It’s official – #H50 to move to Friday night #AlexOLoughlin


CBS announced at the upfronts today that Hawaii Five-0 will move to Fridays at 9:00 p.m. sandwiched between Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods.

On the surface this may seem bad…but let me share with you a few things Peter Lenkov tweeted to the fans to help with their dismay.

1. Show got picked up for S4

2. Numbers ran for 6 years on Fri nights

3. Better chance for live eyes on Fri than Monday at 10pm

4.  Regarding CSI:NY suffering in their move to Fri’s, he says it was a 9 yr old show…

5.  Better chance for H50/Blue Bloods crossover

TV’ Cancellation Bear twitter acct had this to say:

Moving to Friday is what shows do when they die, is only chatter….Only applies if it happens mid-season.

Fans lamenting H50’s move to Fri’s should know as it’s already syndicated and could last a very long time there.

My thoughts:  I agree with Cancellation Bear. Moving to Friday takes some of the pressure off from having to get super high ratings on a highly competitive night.  Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods are well respected shows that maybe aren’t powerhouses but they are highly respected and have good ratings. I think H50 is a good fit there. Especially with Blue Bloods.

That said, it’s sad CBS didn’t give it a better slot and instead chose to keep favoriting their already 3 big shows but didn’t we expect that from CBS all along? FU CBS.

Also, that will mean I’ll have to redo some of my daily themes. There’s no way I can get pic spam up by Sunday when episode airs on Friday nights. Have no fear…you will get it! I’ll just have to pick a different day.  *puts on thinking cap*

Your thoughts?


61 thoughts on “It’s official – #H50 to move to Friday night #AlexOLoughlin

  1. I have written this so many times today but Where Hawaii Five-0 goes I will follow. I actually think it will take the pressure off. I just wish it had been given a chance with a good lead in like the NCIS block. I still say the Monday night comedies will kill procedurals but that’s just my opinion. Moving to Fridays at 9 for me is great news.

    • Well CSI Miami did better on Mon nights at 10 than H50 ever did but it also had better quality lead ins at the time. As a regular viewer of the CBS Monday night comedies I can be honest and say they aren’t what they used to be. 😦 Also CSI:Miami didn’t come in as a new show against a comparable show with a rabid following like Castle which is I think only 1-2 years older than H50.

      That said, Agreed.
      Where H50 goes I follow.
      Where Alex goes, I follow.

  2. Part of me likes this idea – part of me is afraid that this is a death knell for the show. The Monday pre-H50 line up stunk which I think added to the low ratings each week. I know Blue Bloods does well in it’s 10 pm time slot on Friday night so I’m being optimistic that adding H5-0 will only strenghten the ratings and gain new viewers. I don’t want to think that, on the other hand, H5-0 will loose viewers because it’s Friday night and who’s home @ 9pm on a Fridy night (besides me most times and that’s why I don’t mind the move. I love Blue Bloods)?? But where H50 goes I will follow!

  3. I welcome the change but with mixed feelings.
    I think it could be good for show but it sucks for my personal schedule. I will find a way to adapt tho cause I’m sure not giving up on my show!

  4. I say EXCELLENT! I can rarely watch it on Mondays (always catch it on ON-Demand). Regular tv programming sticks on Fridays, so at least I’ll have something good to watch. And regarding the question of who’s home on Friday at 9 – LOTS OF PEOPLE (LOL). After a week of work, I just want to chill out at home. I seriously doubt that 5-0’s major audience is the bar crowd, anyway. Plus who wants to spend $12 on a crappy movie when you can watch AOL run around wearing those famous cargo pants with that thigh holster and that gorgeous face of his!

    • Agreed Vixhen! I know it’s a worse night for some people but I know lots of people who watch show on DVR because Monday was impossible for them. So they may be trading some live viewers for others.

      For me the regret is I now won’t get to watch the first time by myself to get all my fangirling out if the way. Will have to watch with Not McG live. Eek! Lol

      • ^^^ This!! This is my only concern!!!! NotMcG was already out of the house on Monday nights, LOL! I got to fangirl all by myself… now I have to control myself.

        Actually, I rarely go “out” on Friday nights – but I can’t say that I watch TV either… I must be watching sports or something… well now I guess I have something to do on Fridays!!!

        GO 5-0!

