Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 3.24

So here it is. The last Pic Spam of season 3. Bitter sweet. I thought it was an excellent episode even though I didn’t love everything about it…kind of like how I feel about this entire season. There were moments I didn’t love, but so many more that I did making it my favorite season so far.

A big Mahalo to the writers, cast and crew for all their hard work and to you guys for your support and participation!

Business as usual. Pic Spam is just me fooling around with some of my favorite screencaps. They’re mostly McGarrett centered and rarely plot related. Click on the first photo and scroll through, leaving comments on your favorites. πŸ™‚

Don’t forget!! Next Sunday begins our discussion of Three Rivers, episode 1. It’ll be a different kind of recap/pic spam but I think you’ll enjoy it. Hope you’ll be watching and contributing!


45 thoughts on “Fangirl Sunday – Pic Spam #H50 3.24

  1. Oh Ess! Pic spam is always great (even though I haven’t seen the eps, but don’t care about spoilers), but this, ^^THIS^^ I giggled at almost every caption and then, WHAM sad Steve! From giggles to sniffles and back again! Thank you, I know this must take a lot of time to do, but it brings a LOT of joy (in this corner of Bonnie Scotland anyways, and I’m SURE I’m not alone).
    We get 3.21 tonight and I’m nervous, didn’t see too many positive reviews and McWig!!!!

  2. Ess this also a bitter sweet moment for me. Is this the last pic spam of the season ??? Or are getting a few more, pleaseeeeeeeeee. Don’t make us wait until September for more, you can always catch some pics of 3 Rivers…just saying…This is a hint ! Luv u,

  3. Standing O, ESS! Excellent season of picspams… marvelous little treasures, each one. Thanks so much for doing this for us every week. And I agree about S3. It had its ups and downs, but overall, was also my fave season so far. In large measure because Alex has sooooo got McG down at this point. He has turned our SuperSEAL into a real living, breathing, feeeeeeeling human being; from the moment he walked into that room to reunite with/confront Doris, I fell in love with him alllllllll over again. Cannot wait to see him in S4!

    See you at Three Rivers, babe.

  4. Great job Ess. Always fun.
    I wish I could watch Three Rivers with you ladies,but I haven’t found any links for it yet. I watch Hawaii 5o and Moonlight online for free. Fingers crossed i can join in with the fun…

  5. THANK YOU so much, ESS, you were very inspired when doing this – a great choice of pics, as ever, but the text caps are the best!! I must return later when I stop LMAOing, it’s too hard to type like this… Though I don’t think I’ll get over {fingertwitch}ing Wo Fat any soon – exactly what came to my mind when I saw the scene (I thought I was being inexcusably morbid, so thanks for making me feel better now)!

  6. Thank you once more for an excellent Fangirl Sunday Pic Spam. You did a terrific job as always.

    Yes, it was a great season, with some details that i didn’t enjoy so much and others that i loved deeply. The writing sometimes bothering me because i have a different view or wish for a character but i really enjoy this season.

    I like all cast but I have to say again that i loved Alex’s performance very much. He shines this season, specially with Steve’s confrontation with mom Doris, the love for Catherine that does not admit, dealing with kids, the friendship with the team and a keeping a promise to a brother-in-arms.

    I know that changing the H50 schedule mondays to fridays you have to change the pic spam to other day or delay a week, but don’t worry about that because you know how much we all enjoy and support your pic spam.

    So next week we will have a “place of life” with our favorite doctor. Dr. Andy is the one to take care of us during Steve’s absence. TY

  7. Great pic spam again
    thank you for sharing this with us every week!
    I have to agree with what was said before, all our cast is great but Alex has reached a point with McG in which he has made the character his, believable, real!
    i especially like the nuances of his performance like when you pointed out the slight difference in his expression when he was hugging Kono or Doris.

    And now i’m ready for Dr. Andy while we wait for Steve to come back in season 4.

    Woo-Fat has hired some of us to help him breaking out of jail….
    It’s US behind that door with the “flames of passion” for Steve πŸ˜‰

  8. Loved how the core 4 stuck together in this episode. Alex was great as ever. He needs to be recognised for his acting!!!!
    There was only 1 bit I didn’t like. Thanks for the pics ESS.
    Unfortunately I haven’t seen 3 Rivers and don’t know where I can see it online in the UK. Never mind will be here for s4.

  9. *recovering from the thunks and the watery eyes* Thank you ESS.. Great run of pictures.

    I am in total agreement, that green shirt doesn’t need to be buttoned all the way!! shame on them!
    The pictures of Steve when he is in the office with Doris.. WOW.. His eyes.. Gorgeous!!
    Is it my imagination or did is sound like Alex had a cold during the episode. He sounded a little stuffed up in the office!!
    Anyhow, thanks again..

    I have a request. Maybe something to pass the time. Please..
    How many pics are in this photo-op
    And touring around. I am thinking Alex likes his photo-op times! πŸ™‚ Just my opinion though.
    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  10. Just like to add the hug between Steve and Kono excellent- so much emotion… More so than Steve and Cath in ep18. Love Steve and Kono together ever since s1

  11. As usual, Ess, you did a great job with the season ending show. I just hope Kono returns because she represents us women who kick butt! This is going to be a long summer without Steve. Guess I’ll have to watch the reruns.

  12. Have I mentioned how incredibly glad I am that you can make sure great GIFs? ‘Cause I am. Immensely happy, especially that you make such excellent choices.

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