Throwback Thursday #AexOLoughlin

Alex at a 2009 EMMY function. I love that the signs behind him are all going “roar” (typo for Rawwwwrr!)


He looks so uncomfortable doing the Hollywood schtick… poor baby.

21 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #AexOLoughlin

  1. He is looking a bit uncomfortable but, at the same time, he also looks so super-cute that poor Alex makes me want to give him a hug of consolation 🙂

  2. Poor baby, not only does he look uncomfortable he looks 12!! Amazing what 4 years does! And I’ll roar rawwrrr for him anyday!!

  3. Ess and Kim – Can’t you see that he does look very much like he could use a good hug from one of us friendly fan girls?! I admit though that it would be our pleasure, too, to give him that hug of comfort 🙂

  4. It’s only fair that he looks uncomfortable after all he makes me uncomfortable *BUT IN A GOOD WAY*. I see a sexy photo of him and for some reason my chair becomes uncomfortable, must be my panties fighting to be free, lol 😉

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