot why though.

    Anyway, no matter in what order Three Rivers is always worth to watch.

    I instantly fell in love with Kuol. That was one hell of a performance. Wonderful job. He and Andy together were just great. They managed to make me believe their ‘story’. Great work from the both of them.

    Actually the whole team of Three Rivers was absolutely great with the exception of Dr. Miranda Foster. I never liked or believed her character. I never felt like she fit into the show.

    What I liked most about Three Rivers was very prominent right in this episode. You never knew who would die and who would live. In the two minutes screen time Mahmoud had, he was instantly liked, and of course he was a donor. Which meant he had to die.

    I loved it that Three Rivers was about the hard field of organ transplantation. To save a patient another has to die. Making those decisions, talking to the relatives, that must be hard. And I was very happy that this important issue was finally addressed by a major network. I’m an organ donor since 2001 and hoped that such a show would bring awareness to more people.

    I’m really looking forward to Sundays now. It’s such a great idea to re-watch Three Rivers this way. Thanks again for that.

    • LOL Sam! I had to put some pic spam in there….I think I’d be in trouble if I didn’t! haha. Steph and Kim will be doing their own pic spam in the recaps though…so I’m interested to see what they bring to the table. 🙂

      It’s funny that Miranda is the one character that divides people. I know fans who hated her and some who loved her. She definitely wasn’t a great fit…but I think that’s kind of what they were going for. Unfortunately, show didn’t give them time enough to work out her character deficits. FUCBS.

  26. I’ve only just started watching the show and I really enjoyed this first ep. A nice introduction to the characters, especially Andy 🙂 Could he be more perfect? Gentle, smart, funny and eats donuts.

    You can never be sure how these shows are going to pan out…meaning if they are going for happing endings or have that darker twist you don’t see coming. I like the happy ending in this one… the pregnant woman and baby were saved. Yay!

    And yes I noticed the scrubs…and the smile to die for. A very good start to a show.

  27. Oh…forgot to say Hi to ESS from Twitter. Yes I made it here. 🙂

    And I love the recap. I’ve done those myself elsewhere and know how time consuming they can be. But..when it’s a labour of love that helps. 🙂

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