  5. I am good with this change — like many of you, it didn’t matter what day or time, I’d be there. But Friday at 9pm works GREAT for me and just think — no more conflict with Monday Night Football!! Besides, Tuesday night at 10 after the NCIS block didn’t do so hot for Golden Boy. Even though it wasn’t the best show, one way of looking at it is – after 2 hours of high-drama/intense tv, a third hour could be a tough sell. So let’s move this party to FRIDAY NIGHT!! WHOOO!!!

    • Any day works for me, and at 9 pm, I can actually watch it LIVE!!!!
      I know a lot of people DVR their shows that air at 10, because we are wusses that need our beauty rest.

      Ultimately I think since they are going to keep the majority of viewers (we’ve invested 3 years already),
      will gain more live viewers, and hopefully pick up new ones, its good……but Friday nights is where
      they usually move shows to die, and that scares me. It just feels like since CBS already has the syndication deal
      in place. that they ignore promoting the show, and are just gonna cruise through to season 5 and pack it in.
      If they left POI in it’s time slot (where it was doing great) and put H5O with the NCIS’ that would make me feel secure that
      CBS is invested in this show for the long haul and not just gonna coast to 5 seasons and can it.

      • There’s an article from Variety (I think) that I saw floating around twitter that said POI had actually dropped a little from first season despite what they considered a better lead in show. I have no idea. I watched one episode and wanted that hour of my life back. For H50 they didn’t talk about H50 being weak in fact they said it was moved to Friday to make Friday stronger.

        It would have been nice to have it moved to a better time slot with better lead ins but I don’t think Friday is a death knell. I just don’t. #evertheoptimist

  6. I think it actually might be good for the show. I believe the comedies were killing the ratings for the show. Also won’t have to compete with Castle or football so maybe might even bring in new viewers. Didn’t watch numbers but didn’t CSI new York last for a few years on that time slot?

    • Hi Amy!! CSI:NY lasted several years in that timeslot I think. I say if CBS was looking to kill the show, or really didn’t care how it did, they’d have moved it to Sundays. Friday nights is a good place for a ‘decent’ performer to “live long and NOT perspire” so much. 🙂

  7. Because I am a creature of habit and hate change…and having Show to look forward to made Mondays bearable….my first reaction was “NO!”
    Now that I’ve had a few minutes for the news to sink in and the rational part of my brain to think it through, I think it is going to be a good thing.
    Fridays seems to offer less competition (I don’t watch a thing that night) and although I watch and enjoy all the comedies on Monday night, I think UB will prove to be a much better lead in. And the BB audience that doesn’t currently watch Show may start. I just hope we can count on CBS to promote the hell out of the new timeslot!!
    Anyway, regardless of what happens to Show, I will follow it and AOL anywhere!!

  8. Am with you Ladies, where H50 and AOL goes I will follow, For me in a personal point I’m very happy because to see it online I have to be up until 3 am which usually meant that no more bed to me until late Tuesday, though I work mostly at home doing translations . Tuesday is the day I have to go to the office and now with this change I will be able to go there without they make fun of me.

  9. Eh, never trust a network. I knew it was permanent, despite their denials. Pfffffttttttt!!!!! But if we can get similar ratings, I think they might keep us longer, which is all I care about. And i’ll live with this because i have no choice anyway. 😀 As y’all said, where Show goes, where Alex goes, there I go. And you know, ESS, if Sunday is your easiest picspam day, you could just run a week behind. As long as we get the goods (and you know what the goods are), we’re fine to wait for him… er… them. 😉

    • I THINK i know what ‘goods’ you’re talking about. 🙂 I don’t want to be a whole week behind. I’m already the last to post a pic spam/recap/gifs, etc and feel like i’m repeating everyone else at times. So it will be nice to get it out sooner. I just have to pick a date that’s convenient and doable.

  10. As a Brit I shouldn’t care about the time it airs in the states, but I reeeally do for a couple of reasons:
    1 – we Brit fans are totally at the mercy of the US viewing figures – the whole of the UK could watch it (they don’t) but if it’s dead in the US it’s dead for us too…
    2 – it’s messing with H50BAMF and that’s not cool! Love waking up to PicSpam (even though I haven’t seen the eps) on a Sunday, but I have every faith that Ess and the team will make it work regardless!!

