White Hot Wednesday – Jiu Jitsu training pics with #AlexOLoughlin May 15 – 21st

Seems as though our man has found a new passion. I’d like to appreciate all his hard work. No really, I’d LOVE to appreciate it!

In person.

20 thoughts on “White Hot Wednesday – Jiu Jitsu training pics with #AlexOLoughlin May 15 – 21st

  1. Jiu jiutsu is a lifestyle. I’m not surprised Alex is completely immersed himself in it. Hard not to.

    Eat. Sleep. Do jui jitsu. Repeat. Keep it real.

    Plus he’s looking hot. His thighs are looking really strong these days I noticed. Must be all those lunges Egan makes him do!

    • Yeah, DesertBunny, his thighs are strong and huge (also his calf muscles 😉 ) I’ve been noticing this while watching 3.24, those thighs are starting to scare me, maybe that’s why Cath keeps her arms crossed while standing next to Steve (also Steve Standing next to Cath, his arms are crossed to, I guess for protecting her from the FOY 😆 )!

    • I was going to make a really well thought out response to your comment, but then you said “thighs are looking really strong” and …. my mind went blank.

  2. He is always the best looking dude in the picture. And his cute little jujitsu outfit (I’m sure it has a more masculine name but I got no clue) fits him better than the others’ do. Somehow not surprised. Entranced, as always, but not surprised. 🙂

  3. I love his passion for a sport that we can watch a little of him and his trainings. I never watched him in anything related to surf or another sport for instance. So Alex, you can keep your brazilian jiu jitsu trainings because you look great and i love to appreciate your hard work.

      • Yes, i forgot the ruby scene at Three Rivers. Thank you for remind me the shorts, sliding movement in the grass and that @ss. Only missing 10 days to summer marathon of Picspam of our favorite doctor. The girls will enjoy this summer sundays here, thats all i can say!!!

  4. I like that we he has a new interest he just throws himself into it enthusiastically 🙂
    And if the interest is healthy like jujitzu and helps him in staying in great shape as he is now…..even better

  5. Hey, that’s David James Elliot in the top left one, in the brown shirt!! 🙂
    Thanks for posting these. I am glad Alex has found something healthy to do.
    Now explain to the people at H50 set, Hair coloring is Out!!

    • Yep, I recognised him too, still a hottie our jAG commander (or was he captain in the end?)
      Let’s make “hair coloring” out for men *ONLY*, I desperately need the color for my hair 😆 !

  6. It has helped Alex get his health and strength back and we are greatful for the results!! Didn’t care for surfing. Sounds possibly from the interview last week he doesn’t do this as much. Jiu jitsu so much healthier. Love the pics hope they keep on coming…

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