Let’s play some Hawaii Five-0 Bingo!!! #H50 by @Kimphin1

Let’s play some Five-0 Bingo!

Our good friend Sage (@fangirlsage) has been playing Five-0 Bingo with some cards she originally found at www.AfterElton.com and www.Popwatch.EW.com. She suggested that we make some new cards and get everyone to play along! You see, these cards were originally made for Season One, and, well… there is just so many MORE things we can use for Five-O Bingo now!!

So we here at H50BAMF, along with a lot of help from Sage and Momo, put our heads together to come up with some new bingo squares, and we thought it would be GREAT FUN to play Five-0 Bingo during the season 3 finale tonight.

We have 4 cards ready to use, so choose one of them, print it out, and mark off the spot whenever you see something happen. Come back to this page tomorrow and let us know how you did!

We plan to do this every week during Season 4 – we will have a lot more cards available come September so… stay tuned!

Good Luck!

**editing to add — OF COURSE the center square is a free space… Steve ALWAYS drives!**


36 thoughts on “Let’s play some Hawaii Five-0 Bingo!!! #H50 by @Kimphin1

  1. Kim you did SUCH a fantabulous job on these!! I think you may have out done yourself. 🙂 Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on the cards. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Justine!!! Toddlers PLAY BINGO!!! Bwahahahaha. You can fill it in during commercial breaks.

      • I have never claimed to be smarter then a toddler. Lord knows they spell better.

  2. Great idea!!!!!!!!!! And still 7 hours to go..at least for me. But I have to agree with LaHagela its going to be hard to do 2 things at the same time during such an emotional ep.

  3. I would like to thank the Academy, and my makeup people, without whom I could not have had this great idea.

    No seriously, this was everyone’s idea and I am super excited to play! I’ll take card 3.

    Let’s McRoll! (See what I did there?)

    • Hee! Yes, and I’m totes going card 3 too. Same reason. :mrgreen:
      Tho they are all brilliant. Cannot wait to play!

  4. Kim! These turned out FANTASTIC!! I’M SO EXCITED!!

  5. I played card # 4 but I didn’t win. I just needed the top left “cargument” to get BINGO diagonally (unless I missed something). Great idea, and this was fun to play!!!! Can we schedule play dates for the summer re-runs? lol

    • Played card #2 and #4 – didn’t get a bingo either. The cards were great and filled with lots of expected sites, so kudos to the writers who had different scenes that fell between the usual.

  6. Thank you, Kim, for the amazing cards, they are simply beautiful!! I admire everyone who did actually use the cards – I was really too busy staring at McG’s face (and other parts), trying to decipher what he is mumbling and catching bits of plot here and there. Can’t image playing bingo on top of all this. P.S.: There’s pantslessness missing in the cards – about as rare an occurrence as shirtlessness nowadays. Justsayin.

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