    We get the show Sundays 9pm, which works great for me and rounds out the weekend beautifully, but US and UK are soooo very different in this respect, it’s probably a redundant comparison.
    I’m loving the “where show/Alex goes, I go” spirit, lets hope there are many like minded peeps out there.

  11. Sorry but I don’t agree or trust Lenkov. Remember Moonlight? Friday nights with 8 million viewers. CBS wasn’t happy with that and the show was cancelled. I’m worried!!

    • I’m with Jaye. Friday night is not a good time, especially for “live” viewing–who watches regular tv on Friday nights? I’m really truly afraid it is a death knell (maybe this was Scott’s idea). I will try to be positive, but it will be hard to make it through Mondays now without something to look forward to.

      Where Alex goes, I will follow. (Always!) What great rallying cry!

      Oh, and also, FUCBS.

      • I would say that Scott (or any of the others) have zero input as to where Show is slotted. As for who’s watching television on Friday nights…I’d like to think that there are a lot of people in the 18-49 demographic (I made it by *cough* several *cough* years) that are home unwinding after a long, tough week. And that there are other NotMcG’s out there whose night it is to cook so food is ordered in and eaten in front of the TV.
        I don’t know…maybe there are a whole lot of people who are having a whole lot more fun on Fridays than me…but for those of us not kicking up our heels on Fridays..this is a welcome change and definitely something to get excited about!!

        • Well, my Fridays usually end in pizza & beer nights in front of the tv–but for movies (usually picked by notMcG), not 1-hour shows. And Saturday nights are red wine and good movies, not 1-hour shows. I prefer to watch H50 while I’m sober–so I don’t react too loudly and continually re-watch certain scenes (like Steve simply exiting the Camaro, for instance–I can watch that over and over). I’ll definitely have to adjust.

          Sorry, my Scott comment was tongue-in-cheek. I’ll have to learn how to insert the correct icons. 🙂

          • Ooooh…yeah watching AOL while drunk would be bad danger!! I already have a HARD time controlling my outbursts where he is concerned. NotMcG, who is pretty accepting of my AOL obsession, wouldn’t be so understanding if I drunkenly professed my love for Alex and my willingness to give up my life and move to Hawaii to be with him!!
            #AWKWARD #groundsfordivorce

            • Well, if that happens, let me know–I’ll join you in Hawaii. We’ll pursue our “passion” (AOL Forever!) together.

      • FUCBS!!! <<–truth!

        But I do have to say in today's economy…probably people than you think watch TV on a Friday night.

        If you want a great TV show to watch on Mondays, watch Bates Motel at 10!! It's SUPERB!! Tightly written, p.h.e.n.o.m.e.n.a.l. cast and just a great story. Only 10 eps this season so not a big investment and already renewed for next year. Everyone I have got to watch this show is LOVING it! A&E network. Check it out.

    • Hi Jaye! Welcome!

      Moonlight had that terrible timing of being a new show in the year of the writer’s strike. Almost all new shows that year were cancelled. If memory serves, only Big Bang Theory survived and a 30 min sitcom is easier and cheaper than an hour drama.

      On the flipside, CBS cancelled Without a Trace when it was winning it’s timeslot Tues at 10pm every week. Talk about shocking! You just never know. So much more goes into the decision than ratings.

  12. At first was worried..But where ever H50 and Alex goes i go…I watched Numb3rs and CSI NY on Friday so I will have something to watch again on friday night.And I can hate Mondays again.

  13. Personally doesn’t make any difference because i watch after debut in US.

    As long we will have Hawaii five-0 on tv, it doesn’t matter the day of the week. I know that audiences are crucial to a serie live long and the day and time has very influence on that but we, all fans from around the world, as a team have to support our favorite show and request a better promotion to CBS because cast and crew really deserve it.

    I ask my friends of H50BAMF to “invade” the CBS site, facebook and twitter to require a better and greater promotion of Hawaii five-0. TY

  14. Well, finally something to watch on Friday nights! And it’s nostalgic since that’s where Alex started out in our much beloved Moonlight! Difference this time is H50 already has a huge following and won’t be trying to establish itself like ML. And even if it doesn’t last, Alex is a star now and he will definitely find something else to do.

    • Hi norsmyth! Welcome!

      I completely agree with everything you said. I do love my H50 but if it ends after 4-5 yrs ok. He’s established himself now and I’d LOVE to see him do some different roles!

