Ess-ism #13 of 24 – Halfway through @H50BAMF birthday! #AlexOloughlin

Every time he smiles, an angel gets its wings” ~Ess-ism #13 of 24




15 thoughts on “Ess-ism #13 of 24 – Halfway through @H50BAMF birthday! #AlexOloughlin

  1. Good Lord, could he be an more beautiful!! Thank you ladies for treating us along with ESS! My bdays not until December but I feel like celebrating today!! Cake with buttercream frosting…YUMMM.

  2. OMG I love this SO much especially as he was smiling { actually he was laughing } with me He was doing a Q&A after the screening of TBUP at Australians in Film in LA and I had just told him ” I have everything you have made” and he laughed and replied “I thought my mum was the only one who had everyting I ever made” { CHEEKY BUGGER}.
    So ESS love tho it is your Birthday today this post made it a lovely day for me as well by giving me a delicious memory of the first time I actually spoke to Alex,
    THANKS TO KIM AS WEKK for choosing this picture. S&T

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