Ess-ism #21 of 24 A fangirls motivation… Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

The entire body of Alex’s work means a lot to me. I express it not only in the daily themes on my blog that people enjoy, but also in the more serious re-watches and recaps of his other, earlier roles and my occasional commentary on how much his acting moves me. He really does, like no other actor. It’s amazing really.”

~Ess-ism #21 of 24

^^See? You ARE good with words!!!

his acting moves me

Happy Birthday! From Deb, Grace, Jen, Justine, Momo, Rainy,

and your co-editors of H50BAMF: Kim, Steph, and Sabrina


10 thoughts on “Ess-ism #21 of 24 A fangirls motivation… Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

  1. Facechair again! Hot! Melting! Fire! After this, we all need a cold shower, don’t you agree?

  2. ESS is extremely good with words. I love these w/this beautiful pic. Well done matching these up today, Girls.
    I feel lucky to be a fan of this actor, and also lucky to have ESS among us. I think she helps make it a better fandom. With her words. Also with her squeeing. She’s excellent at the squeeing too. 😉

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