It’s a 24-post salute for @H50BAMF birthday! Happy birthday Ess! #8 of 24

Ess-ism #8 of 24 celebrates Ess’s southern charm. Basically, when you can’t say something nice you don’t say nothing at all… you say

“Bless his heart”

For example:

"Oh, look! He's wearing FLOWERED SNEAKERS, Bless his heart!"

“Oh, look! He’s wearing FLOWERED SNEAKERS, Bless his heart!”

Happy Birthday! From Deb, Grace, Jen, Justine, Momo, Rainy,

and your co-editors of H50BAMF: Kim, Steph, and Sabrina

with a little help from Paula and FOYeur at


11 thoughts on “It’s a 24-post salute for @H50BAMF birthday! Happy birthday Ess! #8 of 24

    • God did NOT bless his taste in footwear.

      At least in my heart I can love that he really isn’t perfect, LOL!!!!

      • ACA!!! And it’s not like his feet are so tiny that we don’t notice them.

        Every now and then in an interview he mentions the GREAT shoes that he has–so silly 🙂

      • Alex has always ADORED shoes,{the stranger and more expensive the better} on himself AND on his ladies!!! I was told that Holly bought those shoes for Alex knowing all about his passion for exotic footwear,. {Check out Malia’s shoes whemn she was at SOTB and almost ready to deliver Lion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  1. It proves that he is human. And no one is perfect. We can not all like the same or the world is very boring. Have you seen if everyone liked the blue colour what would happen to red, green or yellow?

    • Clearly the wardrobe department on H50 doesn’t cast about hurting red, green, or yellow’ s feelings!

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