      • Agree. I’d love to see him on the silver screen, but he’d have to do a lot of movies because I need my weekly fix. And it’s easier to keep the addiction hidden from NotMcG with tv–much more personal medium than sitting with 150 other people in a movie theatre. On the flipside, maybe those 150 could translate for me when he mumbles. 🙂

  15. I agree with everyone saying “where show and Alex go, I go” And PLEASE can CBS promote the hell out of it?!

  16. My only issue with Friday night is I must put the #1 male in my RL, my 16 year old son, ahead of my #1 fantasy man. He often has sports on Fridays, so I will have to delay my Alex gratification once in a while. I’m with you all..where Alex/H50 goes, I go. I just might be late to the party some nights! I once had a “thing” for Donnie Wahlberg from BB, in the late 80s, when he was with NKOTB. The possibility of a H50/BB crossover may be more than my fangirl heart and panties can handle. 😛 BRING IT ON!!

  17. Even though I can’t watch until the early hours the following day Saturday morning is great I can sleep in instead of falling asleep at work. So long as it lasts a long time that’s all I’m bothered about.. Go H50!!!

  18. Where is CBS’ acknowledgment of responsibility for putting HF-0 in danger in the first place? They never own up to anything; giving Show a vote of confidence with a better night, and addressing the fans’ writing concerns would go a long way towards reassuring us that TPTB are not the total scumbags some of us think they are. Hopefully, they will start a new slate for S4.
    Still, we have to make the best of it. I’m beyond thrilled that our Alex is still around to lift our Fridays. Go Alex and HF-0 !!!

  19. For me (switzerland) the actual screen time is not very important (I watch it streaming a few hours later) but it matters that they will keep the show! On german tv the show usually is a few eps behind, but I love to watch them english anyway (Steve’s voice, omg)! And I’m with everybody else “where H50 goes, I will follow!) 😀

  20. H50…meets the original Hawaiian Hottie, Magnum PI’s Tom Selleck, everybody wins. I will miss my shot of McGarrett hotness every Monday evening but I feeling lucky I get to start my weekend with the smoking HawT Mr. O’Loughlin. Not pleased but grateful we get a Season 4!!! Thank you PLenkov!

  21. My first thought is yippee – I can go back to watching Castle which I gave up for AOL but enjoy also – and still watch 5-0 and I already watch Blue Bloods so I’m already settled in for Friday night hotness *no Tom Selleck cracks ess* I have more chance of missing it on a Friday, because in theory I might get a life occasionally at that time.
    So, thumbs up from me.

  22. Well, I agree with most.. Where H50 goes, I go. Where AlexO goes, I go..
    Friday nights is good, cuz now on Monday I can watch “Castle” again, instead of watching it in marathon version from friend.
    I am usually home, watching the Food and HGTV channels or movies.

    So now instead of McGarrett Monday’s it’s what?? Uh oh 😯

  23. I think everything is better than a bunch of comedy around. BB and H50 hopefully will work together. Like buttercup said, it also doesn’t matter for me WHEN it airs, because we only stream the show and watch german eps later on sundays. It’s only important THAT it airs – and we can get our weekly dose of Alex. 🙂

    First I was worried about the ratings in this time slot, but I think they are at least steady for other shows, and since there most likely will be a new rating system this fall (not only nielsen boxes, but taking into account online viewers etc.) ratings also will change, turn out for the better, maybe, hopefully. 😉

    Here are some articles I found:

    • If they included world wide web numbers into their stats their viewing numbers would jump to 14 million easy.
      Thats if they made their site available worldwide and posted the show online at 11 pm PST…..

  24. This is awesome for me. I was an avid watcher of H50 until I found Blue Bloods and the eye candy (Will Estes, Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg) 🙂 that it has. Now I can renew my watching of H50, Blue Bloods will still be my show.

    • Hi A! Welcome! I have never watched Blue Bloods but I think i’ll probably start watching when H50 leads into it next year. hope you’ll come back to visit us when you resume your watch. 🙂

  25. 5-0 and Magnum on the same night!! LOL!
    Although I don’t watch BB…
    Back to Nathan Fillion on Mondays then!

  26. This makes my life so much easier, because I am a huge Castle fan and it was killing me to have to choose between Castle and H50 every Monday. I am excited for the next season!!!

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