Ess-isms #4 of 24 – Happy Birthday Ess! #AlexOloughlin #Moonlight

If there is a testament to how much an actor can get into a role, here ya go. Alex did not exist, he WAS Mick. For those few minutes… HE WAS Mick St. John” ~Ess-ism #4 of 24



Happy Birthday! From Deb, Grace, Jen, Justine, Momo, Rainy,

and your co-editors of H50BAMF: Kim, Steph, and Sabrina


17 thoughts on “Ess-isms #4 of 24 – Happy Birthday Ess! #AlexOloughlin #Moonlight

  1. Here we witness when the actor’s work shines and we believe the character is real and not a fiction.

  2. That is so true! To me Mick and Alex are two different people. He completely became a different person.

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