Additional promo/BTS pics from FEED c/o @AlexOsplace #AlexOLoughlin

There are a lot more to these and you can find them all here: H50BAMF imgbox

For the purposes of the blog and our enjoyment/sarcasm…I’ve added a few of my favorites for discussion.

Can I say favorites? I have this weird unsettled feeling that Michael is growing on me after looking at all these pics. I don’t hate the blonde in ALL of them… For instance, it doesn’t bother me in that first pic at all! 🙂

Again, thanks to Alex O’Loughlin’s Place Facebook for the find.

Pic credit to Peter Carrett

For more information on Burberry McGarrett visit The H50 Junk Drawer for his exploits.


15 thoughts on “Additional promo/BTS pics from FEED c/o @AlexOsplace #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I must agree the one pic is hot. I don’t like him with blonde hair but it’s still Alex. I love how smooth his back is! I just want to run my tongue all over it! 😉

  2. Totally agree ESS, don’t like the blonde hair. Love the first picture. Thanks. I know the middle tat isn’t real!

  3. First pic–I grew up in Ohio (where this supposedly takes place) and believe me “business casual” did not look this good.

  4. I love the first pic!
    I might be a minority but i kinda liked his back tattoo better at feed time than now….
    then again, if i could see it all in its splendour….I might change my mind 😉

    • I agree with you. I’m not really into tats and think he really ruined his back with the new FWA. Especially if that thing goes down both hips. Movie people may think it’s too much to cover up and not let him do any bare scenes. Plus he’s just so gorgeous I don’t know why he thought he needed ornamentation. Why mess with a good thing?

      • Agree totally Alex Nymph
        A few bits of body art LOVELY a whole body unless you are a pacific islander cheif OVERKILL. His body is so beautiful he does not need it!!

    • I’d prefer he had none on his lower back but between the two, the FWA seems more masculine than this one IMO. Plus I like the little peak when his shirt lifts up. 🙂

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