Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #ScottCaan #H50

This pose is killing me, but in a gooooood way.


12 thoughts on “Kevlar Saturday #AlexOloughlin #ScottCaan #H50

  1. I wonder if he has any idea what it does to us (I’m speaking for everyone because I know we all feel the same) when he stands like that?!!!!
    I also wonder if he takes pleasure in knowing that he kills us EVERY.DAMN.DAY with his masculine manly man ways?!! IHH/NID

    • I’m not very sure if he knows we all go “pooof” when he does such things! My guess, he doesn’t know, so that makes him even more bamf-ish!

      • Totally agree on that!! He doesn’t know at all.
        If he did and he moved in a certain way to make “us” happy, we would know it.
        If he doesn’t know, it comes naturally to him and that is Sexy, but he doesn’t know it!

        Am I making any sense or is the allergy meds taking over?? 😯

          • Like the producer of Feed said in Philadelphia “he looked at me in that Alex way”–he’s been playing women since the day he was born. And we love him for it!

      • As McG or in a role, I don’t think he thinks about what he does to us but other times, in some interviews ….I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. 🙂 I don’t think he does it for an ego thing, but I think he’s just really aware of giving his fans what we enjoy and what he’s comfortable with.

  2. What kills me it’s the face and the nodding at the end, if he looked at me like that for one second i would melting a puddle of awe….:)
    Yes Canadagirl66, ‘m pretty sure he exactly knows what he does to us….and he loves it too!

  3. I always melt no matter how he stands, sits, looks…. definitely knows what he is doing. Hurry up season 4!!!!

  4. That pic is so funny, I think only Steve’s part of the pic is moving 😉 I was thinking about what makes McG so adorable/hot and was comparing him to Danny (but Danno don’t move 😆 )! How can he grab his belt like this, it’s so offensive against us (easily prone to IHH/NID women) it should be a crime, seriously!!!

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