Fabulous Face Friday – Three Finales of Steve McGarrett #AlexOloughlin #H50

The last shot of each of the three Hawaii Five-0 Finales featured fabulous faces:

finale faces of Steve McGarrett

I love that each of the season finales has ended with a close-up of Steve’s face. Not a shot of Steve and Danny, or the whole 5-0 Team, just Steve. Hawaii Five-0 is about Steve McGarrett. Yes, we may get episodes and arcs that highlight one of the other characters on the show each season, but the main concept of Hawaii Five-0 is centered around McGarrett and his experiences, whether they be personal or professional. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of what Alex can do with this character on both fronts in Season 4.

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    • I hate wishing away my summer, but… it hit me yesterday that … there is no more new H50 until September!!!! Waaahhhh!!!!

  1. Actually, I used this to the people on Twitter who where saying that the season three finale had nothing in common with season one and two.

    If you ever get a chance to watch the original #H50, you’ll notice that it’s a show on McGarrett. Period. Danno has his moments. The non-causation (thank you to H50Sardonic) are just backup. And women are decoration or need to be saved.

    • People said it had nothing to do with the first two finales? I’m trying to wrap my brain around that…

      Anyway, you’re right about the old H50 and thankfully the reboot has (somewhat) updated with the times, the women no longer just need saving, they’re doing the saving and the supporting roles have all been increased to give it more character instead of only procedural driven. That said, the basis of the show remains the same…H50 is about Steve McGarrett.

      That’s why the reboot is so much better. So much more to love, and opens it up to many more fans with diverse interests and affections, but to me McG will always be who I love the most. I felt that way before I “discovered” this Alex guy (at the end of s1) and still feel the same way.

      • I went searching the #H50 hashtag just to make sure it didn’t get pulled for tornado coverage and I found a rant how bad it was and it had nothing in common with any other of the seasons. I don’t get it…

        • I don’t get it either. And I really don’t get the people that think the WoFat character/story needs to go away. WoFat is a series-long protagonist.. I don’t think he is going anywhere! (I do like the twist that he now needs McG to save him…. interested to see what that angle is!)

          • I actually loved the ending because it was something that I didn’t except. And how the heck is McG supposed to save Wo Fat? And does he really want to save him?

            • I know! So, McGarrett just steps aside as the assasins come in… “have at him!” … I think that McG’s need for answers AND his ingrained sense of protecting the underdog will be what fuels him.

              And his sense of self-preservation that is.

          • I admit I was getting a little bored of WoFat…but the finally made him relevant and interesting again IMO. That said, I never expect him to “go away”.

    • I have seen the original, EvoWoman, and I totally agree with you – that show was solely focused on McGarrett – Chin Ho and Kono were superfluous at best – they were called in to speak to McGarrett and sent off to do his bidding. On one hand, the original would never fly now, but I think that people lose sight of what the show’s concept really is – McGarrett and his family issues, and McGarrett running 5-0. This is what I fall back to when I see people saying that there is too much McG or not enough of _____(insert other character here) – those other characters are not intended to have full-time stories. (could all of the plots be better? Sure – I’m not disputing that here… just that H50 IS about McG!)

      I think its great that a wonderful actor of DDK’s caliber is playing Chin Ho Kelly! But he was never going to have a lead role.

      • I know that DDK wife is Hawaiian and he wasn’t moving back to the mainland, so he jumped at the Chin Ho Kelly role.

      • I get so frustrated when people complain about screen time, and new characters! This isn’t a show about Steve AND Danny……first face u see in 1.1 is Steve, and its his face that ends each season……..they should have named the show “McGarrett” to ease the confusion some people seem to have.

  2. YES! Kimmer wins allllll the prizes! This IS a show about McG, as was Old Show. And Alex plays McG. What a cooool idea for a FFF! Three for the price of one. *total happy sigh*. πŸ™‚

  3. I love his eyes, I can’t help, they keep me going for 4 months πŸ˜‰ !
    @gracenotpark: “Three for the price of one!” what’s there more to want! Thanks for another wonderful Friday post (can’t wait for Saturday, it’s my fav!)

      • Agreed! This really hits me when I’m doing pic spam for Sundays. Some actors you “see” act and some you just “feel” and that’s how I feel about Alex because his is mostly through expressions, body language, voice inflection and…those eyes!!

        i think you are going to really enjoy this Sunday. There are some superb moments…

        Oops did I just hijack Kim’s post to advertise my own? Lol!

  4. Sigh love those 3 faces sooo much. So much the same yet so very different in the depth of the emotions shown. I’m a happy girl! Ty Kim!! ❀❀

  5. Kim, i want to make a special thank you for today’s Fabulous Face Friday not just because the three in one photos of each great season finales but also about your comment. I agree with you 100%. Now all we can do now is enjoy the summer while we waiting for season 4.

  6. Look how he’s grown. S1 photo he’s hurt and confused (and had a bad cold–his eyes were affected by that also) and trying to hold it together. S2 photo he’s a lost little boy, surrendering to his emotions about Mom?. S3 photo he’s “oh crap, what now?” learning to deal with it all.

    • Oh now you’ve gone and made me all emo! Sniffle. I mean that in a good way. πŸ˜‰

      And ESS, you have, as usual, totes described Alex’s impact. It is visceral! And powerful. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for those fabulous faces!!! Did I ever mentioned that I love his lashes??? OMcG!!! πŸ˜‰
    I can’t wait for S4!! Want it NOW! I’m sure we’ll get a lot of fabulous faces πŸ˜‰ And I hope we get some SEALs flashbacks…

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