Old photoshoot from 1/10 #AlexOLoughlin #SCRUFF #PLAID

For Ontlls who’s only seen 3 of the pics from this photoshoot. I finally found all the ones I had.
Whew…it was a hardship loading all these. #LLWL

photographer: Christopher Morris


36 thoughts on “Old photoshoot from 1/10 #AlexOLoughlin #SCRUFF #PLAID

  1. OMG! Repeats? We are on Summer photo repeats?? You are forcing us to have to look at these ugly old pictures again??
    I would write more faux indignant ranting, but I am waaaaay too busy regarding the pretty man in the pictures. :mrgreen:
    Thanks, ESS, and thanks to Ontils for being the muse.. 😀

  2. Ooh! Me likey. My favourite is, umm….errr…. fav is definitely…. Ummm…. guess I need to look some more! It’s so hard to be me **scrolls back up, fast**

      • It is hard to beat to a smiling/laughing AOL – unless it’s a mean and moody stare direct to camera…. Pretty sure it will take a lifetime to decide, but we all have our burdens, I will try to carry mine with dignity, though drooling and flailing is considerably more likely!

  3. I know this post is a special request of Ontlls but i’m very grateful that you did it. Now is hard to choose a favorite. I have a difficult task until the end of the day to look at these photos and pick up one as the best. Life is not fair!!! TY Ess.

  4. While I love them all I’d have to say my favorite is 3 row last photo on right and 2nd fav is 4th row, last photo. Oh ESS it’s a dirty and someone just HAS to do and I’m glad it’s you!!!

  5. I love #2and3 because it’s such a natural smile and #3 has that awfully hot eye-brow-porn (seriously, nobody does it better 😉 ! And *a big* thanks to the person who invented sunglasses, although they should be way heavier 😉 !

      • Ouch, I can see it now! To be honest, I had to stop watching after the first few, to much goodies here 😉 !
        Great vein porn indeed!

    • nobody does the eyebrown p0rn better! – ACA

      sunglasses! LOL I read this comment earlier on my phone but didn’t know what you were talking about. I kept thinking, was he wearing sunglasses in any of those pics? LMAO!! i get it now! YES!! heavier sunglasses!

      • Thank you, I’ll remember that… I was actually just having a one-sided conversation with Ess’s tag that reads “scruff scruff scruff! did i mention scruff??!!” – I have a thing for scooter tags and don’t tell me I’m weird, I know already.

        • “To be weird is to be Normal.. to be Normal is to be weird” so if someone calls you weird, your actually normals, but actually your weird.. 😯 What were we talking about?? I am still “distracted” at last gif at “Intense Study” 😀 😀 (and Buttercup’s comments 😉 )

          • Whaaat? Was I even talking to someone? :surprise: I’m too distracted to talk or type – I can only talk to inanimate objects that don’t respond… Maybe I was studying Paula’s study too intensely, too 😉

      • True. That is a beard. #sigh but putting the beard tag on may invite weird searches lol. In the USA the term beard is also slang for a woman who covers for a gay man by pretending to be in a relationship with them. So i always feel kinda weird putting the beard tag on him. Cuz we know that man def loves his women. 😉

        I would consider scruff a bit more than that pic but yes, you’re right. These are way beyond scruff.

  6. I love Alex in plaid…or out of it. I’m easy. Shhh…don’t tell anyone…except Alex. Him you can tell. I’m okay with that.

  7. Love these. Thanks Ess. Gonna pretend this post was for me 😉
    p.s. thanks Ontlls for the request!

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