Ess-ism #17 of 24 Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

..On the possibility that Dr. Andy Yablonski could have been Australian:

YES!!! OMG I’ve come undone at the mere thought of that! And Aussie Dr. Andy!!! Listening to him speak ‘medical’ would be a literal eargasm!!! Adfkajas;dfkja;sdfkjas;dfkjas;fdkjas;j” ~Ess-ism #17 of 24

What if Dr. Andy was a fair dinkum Aussie???

What if Dr. Andy was a fair dinkum Aussie???

Happy Birthday! From Deb, Grace, Jen, Justine, Momo, Rainy,

and your co-editors of H50BAMF: Kim, Steph, and Sabrina

14 thoughts on “Ess-ism #17 of 24 Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

  1. Aussie, medical, mumbles–it would have been a new language of mesmerizing rhythms! And with that look, we’d be totally catatonic and at his mercy.

    Oh wait, we are. 🙂

    • Mumbles!! LMAO!! Poor guy… I’ve noticed it more this year than before. I think the lack of sleep is getting to him. Though I have to admit it sounds kinda sexy. so i approve. *cough*

    • Brilliant!! Who do we need to speak to, to make this happen?
      And happy birthday once again ESS! How you holding up under this onslaught? Hee!

      • I have FINALLY got home and able to log on and comment on all the goodies! I’m so thrilled and so excited and feel so loved! It’s a tough load, but I’m dealing with it. ;


    • Me toooooo!! That one little interview where he says “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”. S&T!!! Though I also got a little hot at him just saying “bubble”. #INeedHelp

  2. Speaking of Dr. Andy…imagine all the extra quotes you’d have had if this was after the Three Rivers discussion!!! I can talk for days about about Dr. Andy!! Weeks, years, eons.

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