Ess-ism #16 of 24 Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

The truth is; we all have the ability to inspire anyone at anytime

~Ess-ism #16 of 24

credit: Jim Wright from Men's Fitness magazine August 2011

credit: Jim Wright for Men’s Fitness magazine August 2011

Happy Birthday! From Deb, Grace, Jen, Justine, Momo, Rainy,

and your co-editors of H50BAMF: Kim, Steph, and Sabrina

10 thoughts on “Ess-ism #16 of 24 Happy Birthday @H50BAMF! #AlexOloughlin

  1. Me too, Kiwi!!

    Holy hell. All this pic inspires me to do is drool…and possibly try to lick my computer screen. Oh Alex. I love and adore you in any shape or size, but ^^^this^^^??? The only words i have are loud, brash and highly perverted.

    Seriously though, I still think he’s inspiring. He’s inspiring in his dedication to fitness, to being active, being a good family man, Daddy, partner, friend, actor, to making the most of what life hands you and proving that you can bounce back from the depths of hell and never look back. That’s why he’s my BAMF!

    ^^There’s you a quote for next yr! 🙂

  2. “The truth is; we all have the ability to inspire anyone at anytime“. And the best way to do that is being a role model for the others, lead by example and Alex do it very well. Huge and gift heart, genuine and hard worker, loving and family man.

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